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In the 90s era Columbia VHS release and some older TV versions, one scene is cut out, specifically when the Stooges attempt to show a believable on-screen kiss. Moe initially tries to show how to give a good-looking kiss to a showgirl. However, he gets shy, and barely pecks her on the cheek. He calls it the "hit-and-run" type. Larry then tries the dramatic bend-over technique, but the more he bends forward, the more the girl's head pulls back. Then, it's Curly's turn to go. He calls his kiss a "sacrifice". However, before he can give said kiss, the showgirl grabs him and says "Oh, Mr. Howard!" and pulls him over and gives him a huge kiss, making Curly pass out. Moe and Larry then pull him up, hit him, and the scene resumes. Considering the print damage that goes along with this scene, it seems like it may have been an error based on the change from reel #1 to reel #2. Thankfully the scene was kept intact when Columbia/Sony restored the shorts in high definition around 2007.
The cut scene involving scene kisses is also on the WB network version.
Originally, writer Felix Adler had written an alternate ending in which The Stooges accidentally set the movie studio on fire and it completely burns down. It is unknown as to why the scene was changed, other than the idea of budget restraints.

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