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Sex & Nudity

  • None, expressly forbidden by the Hays Code.

Violence & Gore

  • Ollie experiences violent outbursts whenever he hears a horn play.
  • Slapstick violence mostly.
  • Grainger brandishes a gun, which he threatens Stan and Ollie with.
  • Ollie goes to confront the plumber, and returns with a black eye.
  • Ollie forcibly ejects Stan's horn teacher from the apartment.
  • Ollie falls two stories down to the street, missing the mattress that Stan intended to catch him with. As Ollie gets into the car, he hits Stan on the head with a brick. The latter has a delayed reaction to the pain.
  • A goat butts Ollie into the water.
  • Stan's horn playing causes Ollie to throw coffee in Grainger's face and hit him on the head with the cup, but unfortunately Stan's horn breaks and Grainger chases Ollie all over the boat. Finally, Stan fixes the horn and blows away, allowing Ollie to give Grainger a good, sound beating. Unfortunately, he later does the same to a harbor patrol officer when reenacting how they caught Grainger, which lands he and Stan behind bars.


  • None, with the small exception of name calling "jitterbugs", "cream puff", "dizzy", "dopey".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Stan makes imitation coffee with tobacco.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Stan and Ollie hatch a plan to create a "sympathetic" meal of non-edible items (string, sponges, soap, etc.) to subdue Nick until they get back to shore. Their plan blows up in their face when Nick gets wise to their plan and forces the boys to eat their own repast. They look very unhappy while doing so, but it doesn't hurt them in the long run, as Stan and Ollie are basically living cartoons.

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