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Elizabeth Taylor, Farley Granger, Jane Russell, Peter Falk, Sidney Lumet: TCM Remembers 2011

"TCM Remembers 2011" is out. Remembered by Turner Classic Movies are many of those in the film world who left us this past year. As always, this latest "TCM Remembers" entry is a classy, immensely moving compilation. The haunting background song is "Before You Go," by Ok Sweetheart.

Among those featured in "TCM Remembers 2011" are Farley Granger, the star of Luchino Visconti's Senso and Alfred Hitchcock's Rope and Strangers on a Train; Oscar-nominated Australian actress Diane Cilento (Tom Jones, Hombre), formerly married to Sean Connery; and two-time Oscar nominee Peter Falk (Murder, Inc., Pocketful of Miracles, The Great Race), best remembered as television's Columbo. Or, for those into arthouse fare, for playing an angel in Wim Wenders' Wings of Desire.

Also, Jane Russell, whose cleavage and sensuous lips in Howard Hughes' The Outlaw left the puritans of the Production Code Association apoplectic; another Australian performer, Googie Withers, among
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Sybil Jason obituary

South African-born child movie star viewed as a rival to Shirley Temple

From 1935 to 1938, Shirley Temple was the world's biggest and smallest movie star. During this period, Warner Bros launched their answer to Temple in the cute, dark-haired, wide-eyed, button-nosed Sybil Jason, who has died aged 83. Jason made six feature films and four Technicolor two-reelers for the studio over these years. Unfortunately, most of her films and roles shamelessly resembled those of Temple's at 20th Century-Fox, and never equalled them in popularity. However, according to Time magazine in 1936: "Among child actresses, Sybil Jason is to Shirley Temple as Jean Harlow is to Ann Harding – less wholesome but more refreshing."

She was born Sybil Jacobson in Cape Town, South Africa, where her father ran a shoe business. As her mother was in fragile health, the girl was brought up mainly by her older sister Anita, who nurtured her precocious talent,
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Child Star Jason Dead At 83

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Child Star Jason Dead At 83
Former child star Sybil Jason has lost her battle with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

The 1930s silver screen star passed away on Tuesday in Northridge, California, according to the Washington Post.

Jason was born Sylvia Jacobson in South Africa and performed on the British vaudeville stage before landing her big break in Hollywood.

Her film credits include 1935's The Singing Kid, in which she performed alongside Al Jolson, and Little Big Shot.

She appeared opposite fellow child star Shirley Temple in 1939's The Little Princess and The Blue Bird a year later.

Sybil Jason Dead at 83: Warner Bros.' Answer to Shirley Temple in the '30s

Sybil Jason, Warner Bros.' answer to Shirley Temple, died Tuesday, August 23, according to film researcher and author Scott O'Brien. She was 83. Born Sybil Jacobson on November 23, 1927, in Cape Town, South Africa, while still a small child she moved to Britain with her parents. Thanks to her uncle Harry Jacobson, reportedly a London orchestra leader and pianist to highly popular entertainer Gracie Fields, by the age of five Sybil was appearing in London nightclubs, where she sang, danced, and mimicked Maurice Chevalier. In 1935, Sybil caught the eye of Irving Asher, the head of Warner Bros. London studio, who had spotted her in a supporting role in the British feature Barnacle Bill. Following a successful film test, she was brought to Hollywood, where the now renamed Sybil Jason was to become Warners' answer to 20th Century Fox's box-office goldmine Shirley Temple. Jason, however, failed to catch on despite working with some
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Film Actress Roberts Dies

Film Actress Roberts Dies
Silver screen star Beverly Roberts has died. She was 96.

The actress passed away of natural causes at her home in Laguna Niguel, California on Monday.

Roberts kicked off her Hollywood career in The Singing Kid with Al Jolson in 1936, before co-starring with Humphrey Bogart in Two Around the World that same year.

She left Warner Bros. studio in 1940 to pursue a career as a singer, touring the U.S. with the Dorsey Brothers band.

The star was later appointed an administrator of the Theater Authority union, a job title she kept for 25 years.

Roberts never married and had no children.

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