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  • Starry-eyed Esther Bodgett (Janet Gaynor) comes to Hollywood hoping to break into the movies. Her prayers seem to be answered when leading Hollywood actor, Norman Maine (Fredric March), catches her eye and turns her into the famous actress Vicki Lester. Norman and Vicki marry, and it soon becomes apparent that Norman is an alcoholic and that it's up to Vicki to support him.

  • A Star is Born is based on a screenplay co-written by American screenwriters Robert Carson, Dorothy Parker, and William A Wellman (who also directed the movie). The movie has been remade twice as A Star Is Born (1954) (1954) and A Star Is Born (1976) (1976). A third remake, A Star Is Born (2018), is in development with an expected release date in 2017.

  • Alfred Hinkle.

  • After being released to his wife following his arrest for drunkenness, Norman and Vicki go home. Vicki announces her decision to retire from the screen in order to tend to her husband. Norman decides to go for a swim in the ocean. It's his new dedication to becoming fit again. His body is found off Malibu a few days later. Vicki goes deeply into mourning, such that she screams following the attention paid to her at Norman's funeral. Vicki's Granny (May Robson) hears of Norman's death and arrives at Vicki's house just as Vickie is about to return to North Dakota. Granny convinces Vickie to keep pursuing her dream, and Vicki decides to stay in Hollywood. In the final scene, Vicki attends an tribute to her at Grauman's Chinese Theater where she sees Norman's footsteps and falters for a moment. When asked to make a speech, she starts it out by saying, "This is Mrs Norman Maine!" The crowd roars. The screen then cuts to an excerpt from the final words of the screenplay.

  • Yes, it's true, and Vickie Lester went on to appear in 18 movies under that name.


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