Of Mice and Men (1939) Poster

Charles Bickford: Slim


  • Slim : A guy don't need no sense to be a nice fella.

  • Slim : I wish somebody'd shoot me when I get old.

  • Mae : Thanks for sending the big guy out. I gotta talk to you.

    Slim : You got nothing to say to me.

    Mae : Please, Slim. I gotta talk to somebody or I'll go crazy. Please let me. I ain't meant to live like this. I'd leave this place only I got no money. My Mother won't take me back. I only married Curley 'cause I wanted to get away from her. Maybe I oughtn't a be saying this but I don't like Curley.

    Mae , Slim : No you oughtn't. You oughtn't a be here. You oughtn't a talk to me or to any guy on the ranch. Go on back to the house where you belong. I don't want to listen to your troubles. You got no troubles except what you bring on yourself. Go on, lady.

    Mae : [She cries as he moves away] 

    Slim : [to himself]  Poor kid. I should'a let her talk.

  • Slim : Carlson's right, Candy. That poor dog ain't no good to himself. I wish somebody'd shoot me when I get old and crippled.

    Candy : [choked up]  Maybe it would hurt him. I don't mind taking care of him.

    Carlson : He'd be better off dead. The way I'd shoot him he wouldn't feel nothin'.

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