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Awesome flick if you like some cheesy fun
mystywolf16 February 2007
First off, I'd like to say that I really enjoyed this movie. I have read a lot of the bad hype that the flick has receieved, and I believe that this is partly due to the fact that people go into these types of movies expecting amazing advances in cinematography as well as a gripping and dramatic plot. Well, I hate to burst everybody's bubble, but that is really not the purpose of this type of movie. These bad reviews make me wonder just how serious you have to be (or just how snobby a critic) going into the theater to hate this type of movie making.

Far be it from me to say that this movie was perfect. It had its flaws and there were times when I found myself snickering at the silliness of it all, but that to me is good entertainment. The scenes where Cage turned into ghost rider for the first time were fairly intense, and I found myself marveling at the coolness of his transformation and powers. I also enjoyed the battle scenes including one involving ghost rider and a helicopter (I won't tell you what happens there, but it is pretty amusing). I also felt that the movie was pretty well-acted overall, and the entire flick maintained an aura of fun throughout (which I believe was the main purpose of the whole thing) while flowing smoothly through a simple plot.

If you are the type of person to over-analyze plots, scrutinize special effects, whine about some cheesy acting or if you get offended when a movie doesn't have a deep and philosophical meaning behind it, this is definitely not a movie you should waste your time or money on.

If, however, you are the type of person who enjoys some good laughs, some over the top (and at times cheesy) comic book acting, cool battle scenes, action and adventure, or if you simply just like to see some guy with a flaming skull, this is worth the 8 bucks to get into a theater seat.
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Hell of a Ride
Blackout2K516 February 2007
If you go into this movie hoping to see Academy Award caliber acting or a dramatic plot that's going to move you emotionally, then you're going to the wrong movie. However, if you're looking for a movie that's a lot of fun and is going to keep you entertained, then this is exactly what you're looking for.

The visual effects in this movie are, simply put, amazing. Ghost Rider is just one of those movies that's cool to look at. As I said before, the acting sometimes falls a bit flat, but Nicolas Cage does exactly what's expected of him for the role. It's a bit cliché and humorous at times, but this is a movie based on a comic book, so you have to expect that sort of thing.

Sam Elliot and Peter Fonda provide the best acting in the movie, while Wes Bentley does a solid job as Blackheart and Eva Mendez is just a very beautiful actress who fits in well as Roxanne.

There are a lot of little gripes about this movie if you look too hard and overthink it, but as a die-hard Ghost Rider fan, I didn't mind these things so much. It stayed relatively true to the original series, while borrowing elements from the 90's series to help make the movie more visually impressive, which I felt worked really well.

I've been waiting for this movie since they started trying to make it over eight years ago and overall, I'd have to say I really enjoyed seeing my favorite comic book character finally make it onto the big screen.

If you want to go see a movie where you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride; then go see Ghost Rider without any worry of disappointment.
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Nicholas Cage's head skinned and on fire! A must see!
s-lock28 February 2011
The idea to do a film of Ghost Rider actually came after Nicholas Cage had his head skinned and his skull set on fire by critics, as a punishment for Knowing. The scenes where Johnny Blaze apparently has Cage's old facial features are the only CGI effects in the entire film.

Seriously though, if you like Marvel comics, and/or superhero films it's a great romp, that doesn't waste a character that could so easily have been wasted by the Hollywood machine. Sure there's a few clichéd set pieces, but there aren't many superhero movies (or Nicholas Cage movies) that don't have them, and fans of the Ghost Rider comics will see all the scenes and set pieces they'll be hankering to see done in a movie.
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Ghostrider is the best thing in it.
Merklin3 March 2007
Ghostrider is a brilliantly designed character . The chain ,the bike , the flaming skull for a head -he's just plain cool. In fact hes TOO cool - it seems that in any comic , cartoon or game hes involved with, he always comes out as the most interesting thing.

It works the same way with the movie: seeing ghost rider in action provides almost all of the films entertainment value. Watching him ride down buildings , fight villains and flip the bird to the police is a cool sight to behold. When hes not on screen though ,things aren't that interesting. Nicholas cage is funny and quirky as johnny blaze and eva mendes is impossibly sexy (as per usual)but for the most part its all very cheesy and feels rushed and episodic.Also, the villains are frustratingly lame , including black heart who's severely downgraded from his comic book incarnation.

When sitting through ghostrider , your best bet is to wait for the flaming skullhead to show up- watching him do his thing is tons of fun. Sadly the same cant be said about the rest of the movie.While its not bad it doesn't quite do ghostrider justice . Why ? Because hes TOO cool..........
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Hysterically funny
dfranzen7023 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Ghost Rider is hilarious. Unspeakably, hysterically funny. Sadly, though, it's all unintentional humor. The movie manages to pack in every comic book and action movie cliché imaginable, laughable casting, an illogical script, wooden acting, and jarring direction for straight-faced amusement.

Johnny Blaze is a 17-year-old tyro who works in a circus as part of a daredevil motorcycle act with his father. When he learns his dad's got cancer, Johnny makes a literal deal with the Devil (played by a cardboard cutout of Peter Fonda) to save his dad's life. That lasts about one day, because the next evening Johnny's dad dies during a performance. "Nooooooooooooo!" shouts Johnny. Which is kind of what you'll be yelling when you watch the movie.

Johnny has a girl, too, Roxanne. The night before the fateful performance, she tells him she's moving away - her dad, skeptical about Johnny's ability to stay alive in such a dangerous line of work, is sending her to live with her mother. Roxanne informs Johnny of this the very moment he's done carving an elaborate "Johnny + Roxanne Forever" mark into a huge, old tree. Apparently she didn't want to ruin his concentration before dropping the bombshell. The two decide to run away together anyway, but then Johnny's pop dies, and Johnny runs off on his own to become the World's Awesomest Motorcycle Dude.

Meanwhile! Elemental angels in league with the Devil's son, Blackheart, are trying to get a contract giving them control over the souls of some long-dead town. With these souls, Blackheart can rule the world, or something. (It's unclear how all of the souls of one tiny town in the middle of nowhere would give anyone the power to rule anything bigger than a hamburger stand.) And, it seems, when Johnny made his deal with the Devil he became the Ghost Rider, responsible for transporting the contracts of souls to the Devil; Blackheart wants to intercept the contract so he can usurp power from his dad.

Fast forward one year later. Yes, one year. Johnny has changed from being 17 to being... Nicolas Cage. Cage is 43 years old. This makes no sense. Oh, and of course he runs into old flame Roxanne, too, now played by Eva Mendes. Or, more accurately, played by Eva Mendes' chest, which is prominently on display whenever possible. Mendes is 32 years old. She is, ostensibly, playing an 18 year old. Even more amusingly, Roxanne is now a television reporter. At 18, it's more likely she'd be assistant gopher to the producer. Ever the professional, even when on the air Roxanne wears low-cut tops, the better to distract the viewer from her inane questions.

One gets the impression that Cage signed on to this role merely because he sports a Ghost Rider tattoo, which, ironically, had to be covered up for the movie. It's kind of as if Jerry Seinfeld were tapped to play Superman. You get all of Cage's mannerisms - the tics, the hangdog expression, the mouth-agape gaze, the laconic attitude. Not really what you expect from a comic-book hero. Mendes is fun to look at, but her delivery is paradoxically flat. Rounding out the cast are a couple of old timers - Sam Elliot plays Caretaker, a wily old coot as only Sam Elliot could play him. Elliot's a fantastic actor, and he's a much better fit for his role here than anyone else in this sludgy claptrap, but he can't save the movie. He's not even on screen until around the halfway point of the movie. Peter Fonda, looking weathered and sort of beaten-down, is The Devil; he's sort of aloof and unconvincing. Oh yeah, and Wes Bentley, who once was in American Beauty, is Blackheart, sans Joan Jett. Geez, they could have gotten any gothy-looking nitwit to play this role, it was so over-the-top. Bentley does not make a good villain.

Let's be clear here. This isn't supposed to be a funny movie. It's a straightfaced, comic-book tale of a haunted young man. And yet the movie's so ineptly presented, one can't help but laugh. Questions abound: Why does Ghost Rider not even show up until a good way into the movie? Why are we told Johnny's jumping 300 feet (a football field) when the distance is longer than that (360 feet)? Why, when Johnny asks the Devil if he's the one responsible for keeping Johnny alive through all his death-defying feats, does the Devil say, "No, that was all you, Johnny"? (Was it? If you're the Devil and you NEED this guy to be your Ghost Rider, and your guy is in a line of work in which he's constantly in harm's way, wouldn't you help him so he doesn't, you know, die?) When Johnny stops his cycle on a busy freeway so he can chat with Roxanne, blocking traffic, how come no one drives around his bike and her van? There are two lanes. Why, if Blackheart's a supernatural (and presumably immortal) being, does Caretaker toss Johnny a kick-ass shotgun with which to attack Blackheart? Why is the church where Caretaker lives and works sacred, hallowed ground that Blackheart cannot trod upon, but other churches - including the one in the tiny, middle-of-nowhere village - are not? Why, when Ghost Rider races through the city one night, inadvertently causing destruction, does exactly one car flip up and smash into a window, despite there being dozens of other vehicles around it? How come Ghost Rider can be hurt if you stab him in the shoulder blade, but you can't wound him by shooting him? (Some of these questions may have actual answers, but I didn't get them from the movie.)

So the movie's pretty much useless, and in a week or so we'll have forgotten it ever existed. It's poorly acted, directed, and written and offers little in the way of solid entertainment - unless, of course, you're looking for some unintentional laughs.
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Better Than Critics Think
michael-connelly318 February 2007
Okay, this movie has taken a lot of heat (ohhhh) but in fact, it's good at what it is. You can't criticize a Snickers Bar for not being Creme Brulee. This is not High Art. It's a movie based on a comic book, and it does a great job of bringing that comic book to life, and of keeping the comic book nature of the story intact. This isn't a bad thing-- it is what it is. It's not a chick flick, it's not clever and witty, it's not deep and mysterious. It's a comic book brought to life on the big screen with nice fx and a decent score and appropriate acting. It's fun. It's a hoot. The bad guys are bad, the good guys are good-- and the end isn't a cop out which is nice. If you are not the audience for which this movie is intended, you will not like this film. If you are, you won't be disappointed. Is it as strong a movie as Spiderman? No. But the story isn't as strong either. It is, however, a good yarn, something my kids liked-- something I liked, and I'm not even a comic book guy.
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Somewhere Between X-Men and Spiderman
w00f18 February 2007
There won't be any Academy Awards for "Ghost Rider," and deservedly so. Great cinema it ain't. It is fun stuff, though, and very much in the spirit of the Marvel comic book of the same name. Nicolas Cage works well in the role; his dead-pan humor is well suited to the role of motorcycle stuntman Johnny Blaze, and the scene in which he attempts to explain himself to his long-lost girlfriend is classic stuff, full of awkward pauses and an eyebrow put to good use.

Granted, things get a little melodramatic from time to time, but that's as it should be. This is, after all, a movie based on a comic book hero, and what superhero worth his heat-vision doesn't indulge in a dose of the melodramatic every so often? It comes with the territory. Still, there's a sense of humor at work here, something that didn't play out well in the "X-Men" franchise and led to that abysmal third installation. There are a good number of laughs in "Ghost Rider." This isn't a movie that takes itself too seriously, which is a nice benefit considering how heavy the subject matter could become. It's rough around the edges, no doubt, and isn't quite up to the same level as the Spiderman movies to date.

I saw an early (11:45 AM) show and the theater was still nearly full. The audience laughed at points that were intended as humorous and even jumped at a couple of scenes. All in all, everyone looked like they were having a good time, from the six year olds with their parents to the older folks like me who were fans of this comic as kids. If you're looking for something fun, "Ghost Rider" isn't a bad bet at all.
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I'm glad Ghost Rider had movie.
hartavery-505171 September 2018
Well, to start it off, the animatuon for ghost rider looks like the animation you would expect to see in a movie from 10 or 20 years ago, so yeah, the CGI of Ghost Rider is bad considering marvel studios IRON MAN came out one year later, and that GREAT animation. However, the story and villains are interesting, and although it wasn't that big of a success, I'd still recommend marvel and ghost rider fans watching it, and I'm glad Ghost Rider still had a movie. I just wish the MCU would make there own Ghost Rider movie about Robbie from Agents of Sheild, or even Johnny Blaze.
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While not the best adaptation of a comic book (graphic novel if you prefer) to the screen...
fredericksmith195223 February 2012
I remember watching this film the first time and thinking it was just a lot of special effects without a lot of plot. Then I watched it a second time, and started to realize you have to really pay attention to the details to get the story. While not the best adaptation of a comic book (graphic novel if you prefer) to the screen, the special effects are awesome and the photography is Oscar worthy. Cage is Cage, that stoic actor who seems somehow devoid of emotion in most of his films. Mendez is hot, goes without saying, and equals Cage's level of emotion. Sam Elliot and Peter Fonda are the saving graces of the film, both adding a dimension of emotion lacking in the main characters. The prelude scenes of young Johnny and Roxanne are somewhat necessary, but could have been trimmed down to include more footage of the Ghost Rider and his missions. I haven't seen the newest film, just released at this writing, but hopefully the characters have been "fleshed out" and the plot concentrates more on the present than the past. With Cage being the only holdover for the new movie, perhaps the new directors can up the game a bit. The original film is rated PG-13 for violence and language, but nothing the teens haven't seen in their video games. Collectible? If you are a Marvel fan like I am, probably. As as classic film? No way. But entertaining.
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A fantastic movie to just sit back and enjoy
elprofessional11 June 2007
If you like movies that just entertain you and blow you away but doesn't has that much of a plot, Ghost rider is the best choice. Although IMO the plot was decent, a man sells his soul to the devil to save his father and is forced to work for the devil to take down demons. The special effects are fantastic, you'll be blown away when he turns into Ghost rider the first time. Although there could have been some more action, but the action was intense and wonderful. This move is great on a Friday or Saturday night. But don't see this movie on a Sunday, wanting a dramatic emotional movie like spider man. This is a movie to entertain, not make you fall in love with. So just sit back and enjoy one of the greatest Marvel movies ever
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Absolutely loved this movie
MistyMovies17 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I am still in awe of this movie. There are scenes that will make you go "how did they do that?" and some scenes that are just cool. At the beginning when Johnny Blaze first figures out his powers / curse as the GhostRider he lays both hands on his motorcycle and it begins to transform itself into a really cool bike.... Almost like it goes to 'just bones' which is the point. There are a lot of cool action scenes in the movie but the best part is that there is actually a good storyline as well!!!! I was not very happy with the fact that he doesn't end up with the girl, but at least we know that she does love him and he loves her, so that's something! I am very impressed. Also Nicolas Cage is one of my favorite actors!!!
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So bad...
vivianlabertew23 May 2007
Oh where to begin. How could they screw up a movie with a premise like this.

The acting and the dialogue was awful even with actors like Cage and Peter Fonda delivering them, and the set up was rushed, like most of the rest of the movie. The FX ranged from OK to GOOD with the first transformation scene of Blaze to Ghost Rider being pretty well done but every change from there on in is in cheap and nasty morphovision and the morphing motorcycle looked stupid even if the flaming bike itself looked cool. The bad guys were non-entities and although they were supposed to be really powerful etc they don't do anything threatening through most of the movie and Ghost Rider eventually offs them with ridiculous ease, even the main dude at the end.

Honestly this movie has so many clichés you'll be bored less than half way in and after waiting about 30 minutes for Ghost Rider to appear you just want him to get off the screen straight away since apart from looking cool he comes across as a complete dork and his dialogue consists of really bad corny one liners. Every time he comes on screen you just hope to hell he doesn't say anything and when he does you'll be so embarrassed for the poor bloke.

Go get the comics instead.
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A Great Time
michaelbatroni11 February 2007
I got to see Ghost Rider at a sneak recently in Los Angeles and I was pleasantly surprised. Johnson has said in his interviews that he didn't believe in taking it too seriously and I think that was the right way to go because the film is a lot of fun. It balances humor and horror and adventure in a way that I haven't seen since Army of Darkness, the 3rd in the Evil Dead Trilogy. Nicolas Cage is hilarious. He has a face that is like a silent movie actors and I kept thinking about movies like Nosferatu or Phantom of the Opera. He's been waiting for years to play this role and you can really feel how much fun he's having just going crazy, especially in the first scene when Johnny Blaze turns into the Ghost Rider. The movie just borders on the edge of campy but always manages to pull itself back before going to far. And Sam Elliott. It's got Sam Elliot. What more could you ask for?
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Enjoyable and one hell of a ride.
algjgg16 June 2007
This is yet another comic-book movie that, this time, doesn't dissappoint. It certainly does not. It's definitely one hell of a way to start off the 2007 movie blockbuster list.

Ghost Rider had high expectations of showing off a new side to comicbook based movies: horror. There are some pretty cool horror moments, especially involving Blackheart. When Johnny Blaze turns into Ghost Rider for the first time, it scared me not only by the look of his eyes, but how frighteningly realistic it looked as well.

That brings me to another point: visual effects. They're a lot better than your average comicbook visual effects. When Blackheart's face turns into his more demonic-looking face, it looked so REAL.

There were a lot of amazing things about this movie that caught my attention, but like every comicbook based movie, there has to be something bad about it as well.

First, the GOOD things:

1: visual effects were off the chart in Ghost Rider. They all looked extraordinarily real, including Johnny's first ever transformation into Ghost Rider. Other nominees include Blacheart's demonic face, and especially Gressil's sand transformation.

2: Most of the acting was well put and directed quite well. Nicholas Cage isn't the best Ghost Rider, but Ben Affleck sure as hell isn't the best Daredevil. Cage still stayed true to the role. Eva Mendes and Roxxanne Simpson was OK. It wasn't the perfect acting, but it worked for me. Last, but CERTAINLY NOT least, is Wes Bently as Blackheart. There was something about Bently that made me believe Blackheart was actually real, that it was the actual Blackheart acting as himself. To me, his best line had to be "He sent you to bring me back. Well I'm not going back!! I LIKE IT HERE!!!". Thanks to the voice sycncronizers, this wouldn't have been possible. He definitely brought the character to life, and thats why he is the best actor in this movie.

3: Electronic guitars and drums in a original soundtrack: INSANE!!

Now, unfortunately, the BAD things:

1: One thing that kept bothering me throughout the movie was Cage's acting. Some of it was OK, while most of it made me feel like I was watching a mix of Saturday Night Live/Soup Opera. I think the cheesiest line was when he told Roxxanne who he really is. Was he mumbling? Was he trying to exagorate? I'll never understand it.

2: Now in most action/superhero movies, there has to be some form of side villain. In all three Blade movies, you got Quinn, Reinhardt, and Triple H. Now in Ghost Rider, we have three fallen angels: Gressil, Wallow, and Abigor. All represent an element of earth. Do they provide a challenge for Ghost Rider? NO. They're OK, but each one had little screen time, and they were all unfocused to a point where we didn't really understand them that much.

3: Now not that this isn't important, but isn't this movie TOO scary for little 12 year old kids? When I saw Ghost Rider in theaters, some 11-12 year old kid screamed and cried when Blackheart was walking out in the desert and put his face to the camera to show his demon face!! And he was siting in the very first row, right by the screen!! I got a look at this kid and he had to be around 12 years old. Embarrassing.

Ghost Rider is as amazing and breathtaking as any other Marvel/DC Comic movie. It ain't perfect, but it doesn't mean to be. It totally beats the failure of Daredevil and Elektra, but doesn't beat the perfection of Spiderman and Batman.
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It angered me it was so bad
FosterBreadford28 April 2007
I am a Nicolas Cage fan. I love all his comedies and think his serious ones are okay. After seeing the Wicker Man, I lost my respect for Cage in serious films, and went to see Ghost Rider thinking it would be an average movie, but probably easy to make fun of. It was bad. . . very bad. It was funny at times, I will admit that, but Cage just is bad in the role, the story is not very complex and has many plot holes in it. You know it is bad when you go into a movie only wanting to make fun of it and coming out just depressed because it was SO bad. In short, don't see this movie, if you want a superhero movie done right, see Batman Begins or Unbreakable, or basically, any other superhero movie was better than Ghost Rider. Thumbs extremely far down
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Very enjoyable movie.....
tawnksheff17 February 2007
Thought it was a fine movie based on a comic book. Never read the comics so didn't have preconceived notions about it. There will be no Oscar nominations from it (wink wink) but who wants that in a movie such as this. I wanted to be entertained and was. My kids also loved it. I've read reviews saying the movie was cheesy and it was, but really so has every movie based on a comic book. That's kind of what I

enjoy about them. I very much recommend this for people that aren't going to take it seriously. If you want that go rent "The Piano" or something. Want to have some fun with the kids...have a good time with this one. Had some scary moments so use your own judgment if your kids can handle it. Mine did fine but lots of folks getting burned up and changing into monsters and stuff.
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Very good as action-hero movie!
kankawin2501314 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I accepted that I never knew about "Ghost Rider" comic books before I heard about its movie. The movie made me knew about the comic. I had a chance to look up the information about the comic when I watched the movie which I could received many interested topic for the comment.

In my opinion, this is a very good action-hero movie. Maybe some comic books' fans could disappoint or dislike the movie due to it made them feel corny to their comic. However, for my comment, everything is very good. The cast, plot, action scenes and special effects make this movie great to follow. I believed the many fans who never read the comic books or have the little information about it could like the movie, it made everyone very funny. Nevertheless, I have some issue with make me a little disappointment.

First, from the climax scenes. Killing Blackheart with the "Penance Stance" by the Ghost Rider was very stupid. Everyone could know that when the Ghost Rider tried to kill Blackheart first with the Penance Stance, it was failed because Blackheart had no soul. (he was the pure evil like his father, Memphistos, so the Penance Stance was not able to effect with the evil with no soul.) However, when Blackheart absorbed the 1,000 souls to make him "Legion", he could be killed with the Penance Stance later. Err.... I have to say that this scene made the Blackheart looked foolish! Did his father taught him about the logic? Why you upgraded your power only to be killed by the Ghost Rider? Ha! that's idiot.

Furthermore, I had some doubt at first when I heard that Nicholas Cage would receive the role as Johnny Blaze. (Ghost Rider as well) Many movie viewers could believed some fact about the action-hero movie, the newcomer actor/actress in the hero/heroine role could made the movie huge successful more than the abundantly well-known superstar (For example, Christopher Reeve and Toby Maquire could made the dominant successful with their "Superman" and "Spider-man" respectively). So from the fact, I had the question with Nicholas Cage and the film's crew that did Cage could fit his role as the Ghost Rider? and did it looked freak for using the biggest star as the hero? However, when I watched the entire movie, I agree that Nicholas Cage could fit his role but it still fey. After all, it didn't make this movie no interesting.

For conclusion, the movie is very good. Everything is rational, except the climax scene liked my previous issue. But this is only comment from the viewer guy who didn't read any Ghost Rider series' comic books, so some fans maybe had different comment from me.
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A Great Thrill Ride
SonicStuart11 October 2008
Ghost Rider

Starring: Nicolas Cage, Eva Mendes, Peter Fonda, Wes Bentley, Donal Logue and Sam Elliot

Genre: Action/Fantasy/Drama/Thriller

Rated: PG-13

Ghost Rider is just one of those movies where you don't have to take it so seriously in order to like it. This movie is almost like the Blade movies in terms of how Ghost Rider fights evil that's from hell but this is way better than Blade. So anyway, Nicolas Cage plays the wild stunt biker, Johnny Blaze who makes a deal to Mephistopheles (Peter Fonda) in order to save his father and in return has to forget about his life and his love, Roxanne Simpson (Eva Mendes). A few years later, Johnny's path crosses again with Mephistopheles to give up his soul to have Johnny become the fiery bounty hunter of hell, Ghost Rider in order to take down Blackheart (Wes Bentley), a son and enemy of Mephistopheles. Nicolas Cage did a great job playing Ghost Rider and of course it's always nice to see Eva Mendes on screen of course. The only thing that I didn't like about this movie is how they decided to put in a villain who turned out to be an easy defeat instead of picking one that would be more of a challenge but then again it's an origin movie so everything has to start off easy i guess. But hopefully there will a more challenging villain if they do a Ghost Rider 2. Overall i'd recommend this movie and I hope they do a Ghost Rider 2.
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Pretty Damn Good
evilive10291 March 2007
First off, let me say I am not some Ghost Rider or Nic Cage fanboy.. That being said, this movie was pretty damn entertaining! I am familiar with the character in the comic and it is a very faithful adaptation. THe acting is top notch with the exception of Wes Bentley who conveys no real emotion... Eva Mendes is hot as ever, Nic Cage does a fantastic job and looks fantastic for a man in his 40's. Sam Elliot was perfect as the Caretaker and Peter Fonda does well also.. Lastly, I don't know what all the negative comments on the CGI was for...I thought it looked pretty damn good myself... anyone who likes comic movies or action movies that are a little darker that spiderman and superman (think Punisher in the sense it is more dark) needs to see this damn movie!!!!
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the tribute to easy rider
robjob226 February 2007
I loved this movie...mainly because I love motorcycles and the forces of good and evil battling with each other. Ghostrider is a super entertaining movie, good action, thrilling rides, cool villains, I loved this movie. I especially liked the following that I noticed. I may be dating myself a little here but the not so subtle homage to Easy Rider was definitely there and appreciated...not only was the devil played by Captain America himself, Peter Fonda, but Johnny Blaze's regular chopper is a blend of the most notable motorcycles in bike history, the Captain America and Billy bikes from Easy Rider. The characters and the special effects are good enough to keep you watching, the acting is all as good as you would expect for this type of movie. Love Sam Elliot...this guy always plays a cool western type character...I think he must be this way in real life as well.
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scutrputr200519 February 2007
I've never read any of the original Ghost Rider comics, so I didn't go into this film with any preconceived notions. I don't know how accurate it is to the original, or how the comedy and action balance out with what has been established in the comics. All I do know is that it was an enjoyable film, and I was thoroughly entertained. Isn't that all a movie is supposed to be? I have highly recommended this film to all of my friends, but I must warn you: if you're not used to horror pictures, this one has a few horror elements, so brace yourself for some unpleasant stuff. Other than that, the action was exciting, the humor was funny and the romance, although a little over the top, was sweet. This film garners a solid 8 out of 10.
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I saw it last night!
officerkrupkemd9 February 2007
And it was awesome. Seriously, wasn't expecting to have such a good time with it after all the internet bitching. It's a straight on popcorn flick, unabashedly pure fun. Was nice to see something like that after all of the recent academy flicks. Nicolas Cage is back in a big way. He goes totally mental when he changes into the Ghost Rider -- you have to see it! Screaming and laughing while his skin is exploding and burning, it's intense (surprisingly so for a PG13). Sam Elliott is one of my favorite actors and he does an awesome job as well. And Wes BEntley (where has he been?) shows that he remains one of the best actors of his generation. Eva Mendes is hot!!!!! There were so many huge set pieces here -- the biggest one would be a spoiler so I won't give it. But the final fight is awesome, reminded me of Raiders of the Lost Ark with the spirits flying all over the place. Warning to kids thought -- it's scary at times. Pay attention to the rating!
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I really enjoyed this
quiksilver_sr0817 February 2007
I've been a comic book freak for years but just recently started reading the ghost rider series. After reading countless issues, ghost rider has easily became my top favorite comics to read. Then after going to see X-men: the last stand, i saw a preview for this movie..... and i almost freaked out, not because they were making a movie out of one of my favorite comics, but for the fear of how well it would be made. I have been disappointed with many of the last comic movies over the years, but movie this raised my spirits. Sure there were a couple of lame one liners, what comic flick doesn't, but the cgi was really sweet. i really loved this movie but it probably isn't a movie for everyone. Sam Elliot was awesome and Nic Cage was pretty great too (i was worried when i found out they casted him). This is most assuredly going to be a movie that i will have to get.
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I Don"t Care What Fans Or Critics Says I Love Ghost Rider
FilmMan476 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
i just don't care if anyone hates it .i just love ghost rider & i cant wait for the sequel.

i agree that the effects were not that great & story was weak .

but the film is a fantastic entertainer.

starting Eva Mendes & Nicolas Cage ghost rider 2007 should be enjoyed with leaving the brain behind its not the matrix so please.

one of marvels best films after hulk & spider-man series.

i got the DVD & i love it & i think i am not alone in liking this one there are a lot of people who loves Johny blaze becomes the man with skull on will have to see Gr to find out

my rating is 10/10 must see
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A Ride Trough Great Action and Fun!
Juan_from_Bogota3 May 2007
I really had a great time watching this film; although i have never been a Ghost Rider Fan, i loved comic books. I had been a Superman fan all my live, but in the comic stores the character of Ghost Rider had some attraction to me, as the non-typical superhero. Now that i saw the movie, i was amazed of the great story behind this guy. A superhero that fight evil of the worst kind!, just great, a combination of a superhero and some horror - type characters; great complement!. It isn't an Oscar worth movie, but is a film to have a good time, is fun, entertaining, with action, and the type of movie that you can see in company with kids. Great special effects and night scenes that put a special charm in the film. Eva Mendes is absolutely beautiful as always!

ABOUT THE MOVIE: Nicolas Cage plays here Johny Blaze, a motorcyclist that used to make dangerous shows with his father Barton Blaze (Brett Cullen), when doctors detected to his father a cancer in his terminal stage, a demon called Mephistopheles (Peter Fonda) offers to save him in change for his soul; Johny do this, but this demon or devil, deceived Johny, when at the next day his father dies on an accident in the show. Johny has his soul sold, and loses his all-life love, Roxanne (Eva Mendes), years later Blaze became a famous motorcyclist, who performed very dangerous shows; with a great team leaded by Mack (Donal Logue) he even jumped over helicopters. Suddenly he meet again with Roxane, but in that moment, Mephistopheles claimed the right for Johny's services, and turn him in a Ghost Rider, one of the servants of the devil that looked at night like a skeleton on fire. Mephistopheles order him to defeat his "cold" son Blackheart (Wes Bentley) who wanted to claim the old contract of San Venganza, with the help of other demons that represented the natural elements earth, water and air; this contract was hidden by a previous Rider to the devil, in order to prevent the possession of 1000 souls!. Blackheart threaten to bring hell to earth with these 1000 demons! Here Blaze mission start as an incredible action quest as this new Rider!

7/10, good work of Mark Steven Johnson in another of his hero movies, and a good performance of Cage and great special effects!. Worth to watch!
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