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An A-z of Festive Film

If you thought you’d seen the last of Roobla’s alphabetical rundowns with our Halloween effort, think again. With Christmas drawing ever closer, we couldn’t let the big one pass without the A-Z film treatment, so here we go…

A is for Alastair Sim. His performance in the 1951 version of A Christmas Carol still remains the definitive portrayal of Ebenezer Scrooge.

B is for Bruce Willis. You can even get Die Hard festive jumpers now – ho-ho-ho.

C is for Channel 5. This lot love to start early with the Yuletide flicks; in fact I’m sure I saw one during August Bank Holiday.

D is for Disney. From Snow White to Frozen, they’ve made family entertainment into an art form, especially at this time of year..

E is for elves. Played by Dudley Moore and Will Ferrell amongst others, they’ve served Santa well over the years.
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Strictly Come Dancing week 10 – as it happened

All seven remaining couples took part in the Pasodoblathon this week – who mastered their Spanish line, and which duo did we wave adiós to?

8.01pm GMT

And that’s it for another Strictly Week! Thank you for joining in, I’ll be back next week for the Quarter Finals/Musicals Week, so please come along and bring your jazz hands and sparkliest dancing shoes. In the meantime you can find me on Twitter/Instagram @heidistephens, so feel free to come and say hello. Have a fabulous week! Hx

8.00pm GMT

Susan and Kevin dance their final dance to “Let’s Dance The Last Dance” by Donna Summer, and throw in a bit of Morecambe and Wise. They will be missed.

7.58pm GMT

Susan and Kevin say lovely things about each other, and it’s all got a bit dusty in here. They’ve had an amazing run, and it’s
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Millions for Minions + Other U.K. Industry News 7/11

Hello and welcome back to our roundup of what’s happening on stage and screen! Loach on Brexit.It’s not unlike the veteran film director Ken Loach to be political. His films have mapped the mood of the nation on key issues such as homelessness in “Cathy Come Home” and working class culture and ambition in “Kes”. Most recently, his Palme d’Or-winning “I, Daniel Blake” stared the bureaucratic cruelty of austerity straight in the eye. Loach frequently side steps the camera and speaks out in public, especially against successive Conservative governments, the BBC, and the wider film and TV industry. In 2016 he called light historical drama programmes such as “Downton Abbey” a “rosy vision of the past” and said that “TV drama is like the picture on the Quality Street tin, but with with less quality and nothing of the street.” Last week, Ken used an interview with
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Strictly Come Dancing: the semi-final – as it happened

It’s the big push now … and our four couples had to dance Twice to try and make the Grand Final. Let the glittery games begin

8.00pm GMT

So our finalists are Danny and Oti, Louise and Kevin, and Ore and Joanne – it’s a Clifton double and the hottest dancer in Strictly history (I’m talking about Oti, btw). Should be a hard-fought final, so join me next Saturday at 6.40pm for a glitter-tastic night in.

Thank you all for joining in, feel free to swing by Twitter @heidistephens and say hello, otherwise I’ll see you next Saturday!

7.59pm GMT

Claudia and Aj dance their final dance to Sybil’s The Love I Lost, which is an absolute 90s banger.

7.56pm GMT

Because it’s the Semi and they’ve got to pad out 40 minutes, Claudia gets a montage!

7.56pm GMT

I’m really sad that Claudia and
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Strictly Come Dancing: the quarter-final – as it happened

It’s Musicals Week! Was Claudia able to pull off a Lion King salsa? And how did Judge Rinder fare as a Jersey Boy?

7.57pm GMT

So that’s it for another Strictly week, and only two to go! Thank you all for joining in, and I’ll see you next Saturday at 6.50pm for the semi-final, which involves Two Dances. It’s the final push, so let’s make it count. See you next week! Hx

7.57pm GMT

Judge Rinder thanks the judges, because he knows how difficult it is to be a judge. He then makes Oksana cry by being entirely lovely.

They dance their final dance to Defying Gravity from Wicked, and I am already missing Rinder’s sense of fun (a lot), his latin hips (a bit) and his dancing sex face (less so). Rinder has without doubt been on the biggest journey of this year’s Strictly quarter finalists,
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Video Game Review – Merry Christmas From Horace on the Zx Spectrum

Villordsutch reviews Merry Christmas Fom Horace on the Zx Spectrum…

Horace, the no necked, vacant staring shape of a being is – in some classic Zx Spectrum owners hearts – the official mascot of the their machine. Yes, we have Miner Willy from Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy, Monty Mole from a cluster of games revolving around the Life of Monty and later Dizzy the Egg, but if truth being told most gamers – from back in the 1980’s – who woke up to find a Zx Spectrum under the Christmas Tree possibly also found with it Horace Goes Skiing, I know I did.

Here Horace in the opening level darted across a rather intense busy road – initially mimicking Frogger – and then when you bought a set of skis you proceeded to hurtle down a slope, between flags and dodging trees before rinsing and repeating. It was extremely simple and this game created
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Gemma Atkinson's chocolatey Christmas

Gemma Atkinson says one of her favourite things about Christmas is eating Quality Street. The 'Emmerdale' actress has confessed that despite being very passionate about health and fitness, one of her favourite things about the festive season is being able to tuck into calorific treats without any guilt. She said: ''I love Christmas dinner and Quality Street. ''I'm always saying to my fella, 'When's it too early to put the Quality Street out?' You know, around the house.'' The 31-year-old star also revealed that even though he's a personal trainer, her boyfriend Olly Foster can't resist indulging in treats at Christmas time too. Asked if
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Downton Abbey – the finale: 'happy endings for virtually every single character'

A warm Christmas send-off for the Crawleys and all those who work for them – but who has won the last-ever Golden Eyebrow of the week?

Well, as Christmas specials of old favourites go, it wasn’t at all bad. This was a Quality Street offering: predictable, reliable, with something sweet for everyone. But somehow not quite as special as you’d hoped. Was I wrong to hold out for a ghost at the feast? There was at least a memory of Cousin’s Matthew’s infamous tingle when Iron-Deficient Anaemia Man referenced his symptoms. (How I love it when Uncle Julian Googles medieval ailments.) But any mention of anything interesting or juicy was annoyingly shortlived.

Still, no one can complain about happiness at last for Edith – despite the spectre of The Now-Invisible Imposter Child. Thomas got a happy ending, too. Even if it was slightly at Carson’s expense. In fact,
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6 Things New To Netflix This Week (Dec 7)


Like a giant streaming tub of Christmas Quality Street, Netflix is really tempting you with the big guns.

Coming to a TV screen near you this week is the final season of a British motoring show which has courted controversy all year, complete with all the Porsches, Lamborghinis and, er, ambulances you’ve come to expect.

What if cars aren’t your thing? The guy who lived on cheeseburgers for 30 days has been producing social documentaries for fancy news outlet CNN, with Season Three available for you to binge-watch. Netflix also boasts big-screen offerings too, including popular horror, attractive rom-coms, and a recent remake of a classic cult thriller.

Most interesting of all is that Adam Sandler’s new comedy is exclusive to Netflix, which cuts out the cinemas completely and brings Hollywood laughter straight into your home. Is it that modern equivalent of going straight to DVD or
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Strictly Come Dancing 2015: week 11 – as it happened

We’re down to the last six couples for musicals week – who made it through?

7.59pm GMT

So that’s it for another Strictly week! Next week is the Semi Final, when our dancers have to do Two Dances, so make sure you’re here for a 6.50pm kick-off. Thank you all for joining in with your very funny and wise commentary down below, it is much appreciated.

I’m off to the recording of the Strictly Christmas Special tomorrow night, so keep an eye on Twitter @heidistephens and I’ll try to post a picture of me giving Harry Judd a light squeeze. Otherwise I’ll see you next Saturday! Keeeeep dancing! Hx

7.58pm GMT

So what will the judges do? Craig votes to keep Georgia and Giovanni (after having a moan about the public’s choices, Yes That’S What We Do Craig), and Darcey does the same.
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The Night Before Review

  • HeyUGuys
Christmas is all about spending time indulging in the things you most enjoy. It’s a time of giving, sure, but it’s also a time to treat yourself. We’re led to believe it’s all about family, sitting down at Grandma’s house, eating copious amounts of Quality Street and feigning interest in Doctor Who for the sake

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Friday’s best TV: Unreported World, Adele at the BBC, Mercury Prize Live 2015

  • The Guardian - TV News
Marcel Theroux investigates the scandal of adults with mental disabilities used as slave labour in South Korea, Adele talks to Graham Norton about her life, and the winner of the Mercury prize is revealed; plus 16 burly guys compete to be the UK’s Strongest Man 2015 and a romantic weekend break beckons in Citizen Khan

Watching The World’s Strongest Man while working through a tin of Quality Street balanced on your stomach is a cherished festive tradition in many households. Here’s a chance to warm up those toffee-chewing muscles, as 16 burly UK dudes descend on Belfast for truck-pulling, car-rolling and other tests of might. With four UK titles already under his weightlifting belt, 27-stone Englishman Eddie Hall is the beast to beat, though his fearsome warhawk hairdo belies an affable temperament. Graeme Virtue

Continue reading...
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Hepburn Day on TCM: Love, Danger and Drag

Katharine Hepburn movies. Katharine Hepburn movies: Woman in drag, in love, in danger In case you're suffering from insomnia, you might want to spend your night and early morning watching Turner Classic Movies' "Summer Under the Stars" series. Four-time Best Actress Academy Award winner Katharine Hepburn is TCM's star today, Aug. 7, '15. (See TCM's Katharine Hepburn movie schedule further below.) Whether you find Hepburn's voice as melodious as a singing nightingale or as grating as nails on a chalkboard, you may want to check out the 1933 version of Little Women. Directed by George Cukor, this cozy – and more than a bit schmaltzy – version of Louisa May Alcott's novel was a major box office success, helping to solidify Hepburn's Hollywood stardom the year after her film debut opposite John Barrymore and David Manners in Cukor's A Bill of Divorcement. They don't make 'em like they used to Also, the 1933 Little Women
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Farewell to Hepburn Tomorrow

Don't cry just yet, Kate the Great fans. While it's true that there is only one wrap-up episode left Tomorrow in Anne Marie's mammoth undertaking "A Year with Kate"* in which she reviewed every performance in Katharine Hepburn's fascinating career, we have exciting news. We're making it into a book! Details are not yet concrete but if you would like to be included in updates about pre-order and other 'Don't Miss It' news, please fill out this form at our Facebook page!

Anne Marie's last episodes airs tomorrow Wednesday December 31st. But until then... take a peak at any you missed. Some chapters will be substantially rewritten for the book.

1930s: A Bill of DivorcementChristopher StrongMorning GloryLittle WomenSpitfireThe Little MinisterBreak of HeartsAlice AdamsSylvia ScarlettMary of ScotlandA Woman RebelsQuality StreetStage DoorBringing Up BabyHoliday,

1940s: Philadelphia Story,
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Strictly Come Dancing: the semi-final – as it happened

With the nation still reeling from Trixie’s shock departure, the five remaining contestants performed two dances each. Who made it through to the grand final?

7.56pm GMT

So that’s it from me until the Grand Final, thank you as ever for joining in and being entirely brilliant in the comment box.

Join me from 6.30pm next Saturday for the first part of the final – we’ll hang some streamers down below and make it a party.

7.55pm GMT

So that means we have our four final couples – Mark and Karen, Caroline and Pasha, Frankie and Kevin and Simon and Kristina. Caroline is looking like the favourite to win, but that’s by no means a done deal – it’s going to be a cracking final, I reckon.

7.54pm GMT

So it’s goodbye to Jake the Snake and his amazing shimmying hips. Am not surprised, but would have
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The best Christmas 2014 TV and radio

We’ve scanned the UK Christmas TV and radio schedules for the festive fortnight and circled a few programmes you may enjoy…

We’ve taken our glittery pen to the pages of this year’s festive TV Listings guide to circle a selection of shows that might tickle your Christmas fancy.

Supplement your festive box-set viewing with appearances from the Doctor and Clara, Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, Dame Judi Dench, Professor Danielle George, the work of Roald Dahl, Charlie Brooker, David Attenborough, the much-missed Rik Mayall, and many more...

Drama Doctor Who: Last Christmas

The tenth annual Doctor Who Christmas Special since the show’s 2005 return, and Peter Capaldi’s first real festive Tardis adventure. Nick Frost, Michael Troughton, Dan Starkey and Nathan McMullen all co-star in this Father Christmas North Pole caper, alongside Capaldi and Jenna Coleman. Watch the latest trailer, here.

When’s it on? 6.15pm on Christmas Day,
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Geordie Shore cast unveil festive song 'Parsnip in a Pear Tree'

The cast of Geordie Shore have come together to record their take on a festive classic.

The group donned their Christmas jumpers and hit the studio for 'Parsnip in a Pear Tree' - a new version of 'The Twelve Days of Christmas'.

The video was unveiled after tonight's episode of Geordie Shore and begins with Vicky Pattison going all Jackanory to read "a little story about Christmas presents".

The new lyrics feature "Holly's Christmas puddings", "Scott dancing like a legend" and "Charlotte's gold ring".

Every so often, you can also hear a cast member asking for a Quality Street or smirking: "I'll jingle your bells".

The song ends: "Merry Christmas, pet!"

Geordie Shore airs on Tuesdays at 10pm on MTV.
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Grimm season 4 episode 7 review: The Grimm Who Stole Christmas

It's Christmas time and there's a need to be afraid... Here's Christine's review of a particularly bonkers festive episode of Grimm...

This review contains spoilers.

4.7 The Grimm Who Stole Christmas

You know that old saying, “nutty as a fruitcake”? Well that could easily be applied to this week’s Grimm (and if you’ve seen the episode, this works on a couple of different levels.)

While last year we had the Wesen version of Bad Santa in Krampus, The Grimm Who Stole Christmas is this year’s nod to the festive season.

The mystery centred on three little goblins who wreaked havoc on the festivities. However, they turn out not to be Wesen but pubescent boys – awful smell and all – which are afflicted by a rare genetic, seasonal disorder that makes them go as bonkers as if they’ve consumed an family-sized tin of Quality Street.

“Are you really telling
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X Factor semi-final results live blog: As it happened

Christmas came early for X Factor fans as the final four - Andrea Faustini, Lauren Platt, Fleur East and Ben Haenow - got into the festive spirit in the semi-final showdown.

However, for one unlucky act, Santa Cowell Claus will be delivering a lump of coal rather than a record contract.

The X Factor: What did the judges say about semi-final week?

The X Factor: All the best reactions to Saturday's semi-final

The X Factor semi-final live blog: Lauren, Andrea and Ben do battle

This evening, we will find out the 2014 Final 3 and who is heading back home for a glum festive season.

Join us from 8pm when we'll be bringing you all the action live as it happens on ITV.

21:02That's all for tonight folks. I'm off to see if I can catch a lift home on Lauren's Battle Bus. There must be plenty of spare seats.
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Mega Christmas Quiz, Doctor Who On Xbox One, Eleventh Doctor Spotted Down Under

Jonathan Appleton is a writer at Kasterborous Doctor Who News and Reviews - All the latest Doctor Who news and reviews with our weekly podKast, features and interviews, and a long-running forum.

Tardis testers! Xbox Kinects the Doctor! Clara Believes in Santa! Classic Prints up for Auction! The Doctor Down Under! More Christmas treats than a tub of Quality Street! It must be the Kasterborous News Blast! Christmas Gets Mega Almost as much of a seasonal tradition as the Doctor Who Christmas special itself, the BBC website’s...

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