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Typical B picture but with the wonderful Claire Trevor
robluvthebeach11 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This is a fun, not too surprising "B" picture from the Fox Studio that Claire Trevor did quite a few in the late 1930's. She escapes a very sordid relationship with a bad guy who goes to jail and changes her name to start fresh and a new career in a department store. While there she is caught singing and in a quick New York Minute she is now being promoted as a singing star in disguise. She uses veil, mud packs, etc to keep her disguise as a 'singing countess' and there is one reporter who wants to uncover who she really is for a good story. However, when she is exposed and the ex-boyfriend sees who she is, there will be trouble in store.

This is a typical programmer but always delightful to have Claire Trevor in a lead role (though the movie is just over an hour in length). I viewed this film online, so it is out there for people to find and view.
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