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The 'Nazi Marilyn Monroe': Goebbels had very nice eyes – but he was a devil!

She was the Nazis’ pin-up, the Aryan sex symbol whose films fired up the SS. In this previously unpublished interview, Kristina Söderbaum talks about Hitler’s charm, shooting scenes as the Allies closed in – and being nicknamed the State Water Corpse

In the early 1990s, I interviewed a large number of Germans who had risen to prominence in the film industry under the Nazis. I spoke to actors, directors, critics and politicians. I met Leni Riefenstahl’s cameraman, the composer who wrote Lili Marleen, and the woman who could be called the Nazi Marilyn Monroe, Kristina Söderbaum.

We drove to Horw, near Lucerne, to interview Söderbaum, star of many films, most of them directed by her husband, Veit Harlan. These included Jud Süß, widely regarded as the most antisemitic film ever, and the ridiculous epic Kolberg, about the Napoleonic siege of the Prussian city. Söderbaum was so often drowned in
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Wide House to sell 'Hitler's Hollywood'

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Sales agent Wide House is to be reunited with German filmmaker Rüdiger Suchsland on his next documentary Hitler’s Hollywood for delivery next year.

Wide House’s Anais Clanet confirmed at this week’s Dok Leipzig that she will be handling sales on Suchland’s new project after selling his first documentary, From Caligari To Hitler [pictured], which premiered at Venice 2014 in the Classics sidebar.

Speaking to ScreenDaily in Leipzig, Suchsland revealed that his second collaboration with the Berlin-based Looks Film & TV and Wiesbaden’s Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Foundation has already received backing from Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, HessenInvestFilm, and broadcasters Zdf/Arte.

“Hollywood was always something that the Nazis wanted to emulate,” he explained with reference to the film’s title.

“Speeches and documents provide evidence that there was a clear plan by the Nazis, and particularly Goebbels and Hitler, to establish a kind of alternative Hollywood, to copy Hollywood’s international success and to use it for Nazi
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"Jew Suss - Rise and Fall" and "Harlan: In the Shadow of Jew Süss"

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To my knowledge, the only film in Competition at this year's Berlinale to be booed — and vigorously booed at that — was Oskar Roehler's Jew Suss - Rise and Fall (Jud Süss - Film ohne Gewissen, literally "Film without Conscience"), which purports to tell the story of the making of Jud Süß, the notoriously anti-Semitic film, wildly popular in Nazi Germany and beyond following its release in 1940. Pictured up there in all but desaturated grays and browns are Justus von Dohnany as Jud Süß director Veit Harlan, Moritz Bleibtreu as Joseph Goebbels, paying a visit to the set, Tobias Moretti as Ferdinand Marian, portraying, in turn, Joseph Süß Oppenheimer, and some poor fellow who goes unnamed in the photo credits. Roehler's film doesn't see a release until late summer, so let's turn first to Felix Moeller's documentary, Harlan: In the Shadow of Jew Süss, opening today at New
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Jew Suss – Rise and Fall Booed at Berlin Film Festival

How would you react if I told you that this year, in the middle of Berlin, you will have a chance to see the reincarnated version of the forbidden German movie?

It’s not a joke, and we are talking nothing but the truth! Jew Suss – Rise and Fall (Jud Suess – Film ohne Gewissen), stirred a controversy at its premiere at the Berlin Film Festival Thursday In Competition.

Movie about a movie, that’s how we could start this story. Extraordinary analyze of the Nazi – time in Germany, that will give you a new look at the past, brought to you by German director Oskar Roehler.

But let me tell you just one thing, if you expect to see some old war themes in this one – forget it! This time you will have an opportunity to see smart, charming, and highly intelligent man, Joseph Goebbels, who knew how to manipulate with his knowledge,
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Harlan-in The Shadow Of Jew SÜSS (Harlan-Im Schatten von Jud Süß)

What a difference a year makes! Just after World War II, hundreds of French citizens who like Maréchal Pétain and Pierre Laval collaborated with the Nazi regime, became "resistance fighters." So it seems in Germany as well, as tens of thousands, perhaps millions of Germans who shouted "Heil Hitler" became "disgusted" with everything to do with Nazism, particularly with the Holocaust. With the film "Harlan-In the Shadow of Jew Süss," writer-director Felix Moeller deals with a filmmaker who quite obviously collaborated with the Nazi ideology in that he made anti-Semitic films while glorifying the Third Reich but who, like Adolf Eichmann and so many other top criminals, caviled that they were forced to do as the apparatchiks commanded.Harlan-in The Shadow Of Jew SÜSS (Harlan-Im Schatten von Jud Süß)

Zeitgeist Films

Reviewed for Arizona Reporter by Harvey Karten

Grade: B

Directed by: Felix Moeller

Written By: Felix Moeller

Cast: Stefan Drössler,
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Toronto Rights RoundUp and Other Fall Festivals

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The Toronto and Other Fall Festivals Rights RoundUp list looks quite sizeable for what is claimed to have been a quiet festival season. Though it's true business down, the large number of acquisitions has not been viewed as such and yet is the result of a new trend which has been sneaking up over the past few years and has now taken hold. Distributors and sales agents now acquire Before the festivals rather than during. It developed out of Cannes' prescreenings which have mostly been discontinued, and it could go so far as to change the pre-Sundance adage Not to show the film to anyone before Sundance.

This Rights RoundUp for acquisitions executives, distributors, international sales agents, investors and producers is different from my previous Rr Reports. It is no longer a report based on data and FilmFinders is out of the equation. This listing of rights acquired Before the actual festival,
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Toronto Rights Roundup and Other Fall Festivals

  • SydneysBuzz
The Toronto and Other Fall Festivals Rights Round Up for acquisitions executives, distributors, international sales agents, investors and producers is different from my previous Rr Reports. It is no longer a report based on data and FilmFinders is out of the equation. This listing of rights acquired preliminary to the actual festival, during the festival and for a couple of months afterward can also be found on MDbPro who acquired FilmFinders in 2008 and where SydneysBuzz resides on the landing page and on IMDbPro's News Desk. Whenever possible, the list is alphabetical by international sales agent (linked to IMDbPro), and the Isa's titles are also linked to IMDbPro.

If you do not yet subscribe to IMDbPro, I would advise plunking down $100 for a year's subscription. You'll get more than your money's worth I promise. By going into Pro, you will be able to see all the territorial distributors for a particular title,
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