Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939) Poster

Guy Kibbee: Governor Hopper



  • James Taylor : I think we've got your man - Horace Miller.

    Governor Hopper : Horace Miller!

    Chick McGann : A born stooge! Why, ole Horace will preform like a trained seal.

  • Governor Hopper : But, Jim, if I throw a party man, like Horace Miller, in the face of those people...

    James Taylor : For reasons I can't go into now, it's got to be Horace Miller. Do you understand? I've given you the man, now make out your ticket.

  • Governor Hopper : I won't let you stand there callously and perhaps wreck my whole political future!

    James Taylor : Your political future? Why, I bought it for you. I gave it to you as a present and I can grab it back so fast it'll make your head swim! You've got a nerve to sit there and worry about your political future, when we're in a spot like this!

  • Governor Hopper : Well, forgive my abysmal ignorance, but I don't know this Jefferson Smith from a hole in the ground.

  • Governor Hopper : That settles it! I will not be attacked and belittled by my own children in my own home! Oh, my nerves are strained to the breaking point!

    Mrs. Hopper : Oh, Hubert.

  • James Taylor : A Boy Ranger? A squirrel chaser to the United States Senate?

    Governor Hopper : Listen, Jim, a simpleton of all times. A big eyed baby. Knows Lincoln and Washington by heart. Stands at attention in the Governor's presence. He even collects stray boys and cats.

    James Taylor : He does what?

  • James Taylor : Chick, turn the ballyhoo boys loose. Its the greatest appointment ever made. Give a banquet and declare a holiday.

    Governor Hopper : A star spangled banquet!

    Chick McGann : Wow!

  • Governor Hopper : It is in that spirit that we gather here tonight, to acclaim and wish God's speed to Senator Jefferson Smith!

    [Crowd roars] 

    Jefferson Smith : Thank you. I-I I-I can't help feeling that there's been a big mistake somehow.

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