Rhythm in the Clouds (1937) Poster


Phil Hale: [Angrily] That Walker girl can't put it over on me. I'll sue for damages and get them unless you stop the program.

Clyde Lyons: [Barging into the room, extremely flustered] Wait! Wait! Sh... she was hungry. She had to eat.

Phil Hale: Get outa here.

Rewrite Man: Who had to eat? What?

Clyde Lyons: Judy Walker. She had to eat his apartment. No, I, I mean she had to move into his food. No, I mean...

Phil Hale: She had to forge my name?

Clyde Lyons: Certainly. She couldn't forge her own! She was desperate. The landlord wouldn't listen to her music. No, I mean, I mean she wouldn't raise the rent. I, I mean sh... she had no money, no place to go but out. No parents except one father and mother. But she had rhythm, I mean music. She had beautiful music. You should write so good.

Phil Hale: What?

Clyde Lyons: Oh, Phil, she is a poor girl. Give her a leg.

Phil Hale: What?

Clyde Lyons: A leg up a chance, you know.

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