A Chump at Oxford (1939) Poster

Oliver Hardy: Ollie



  • Student : Pardon me sir, but haven't you come to the wrong college?

    Ollie : This is Oxford isn't it?

    Student : Yes but, you're dressed for Eton

    Stan : Just as well, we haven't eaten since breakfast

  • Stan : This joint is really screwy! There's a gent over there who just said he wants his salad served undressed!

    Ollie : Well, you heard what he said - serve the salad undressed!

  • [last lines] 

    Stan : Ollie, where ya goin'?

    Ollie : Back to America for me!

    Stan : Ollie?

    Ollie : What?

    Stan : [starts to cry]  You're going without me...

    Ollie : Stan! You know me!

    Stan : Well, of course I know you... What do you have, one of those dizzy spells?

  • Ollie : Einstein?... if it wasn't for that bump on the head he wouldn't know Einstein from a beer stein...

  • Ollie : [refering to the Dean]  Have you ever seen a face like that anyhwere but in a zoo?

    Stan : Sure... in a monkey house.

    Ollie : A monkey house!


    Ollie : I never thought of that!

  • Stan : He must have one of those dizzy spells.

    Ollie : Yeah, he's a dizzy dean!

  • Ollie : [in the maze]  Where are you?

    Stan : I'm over here... where are you?

    Ollie : I'm here.

    Stan : How can you be here if I'm here?

  • Meredith : [speaking of Lord Paddington]  And when he got angry, he would wiggle his ears in the most extraordinary fashion, and he would fight like a demon.

    Ollie : Fight like demon...

    [to Stan] 

    Ollie : Wiggle your ears.

    Stan : Huh?

    Ollie : [sternly]  Wiggle your ears!

    Stan : [Stan tries to wiggle his ears]  I can't wiggle my ears.

    Ollie : Of course not; it's another rib.

  • Ollie : [to Meredith about Stan]  Brilliant mind?


    Ollie : Why, I've known him for years, and he's the dumbest guy I ever saw. Aren't you, Stanley?

    Stan : I certainly am!

  • Ollie : Listen, I've had enough of this! Why I knew you when I had more brains in my little finger than you had in your whole carcass... even with your overcoat on!

    Lord Paddington : You're a witty old stick-in-the-mud, aren't you, Fatty?

    Ollie : You bet I am, and don't call me Fatty!

    Lord Paddington : Now don't get excited, old boy...

    Ollie : Who's excited? I'm through. You can take your lordships, your Oxford and your Paddingtons and do what you like with them!

  • Ollie : And there's one more thing, too: I didn't like that double chin crack!

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