Angels with Dirty Faces (1938) Poster

Humphrey Bogart: James Frazier



  • James Frazier : Listen, Rocky. I'm pulling every string I can. I'm seeing the all right people. And I think I can get you off with about three years.

    Rocky Sullivan : You talk like I can do that three years in a handstand. It's a long time. That ain't no picnic. You'll be outside having it soft right on those cushions.

    James Frazier : I know it's a tough break, Rocky. But I'm not gonna mark time. I'm gonna scout around, make connections. Not only for me, but for both of us. You understand?

    Rocky Sullivan : Why should I take the fall?

    James Frazier : There's no other way out. Now, be sensible. If they get me too, I'll not only be disbarred, but they'll check on my vault box and grab that hundred grand. You don't want to lose that dough, do you?

    Rocky Sullivan : Alright, Frazier. It's my rap and I'll take it. But it's my hundred grand and I'll take that too, the day that I get out.

  • James Frazier : Well, well, Rocky! Say, this is a surprise!

    Rocky Sullivan : Whadda ya hear! Whadda ya say!

  • James Frazier : Rocky?

    Rocky Sullivan : Yeah, Rocky. I ain't dead yet. Give me those keys. Get going.

  • Rocky Sullivan : You've done very alright. Very alright, Frazier. I'm mighty proud of you. Why shouldn't I be. We're partners ain't we?

    James Frazier : Of course, Rocky. Of course.

    Rocky Sullivan : Just like we said three years ago, huh?

  • James Frazier : [to Mac]  Sullivan picked me up at my home. He's got everything that was in my safe: Account books, receipts, names, addresses, bank books, everything. If he's prosecuted for this kidnapping hell talk. And he's got evidence to back it up. He'll tear this whole town wide open.

  • James Frazier : [to Rocky and Mac]  Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute, gentleman. There's no sense in running too far ahead of ourselves. Don't forget, there are all kinds of grand juries and there's all kinds of ways of handling them. That's why you got me for.

  • Mac Keefer : I'm taking care of this job myself. Get Blackie up here right away.

    James Frazier : Now, listen Mac. I don't care how you handle Sullivan. But it's got to look like an accident with that priest.

    Mac Keefer : Leave that to me.

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