Alexander Nevsky (1938) Poster

Nikolay Cherkasov: Aleksandr Nevsky



  • Alexandr Nevsky : Go tell all in foreign lands that Russia lives! Those who come to us in peace will be welcome as a guest. But those who come to us sword in hand will die by the sword! On that Russia stands and forever will we stand!

  • Alexandr Nevsky : The Strength of a sword is measured by the arm that wields it!

  • Alexandr Nevsky : [to the dead Domash]  I will not let these dogs tread on the soil of Russia.

  • Vasili Buslai : [sulkily because Alexander has previously scolded him]  Who will command the vanguard?

    Alexandr Nevsky : You will! You ran all night, now by day you'll make a stand!

  • Alexandr Nevsky : [to the Mongol Envoy]  We have a saying: it's better to die than to leave your homeland.

  • Novgorod Merchant : [after Alexander has come to Novgorod]  Go back to your Pereyaslavl! We don't want war!

    Anani - a Monk : And we have no love for you!

    Alexandr Nevsky : [to both of them]  You don't have to love me. I have not come to you as a lover, Novgorod the Free. I came to lead you into battle.

    Mikula : [to both the merchant and Anani]  If you rich folks don't follow him willingly, then the peasants will break every bone in your bodies!

  • Alexandr Nevsky : What's all that shouting? You're scaring the fish.

  • Alexandr Nevsky : A guest who enters a house does not strike its owners.

  • Mongol Warrior : Who are you?

    Alexandr Nevsky : The prince of this land, Alexandr.

  • Mongol Envoy : Are you the one who defeated the Swedes?

    Alexandr Nevsky : Yea.

    Mongol Envoy : So what are you doing here?

    Alexandr Nevsky : Fishing.

    Mongol Envoy : Couldn't you find anything better to do?

    Alexandr Nevsky : What's wrong with fishing?

  • Alexandr Nevsky : The Mongols can wait a while. We have a more dangerous enemy. An enemy who is closer and more cruel. An enemy we could not buy our souls from with ransom - the Germans.

  • Alexandr Nevsky : I shall rise to avenge the suffering of Russia.

  • Alexandr Nevsky : We shall call the peasants to arms. With their help, we shall surely defeat the enemy by spring.

  • Alexandr Nevsky : The Mongols hold Russia from the banks of the Volga to Novgorod. The Germans are advancing from the West. Russia is lying between the mallet and the anvil. You stand alone, Novgorod the Fair! Arise for the sake of our motherland, of our people. Arise for the cities of Russia, for Kiev, Vladimir and Ryazan! Arise for the sake of our fields, forests and rivers, for the sake of our great people!

  • Alexandr Nevsky : Isn't there enough space here for you to stand and fight?

    Vasili Buslai : These parts are unknown to us and covered with darkness. It will be easier to fight on our side. Withdraw your forces from the lake, Prince.

    Gavrilo Oleksich : Hurry, Prince, he's talking sense. We shall return to our side of the lake before sunrise. It will be easier to fight standing on our own soil. Every stone there is a friend, every ravine a brother.

    Alexandr Nevsky : One who won't fight on enemy soil has no need of his own! We shall fight on foreign soil. Understood?

  • Alexandr Nevsky : For Russia! For Russia!

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