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Why Young People Love Bad Movies: From ‘Reefer Madness’ to ‘The Room’

Why Young People Love Bad Movies: From ‘Reefer Madness’ to ‘The Room’
A lot of people can’t understand why someone would want to watch a bad movie – even one that’s “so bad, it’s good.” Yet many bad movies find a completely intentional audience, several years after the fact. Take Ed Wood. The filmmaker died obscure and broke in 1978. Now he’s a famous cult figure with […]

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"Reefer Madness"

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Dark Horse Comics' "Reefer Madness" trade paperback, available April 2018, collects classic 'weed' comic book stories from the 1930's to the 1950's, from "Superman" creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, plus Jerry Robinson of "Batman" fame, illustrators Jack 'King' Kirby, Frank 'Conan' Frazetta and a whole lot more:

"...Degradation! Crime! Madness! Hysteria surrounded marijuana as a 'gateway' drug from the 1930's to the 1950's and beyond. 

"'Adventure Comics', by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, and works by Frank Frazetta, Jerry Robinson, Jack Kirby, and many more...

"...reveal the social reaction to this era of 'Reefer Madness'....

"...from the wildly misinformed....

" the soberly concerned...

"...these comics lament the impact of weed on youth culture..."

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "Reefer Madness"...
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Woodshock – Review

It’s travel time at the vacation wing of the ole’ multiplex yet again. A couple of months ago we explored France in Paris Can Wait, and just a few weeks ago we joined Steve and Rob for a food-filled travelogue in The Trip To Spain. Summer may be over, but it’s not too late to “get away from it all” with another trip….a trip inside your mind. If you’re thinking of “mother’s little helper” then you’re on the right track. Movies about drugs have changed with society over the years. The first flicks were hysterical (in more ways than one) cautionary tales epitomized by the camp classic Reefer Madness. With the counter culture’s rise in the 60’s and 70’s there were more enlightened films like, well Roger Corman’s The Trip. And in the 80’s Cheech and Chong finally took their weed humor
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Watch Samantha Bee Slam Jeff Sessions' Draconian Drug Sentencing Policy

Watch Samantha Bee Slam Jeff Sessions' Draconian Drug Sentencing Policy
Samantha Bee eviscerated Attorney General Jeff Sessions for increasing sentences for non-violent offenders caught with drugs. This is a reversal of a policy put in place former president Barack Obama, who aimed to reduce jail time for some non-violent, drug-related crimes.

"The worst weapon in the decades-long War on Drugs were mandatory minimum sentences," Bee declared. Later she added, "It's like Trump nominated a VHS tape of Reefer Madness to run his Justice Department."

Bee argued that modifying or eliminating mandatory minimum sentencing is a rare idea with bipartisan support.
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The Last Shaman documentary review: pharma madness

MaryAnn’s quick take… Tragic hipster indulges in the tribal Amazonian divine. Credulous, sophomoric garbage full of the slick salesmanship of a vaguely spiritual sneaker commercial. I’m “biast” (pro): nothing

I’m “biast” (con): nothing

(what is this about? see my critic’s minifesto)

James Freeman was a well-off young white American man suffering from incurable depression… or maybe he just could not get onboard with the bullshit of well-off white America and its insistence on conformity, financial success at any price, and the self sacrificed to mindless consumerism. When doctors and therapy and pharmaceuticals didn’t help, he decided — as a last-ditch effort before killing himself — to hie off to Peru, find a shaman, and test out the supposedly mind- and spirit-altering qualities of the ayahuasca plant, which is used in traditional rituals and is said to have cured mental illnesses.

I am sympathetic to many
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The Riverdale Cast Dishes on Who's the "Most Daddy"

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The Riverdale Cast Dishes on Who's the
At a screening of Riverdale with the cast at La's Paley Center, we wanted to get to the bottom of a very important question. No, not who is Jason Blossom's killer - the murderer was finally revealed in episode 12! The burning question on everyone's mind: who is "most daddy" of the cast? Sure, Cole Sprouse was the crowned champion of the Twitter poll, though some might say he had an unfair advantage by posting from his own account. When asked who he'd choose if he couldn't choose himself, he was quick to answer: Lili. She did come in second place in the Twitter poll. "It's 'cause I voted for her 13,000 times on all my spam accounts," Cole said. Would he consider himself the biggest Lili "stan"? "Right, exactly," he said. When polling the entire cast, there was one clear winner, and she is ready to own the title for good.
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The Flash 'The Once And Future Flash' Review

After a three week break The Flash returned last night with Barry traveling to the year 2024 to try and gain any advantage he could over Savitar.  What Barry wasn't expecting is how bad things would get in the future after the death of Iris.  Barry had become so obsessed with finding out how to save Iris that when he does fail it will fracture the team in the future.  This season Barry has forgotten about what he has learned about himself since becoming the Flash the he is doing more harm than good for the team.  Being obsessed with saving Iris has made him forget to be the superhero that he is and sacrifice his feelings for the good of others.  Grant Gustin and Carlos Valdez did an amazing job of transforming to their future selves and showing the hurt and anguish Iris's death brought to the team.  

Caitlin's transformation
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"Oh, the usual. I bowl. Drive around. The occasional acid flashback."

For better or worse, the date April 20th infamously sparks an eternal flame in the hearts of potheads across the world in celebration over their vice of choice – and the canon of cinematic stoners is certainly no exception. Hash-loving hippies have long cropped up in motion pictures as anti-establishment icons, quasi-kings of interminable philosophy, and occasionally as crutches for comic relief or character development. While the presence of marijuana in the movies holds a certain time capsule cache in relation to broader anxieties over cultural identity within era-defining films such as Easy Rider or American Beauty or even Children of Men – not to mention its propagandist roots in cautionary tales such as Reefer Madness – it has chiefly acted as a dispensary for daffy, dippy diversions in cannabis-centric comedies like Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle, Half Baked, or Cheech and Chong.

Occasionally, a film strikes Humboldt gold and elevates the
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Destiny 2 Launches September 8 For Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, Pre-Order For Early Access Beta

Bungie has confirmed via a new trailer released today that Destiny 2 will launch September 8, with pre-orders granting early access to the sequel’s beta. The reveal, which you can see above, sadly doesn’t contain any gameplay, although it does once again feature the lovable Hunter Vanguard Cayde-6, as well as his colleagues Ikora Rey and Commander Zavala, two of which can be seen delivering impassioned speeches to the masses, following what appears to be an invasion of the Last City.

Here’s what the official video description has to say about the action that unfolds in the spectacle-laden trailer.

From the makers of the acclaimed hit game Destiny, comes the much-anticipated sequel. An action shooter that takes you on an epic journey across the solar system.

Humanity’s last safe city has fallen to an overwhelming invasion force led by Ghaul, the imposing commander of the brutal Red Legion.
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Bringing Overwatch To Nintendo Switch Would Be “Very Challenging,” Says Game Director

Imagine being able to play Overwatch on a portable device away from home. Not only would it be the perfect way of killing time during your daily work commute, but it could very well eliminate the need to stare blankly into space with any of life’s laborious necessities. Up until now, such a prospect has been largely unexplored, due to there not being suitable device for such a thing to happen, but now we have the Nintendo Switch.

The burning question, of course, is whether we’re likely to ever see Blizzard’s shooter grace the hardware, to which we sort of have an answer. Posting on Reddit (via GameSpot) yesterday, Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan touched base in regards to his own personal opinion of the Switch and the possibilities of it ever receiving an Overwatch port. If you’re currently excited about where this is going, you might
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Making Of The Star Wars Holiday Special! Stage Play Coming to St. Louis

“Would you look at Lumpy! He’s sure grown, huh? And I think his voice is changing!”

George Lucas and his intergalactic entourage don’t stand a chance when St. Louis Shakespeare’s The Magic Smoking Monkey Theatre takes them on in December. The uber-talented Smoking Monkeys adapt a cult film (or TV show) into an onstage farce once a year. Plan 9 From Outer Space, Reefer Madness, Glen Or Glenda, The Star Wars Trilogy, The Abominable Dr. Phibes, Stupefy!: The 90-minute Harry Potter, and last year’s Mad Max – Live! have all been the victims of sidesplitting, Pythonesque parody courtesy of The Smoking Monkeys. This time these lunatic thespians are calling their show The Making Of The Star Wars Holiday Special! – A Magic Smoking Monkey Theatre 20th Anniversary Special!

And rumor has it that Charles Bronson will be making an appearance hawking Mandom Cologne!!! It doesn’t get any better than that!
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FEARnyc 2016 Lineup Includes Hocus Pocus, The Lost Boys, Night Of The Living Dead (1968)

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Over 65 films, the new and the classics, will screen at FEARnyc 2016 horror film festival, including Nosferatu, Hocus Pocus, Dead Awake, Night of the Living Dead (1968), Psycho, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and The Lost Boys, just to name a few. Continue reading for the full list of films in the FEARnyc lineup.

From FEARnyc: "FEARnyc will be presented this Halloween season at New York City’s Cinema Village. From October 21-27, 2016 the event will feature screenings of 65+ new and classic horror films, cast appearances, special events and a tribute to horror icon, Wes Craven.

Some of the highlights include:

Screenings of Night of the Living Dead, Psycho, Hocus Pocus, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Lost Boys, and A Nightmare on Elm Street 3.

The premiere of Dead Awake, the new film from Final Destination writer Jeffrey Reddick.

A screening of The Exorcist which will begin with a seance with the audience led by a renowned psychic.
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Reefer Madness August 4th at Schlafly Bottleworks – “Weed from the Devil’s Garden!”

“The motion picture you are about to witness may startle you. It would not have been possible, otherwise, to sufficiently emphasize the frightful toll of the new drug menace which is destroying the youth of America in alarmingly increasing numbers. Marihuana!”

Reefer Madness screens Thursday August 4th at 7:00pm at Schlafly Bottleworks (7260 Southwest Avenue Maplewood, Mo 63143). $6 for the screening.

In 1932, Harry Anslinger was named head of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics. The position was not much more than a figurehead because all the bureau was involved in was the amount of morphine etc. that were in medicine like cough syrup. Anslinger wanted more power and the best way to get power was to put more “narcotics” under his control. So he set his sights on marijuana. He met and became friends with Charles Randolph Hearst (the Citizen Kane guy!) and they talked about their shared dislike of cannabis. During this time,
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Metro Dev 4A Games Posts Status Report On Its Two Secretive Projects

4A Games, Ukrainian developer behind both Metro: 2033 and Metro: Last Light, is quietly toiling away on two secret, as-yet-unannounced projects.

Following the closure of publisher Thq some years ago, doubt was cast over the studio’s immediate future. But rest assured, 4A Games is alive and well, and the dev recently took to Facebook (via VG247) to post a status report revealing that, after persevering through testing times that included a studio move to Malta, it’s ready to come out of its self-imposed hiatus.

Hello everyone, yes we are alive! So thank you for putting up with us during a slight hiatus. Yes 2 years is a bit long but we have lots of exciting times ahead and wanted to bring you up to date since the last news that we were in Malta.

The burning question that you are all going to be asking (and have been asking) is:
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Drive-In Dust Offs: The Vampire (1957)

Horror in the ‘50s tended to lean towards the sci-fi end of the spectrum. And why wouldn’t it? This was the atomic age, and hiding under your school desk during a bomb drill (the safest place to be!) was scarier than any monster Hollywood could muster. So as a form of social moralizing (or an excuse to display giant, mutated lizards on screen), filmmakers merged the fear of nuclear annihilation with the need for entertainment. Most filmmakers, that is. Paul LandresThe Vampire (1957) is a deliberate ride through the (mostly) human condition, small in scope but surprisingly big on emotion. Just don’t expect any vampires, radioactive, sparkly, or otherwise.

What you do get is a story much closer to Stevenson than Stoker, a simple riff on Jekyll and Hyde shot through a cautionary tale about America’s then growing concern with pill poppin’. The Vampire is more concerned
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Mad Max – Live! Stage Play Coming to St. Louis in June

“If I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die historic on the Fury Road!”

St. Louis Shakespeare’s The Magic Smoking Monkey Theatre adapts a cult film into an onstage farce once a year. Previous adaptions have included Plan 9 From Outer Space, Reefer Madness, Glen Or Glenda, Game Of Thrones, Harry Potter, and The Star Wars Trilogy (!!). In 2011 they helped celebrate Vincentennial, the Vincent Price 100th Birthday Celebration with a stage presentation of one of the home town horror star’s classics: The Abominable Dr. Phibes in 3D, a sidesplitting, Pythonesque parody.

This year, those crazy Smoking Monkeys are presenting Mad Max – a spoof of all four of those great Mel Gibson action movies (and that Tom Hardy one). So join Mad Max and a cast of rowdy characters in an epic race for guzzolene, freedom and a better life beyond Thunderdome…in 60 minutes or less. That’S Right!
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[Review] #Horror

Part Reefer Madness for the plugged-in generation, part Giallo slasher, and part coming-of-age psychodrama, #Horror is filled with the type of craziness that sounds like it would make it a shoe-in for genre festivals across the globe. But alas, it’s incredibly dull, and for every gonzo tangent into an enigmatic snuff film social network, there’s multiple other sequences that are so ineptly directed that a sense of atmosphere or narrative momentum seems purely accidental.

Split inexplicably down the middle of its thin running time between an avant-chic artist named Alex Cox (Chloë Sevigny) on an all-day sojourn away from her crumbling marriage to a famous modern artist (think Jeffrey Koons), and a violently escalating sleepover at their mansion hosted by her daughter, #Horror proves early on that it has no sense of how to bridge these halves.

Her daughter is Sofia, a social media-obsessed, emotionally-neglected 12-year-old who overjoys
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Justin Bieber Talks God And Weed In Recent Interview

Now that Justin Bieber has put out a track that hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, the entertainment community at large has been gracious enough to halt its collective verbal immolation of the young pop star. Case in point: Vice, a famously subversive media outlet that takes every opportunity to challenge the status quo, has continually celebrated the “Where Are Ü Now” singer’s recent releases in articles on its Thump channel – and has all but deified him in a recent interview on its i-d fashion channel.

When you cut through the ornate narrative, though, a couple of juxtaposing themes present themselves in Bieber’s quotes. On one hand, he attributes the success of “Where Are Ü Now” to a higher power, saying:

“I completely see that as being God. I couldn’t have asked for a better start to all this stuff, and then the direction that it went in?
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The Conversation: Drew Morton and Landon Palmer Discuss ‘La haine’

The Conversation is a feature at PopOptiq bringing together Drew Morton and Landon Palmer in a passionate debate about cinema new and old. For their eleventh piece, they discuss Mathieu Kassovitz’s gritty yet sleek portrait of life on the margins of Paris, La haine (1995).

Landon’S Take

There’s a moment within the first act of Mathieu Kassovitz’s La haine (1995) that finds the film’s central trio – Vinz (Vincent Cassel), Hubert (Hubert Koundé), and Saïd (Saïd Taghmaoui), three young male descendants of immigrants living in the housing projects of outer Paris – confronted by a news crew. In the protests and riots following the brutalization of a friend, Abdel Ichaha (inspired by the real-life killing of Makome M’Bowole while in the custody of Parisian police in 1993), the news crew voyeuristically inquires into the opinions of those who very well may be the first group of “locals” their excursion encounters,
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