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  • Carlos Argüelles is the son of a wealthy man whose only interests in life are business and making money. While trying to succeed in show business he falls in love with a dancer and they elope to marry. But success is not easy to obtain.

  • Carlos Argüelles (Carlos Gardel) is the son of a wealthy man whose only interest in life is making money and business. But he wants to be an artist and one day, trying to success in show business as a singer, he meets Margarita (Rosita Moreno), a dancer, and they fall in love. But his father wants him to marry a rich girl, so they part and he marries Margarita. But success is hard to reach and when Margarita gets ill and he can't get any money to live he, desperate, tries to steal his father's safe box. It is too late anyway and when he returns home, Margarita is dead. He takes their daughter Marga and go to Europe, where he obtains a big success first alone and later with Marga dancing like her mother did. They go to Hollywood to make pictures and there he receives a telegram saying his father has died and has left him all his fortune. So they come back to Buenos Aires. During the trip, Marga falls in love with a wealthy man's son who happens to be a Carlos father's business partner and who does not want his son to marry a show business girl. But destiny plays its cards again...


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  • Julio Arguelles is the son of a wealthy Buenos Aires businessman. He wants to marry Margarita, but she is below his social status and his father is opposed to the union. Eventually Julio's father disavows him, and Julio marries Margarita and they run off together.

    They have a baby girl soon thereafter. Although they are happy, they are very poor. Julio sings for a living and is not successful, barely scratching out a living. Margarita develops an illness which requires medication but they haven't the money to pay for it.

    Julio then decides to steal money from his father's house. He returns to his former home and breaks into the upstairs room. His father is in the house with a business partner of his they hear the nouise upstairs. He is almost caught in the act by his father's business partner, who catches a glimpse of him in the darkness but doesn't quite recognize him.

    As Julio returns to Margarita, he finds all his friends there. She dies from her illness, which shatters Julio. He leaves the country to make a living elsewhere, away from the memory of his beloved wife. Soon enough, Julio gets "discovered", is offered a contract, records songs and becomes a great star. His daughter also turns to singing and becomes famous. Eventually, he is offered a contract to tour his former country and he reluctantly decides to return after twenty years. It's on the deck of the boat, on it's way back to his old country that he sings his famoous "Volver".

    When he returns, Julio is informed of his father's death. Coincidentally, one of the promoters of his tour is the businessman who saw him that night breaking into his father's house. He recognizes him, accuses him of burglary, and is ready to press charges when Julio tells him who he really is -- the son of Carlos Arguelles. Julio then finds out his father had left him everything. Julio wrestles with his inner demons, and decides to make peace with his past in the decision that he makes.

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