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Off In A Trailer With Mr. Laurel & Mr. Hardy
Ron Oliver20 March 2000
A LAUREL & HARDY Comedy Short. Poor Ollie is suffering painfully from gout. His doctor advises rest, country air & lots of fresh water. So the Boys rent a trailer and head up into THEM THAR HILLS. Picking a quiet spot, they are unaware that the well has been tainted with many barrels of bootleg liquor. Drinking the water while fixing their dinner, they quickly become inebriated. They are suddenly visited by a bickering couple who've run out of gas. Playing host to the wife, Stan & Ollie share their water with her and she is roisteringly drunk by the time her husband returns...

This is a very funny little film & should be seen in conjunction with its follow-up, TIT FOR TAT. The slapstick fight between the Boys & Charley Hall, as the furious husband, is hilarious. Mae Busch is the wife; film mavens will recognize Billy Gilbert as the doctor.
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Another favorite!
wishkah78 February 2001
Them Thar Hills is another favorite Laurel and Hardy episode of mine. In this one, Stan and Ollie go out into the country for Ollie's health. Along the way they encounter a fun loving wife (Mae Busch) and her exasperated husband (Charlie Hall), and they get drunk on some wishing well water that had been contaminated with alcohol by moonshiners.

The funniest part in this episode was when Stan and Ollie retaliate against Charlie Hall! Laurel and Hardy were both ingenious when it came to making episodes and movies, Stan Laurel had taken any gag he used and made it be extremely funny! Also, the way they played off each other in this episode and others were absolutely impressive. That's what made L&H so exquistite, comedy-wise. In fact, Laurel and Hardy are my second favorite comedy team of yesteryear!

Also, Charlie Hall was a great L&H regular, too! And the fun doesn't stop there! After you see Them Thar Hills, watch the bonus sequel Tit for Tat! Both episodes are a can't-miss for Laurel and Hardy fans!
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Good Comedy With One of Their Most Hilarious Scenes
Snow Leopard27 June 2001
This is a good Laurel & Hardy short comedy, with one particularly hilarious sequence. With Ollie suffering from too much high living, the two take a trip to the country to live the simple life for a while, but instead they find themselves getting into one caper after another. After some adventures of their own, they encounter a pair of stranded motorists. Their extended squabble with Charlie Hall in the last part of the film is non-stop laughs, and one of their funniest sequences. That, and plenty of other laughs in the rest of the film, make "Them Thar Hills" one of the best-remembered Laurel & Hardy short features.
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A Memorable Musical Ditty
Theo Robertson10 August 2004
Stan and Ollie hire a trailer and go for a camping trip to the remote countryside , get accidentally drunk ( It can happen you know ) and that`s basically it as far as the threadbare plot goes . However the film feels more cohesive than some of the other L & H shorts which are sometimes a series of set piece prat falls with little regard to the over all plot . There`s also a very memorable ditty that goes

La la la lala lala la la la

Pom Pom

Which will disappear into your head and then reappear in your memory sometime in the future and will have you scratching your head asking " Where does that song come from ? "

Just like everyone else on this page I liked THEM THAR HILLS but wouldn`t say it`s the greatest ever L & H short . In fact I wouldn`t even say it`s the greatest short featuring Mr and Mrs Hall because the sequel TIT FOR TAT released the following year is even better
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a lot of fun
MartinHafer20 May 2006
Stan and Ollie made a lot of shorts. So many that it's natural that there would be some repetition of the gags. In this film, the formula from their silent film BIG BUSINESS is repeated but this time with Charley Hall. In fact, their fight with Hall was so successful, that it was repeated a year later in TIT FOR TAT.

Basically, what happens is that a small slap or insult or whatever provokes a response from Laurel and Hardy. And, this escalates and builds until the end result is total destruction. In BIG BUSINESS, a house and a car were destroyed, in TIT FOR TAT, two businesses bit the dust. In this film, Charley Hall is angry because the boys unintentionally got his wife drunk--resulting in him being covered in molasses and feathers and Stan and Ollie having their mobile home destroyed. It's formula but it's a good and funny one at that.

Nothing super new, but done so well.
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Enjoyable short
bob the moo1 September 2003
At home with a foot in plaster, Hardy is advised to cut out rich foot and maybe take a trip to help relieve his pains. Laurel and Hardy set out for a trip to the country on a sunny day and stumble across a building that had been used as a hideout for a gang of moonshiners. Unbeknownst to Laurel and Hardy, the moonshiners were forced to dump their alcohol into the well when the police came, a fact that they only discover once they start using the well water for cooking in.

A simple set up and simple execution leads to a very entertaining short in which Laurel and Hardy, well, get wasted! Their decline into a state of merry inebriation is funny to watch and leads to an amusing game of tit for tat while an angry husband takes a feathering while awaiting his chance for retribution. When Laurel says `jump in the well to put out the fire' I started laughing in expectation!

While the routines lack a real imagination (apart from that aforementioned scene) the film is well made and it is fun to watch the duo get hammered with hilarious results. Both men do well in the film with Hardy, as usual, carrying the brunt of the physical work. The support cast are both good but really it's Laurel and Hardy's show.

Overall this short doesn't have any one scene that really screams out as great (with the possible exception of the `jump in the well' scene) but it is good-natured and funny regardless.
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One of their Funniest Shorts
Josef Silvia14 January 2004
Them Thar Hills, the story of Mr. Hardy needing good mountain climate, Mr. Laurel agreeing, and together they set out "for the mountains" with a small camper behind them, and the radiator overflowing. Being told to drink plenty of Mountain Water, they do so when they find a place with a well they drink as much water as possible; only what they don't know is that moonshiners dumped their liquor into the well. So, slowly, the boys become drunk, and when Mae Bush and Charlie Hall come to ask for gas, Mae becomes drunk as well; resulting in one of their funniest tit-for-tat sequences. The film has many of these hilarious moments, for instance, when Stan tries to carry Ollie, but through a little mishap, winds up dumping himself and Ollie in the bathtub! Also, while cooking and making everything ready for lunch, Ollie hums "The Old Spinning Wheel," and after a while, Stan gives in a good "Pum-Pum." This results in Ollie's hitting him over the head, saying, "I'm singing this song!"

This is an excellent Laurel & Hardy short subject, one that is a must-see for every Laurel & Hardy Fan. What is also exciting, is that apart from being a good film, this short will be celebrating its 70th anniversary on July 21, its initial release into theatres and the world in 1934.
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One of L&H's funniest shorts, especially the "tit-for-tat" finale.
mandzirm6 February 2000
This is one of Laurel and Hardy's funniest two-reelers, thanks in particular to two memorable scenes. First is the delightful drunken party scene with Mae Busch, as the three are unaware that their well water has been spiked with moonshine. Finally, there is the outrageous "tit-for-tat" slapstick finale with Charlie Hall, as each character stands there allowing another character to commit some indignity upon them, calmly awaiting their chance to retaliate. The sequel, titled Tit For Tat, featured the same cast and formula, and is nearly as good.
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Not suitable for kids!
JohnHowardReid26 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Copyright 18 July 1934 by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Corp. U.S. release: 21 July 1934. A Hal Roach "Laurel and Hardy" comedy. 2 reels. SYNOPSIS: High living has given Oliver a bad case of gout. Ordered by Dr Billy Gilbert to take a holiday in the mountains and drink plenty of water, Oliver obliges. Unfortunately the well water is well and truly tainted with moonshine liquor.

NOTES: Laurel and Hardy two-reelers were the most popular short subjects in the world from 1927 through 1935. This entry was so well received, it inspired a sequel: Tit for Tat.

VIEWERS' GUIDE: The 2012 British censor has classified this one as not suitable for children. We are inclined to agree.

COMMENT: Starts off brightly enough with some amusing quips and non-sequiturs, plus clever bits of well-timed slapstick. Unfortunately, once Charlie Hall returns, the farce degenerates into typical L&H demeaning violence.

Aside from a long tracking shot on location with Laurel and gouty Hardy in their car and trailer, this one has limited directorial opportunities, though the director does keep his camera firmly focused on his stars (which after all is what the fans have paid for).
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Them Thar Hills
Prismark104 March 2018
Them Thar Hills is one of the best Laurel and Hardy shorts. It works as both unite to have slapstick fun at the protagonist than each other and it is all done so economically.

Oliver has been diagnosed with gout. It is too much high living, Stan suggests they move to the ground floor. The doctor tells them to go to the country for some simple living.

When they arrive in the country with a trailer, they get drunk from the water in the well where some bootleggers emptied Moonshine in it. They come across a married couple whose car has broken down.

The wife likes their hospitality and gets drunk with the mountain water from the well. Her crabby husband is far from pleased which leads to some tit for tat slapstick.

This is just simply enjoyable fun.
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all's well that ends (in the) well
Lee Eisenberg27 May 2017
Laurel and Hardy go on vacation in the mountains, only to have everything go wrong (especially when a husband and wife arrive). As always, Stan repeatedly makes a mess of everything and takes everything literally, leaving Ollie irritated. The best part of "Them Thar Hills" is the end.

Although not credited, the doctor at the beginning is played by Billy Gilbert, best known as minister of war Herring - a spoof of Hermann Göring - in "The Great Dictator" (you may remember the scene where Charlie Chaplin's Hynkel gets angry at him and starts tearing his clothes apart). Bobby Burns, who plays one of the officers, starred in a movie series in the 1910s called Pokes and Jabbs, in which a young Oliver Hardy - billed as Babe - starred before he and Laurel were a comedy team.

Anyway, it's not the funniest movie ever, but it's still a riot. I'll have to see the sequel.
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What a Joy That We Had Them
Hitchcoc13 January 2017
Poor Ollie. Suffering from gout, his doctor recommends he go into the country and drink lots of water. Off he and Stan go, buying a trailer, and camping where there is a well. Perfect? Nope! Unbeknownst to them, it's Prohibition and some moonshiner, to keep from being caught, have dumped their illegal alcohol into the well. Also, who should come along, but a bickering couple, Mae Busch and Charlie Hall. Mae get tired of her crabby husband and goes over to the boy's camp where they share the "water." Of course, they get incredibly drunk. Soon Charlie gets angry and the men start to outdo each other in nastiness. We all know who's going to get the worst of it. These couples are going to reprise this stuff later. This whole episode is hilarious.
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Too much high living
bkoganbing10 December 2016
This Laurel&Hardy short subject opens with Ollie suffering the effects of the gout. Given his stoutness I would think that was something that Oliver Hardy might have had in real life. In any event Dr. Billy Gilbert suggests that he and Stanley go off into the mountains and get some clean country living. Ollie's been living it up too good with that rich city food. Surprisingly Gilbert, a great comic talent in his own right is little used in this short.

But anyway off go Stan and Ollie in a trailer to Them Thar Hills. But they come into some moonshiner territory where the locals have dumped some of their product into a well the boys stop at. That leads to all the rest of the gags in this film including getting a neighbor's wife drunk and the neighbor taking umbrage.

At least until the final gag Ollie may not have had his gout cured, but with all that moonshine in him, he forgot his ills.
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Bitter waters can be sweet.
mark.waltz5 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Needing a country vacation to recover from a case of the gout, Oliver convinces Stanley to take him to the mountains where they end up with moonshine instead of water and get an innocent passersby (Mae Busch) drunk, infuriating her husband and resulting in a funny sequence of gags where his attempts of revenge turn on him. But of course, this has to take a turn to give a final shot of either one of the two in an awkward situation, only moderately funny and not the gasping laugh I hoped for. Busch is cast against type here, for once not a predatory female. There's enough slapstick to keep this flowing, but I found it only mildly memorable.
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Poisoned wells.
Robert J. Maxwell9 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
One of the better Laurel and Hardy short. Hardy, with gout, is advised to take a vacation in the mountains. He and Laurel rent a small trailer and park next to a well in which some moonshiners have just dumped a lot of booze. They unwittingly get drunk and begin singing.

There is a misunderstanding with a passing couple -- Bush and Hall -- and insults and injuries are traded back and forth in the usual fashion. One person stands there stoically while another slowly and deliberately dumps a can of molasses over his head. That sort of thing.

In the end, Hall sets Hardy's pants on fire, Hardy jumps into the well to extinguish it, but, the well being full of booze, explodes and shoots Hardy out like a cannonball.

The gags don't come lightning fast but they build on one another a bit. Amusing and undemanding sketch.
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Vintage stuff - The boys at their best!
Prichards123458 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Them Thar Hills is a great little short, with Stan and Ollie's characters at their most lovable. This time, for a change, the ensuing calamities are not down to their ineptitude, but to the innocent imbibing of moonshine whiskey while on a camping trip to cure Ollie's gout. While there, Oliver prepares a lunch which seems to consist solely of baked beans. Stan's response? "Boy you sure know how to plan a meal!"

The humour is brilliantly sustained. The boys have been inadvertently drunk before, of course - their short SCRAM, for instance. But this is the funniest, leading to a wonderful tit-for-tat bit with Charlie Hall which had me in stitches. And the brilliant well gag is fantastic. You would expect them to rework the old hittin' the gouty foot routine - but it's hardly brought up. And such was the audience response to this film Stan and Ollie made a sequel - Tit For Tat.

Them Thar Hills is twenty minutes of The Boys at their best. Not to be missed.
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"Drink plenty of mountain water."
Robert D. Ruplenas18 September 2002
Warning: Spoilers
[possible spoiler] One of my favorite of The Boy's comic shorts. The comic premise - bootleg liquor dumped into a well of "sparkling mountain water" - is a tad weak, granted, but the upshot - the classic "get even" back-and-forth between Ollie and Charlie Hall (who always seemed to use his real name for his on-screen characters) is well worth it. What makes this scene so funny is the completely artificial - and totally hilarious - premise that one silently and uncomplainingly endures your opponent's next attack on you. (The same premise used in the film's 'sequel', 'Tit for Tat.') By the way, the song Ollie sings while preparing dinner - unwelcomingly joined in on by Stan - is an actual song called , I believe, 'There's an Old Rocking Chair,' which may be found on the wonderful collection of music written by Leroy Shield for the L&H movies and played by the Dutch group 'The Beau Hunks' on a 2 CD set (I think it's the Koch label); these CD's are essential for true L&H fans. The Boys - long may they live on in beloved memory.
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A trip to the mountains turns into a drunken laugh riot
jburke29319 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This short is particularly close to my heart as it revolves around trailer camping in the woods and mountains. Ollie is suffering from gout and the doctor recommends rest and relaxation in the mountains and plenty of fresh, clean water. Stan knows where they can rent a trailer, so they hitch up the Model T and off they go. Unknown to them, some moonshiners have been battling government men in the hills and dumped some of their illegal liquor stash in the well behind their shack. Our boys arrive on the scene after the fact and finding the place deserted, decide to set up camp and draw some water from the well. A married couple later arrives, gas can in hand, and try to buy some gas from the boys. The man goes off to retrieve the car and leaves his wife behind and hilarity ensues with her and the boys drinking the moonshine-water. The husband isn't too happy when he gets back and starts an altercation with Stan and Ollie that is simply a riot. The high point, though, is the cooking scene when Ollie starts singing and Stan tries to join in and gets clobbered with a frying pan.This one is a must have for any true L&H fan.
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Laurel and Hardy's mishaps with Charlie Hall.
Boba_Fett11381 December 2006
This is a great constantly fun and hilarious comedy short from Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.

The movie gets even more hilarious from the point when Charlie Hall and his wife, played by Mae Busch, appear in the story. Laurel & Hardy get seriously drunk with Mrs. Hall, which result in an hilarious tit-for-tat routine with Mr. Hall and the boys. Tit-for-tat routines are often my personal favorite- and most hilarious things in any Laurel & Hardy movie.

Normally Charlie Hall isn't exactly the greatest actor but in this movie he perhaps plays his very best role in a Laurel & Hardy comedy. Also Mae Busch is in top-form.

The movie is filled with some well written and in the movie well timed and executed comical moments. Of course everything is extremely silly and unlikely but all the more hilarious because of that.

A great Laurel & Hardy comedy short, that is well written and even better executed.

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It's the iron in it
krorie20 April 2006
The comic geniuses, Laurel and Hardy, made so many hilarious shorts that it is hard to choose a best one. Certainly "The Music Box," which garnished the duo an Oscar, is as good as the best humor ever put on celluloid. Though Laurel and Hardy made at least two masterful feature films, "Way Out West" and "Sons of the Desert," their shorts are among their greatest moments on the big screen. "Them Thar Hills" is non-stop laughter both physical and verbal from beginning to end.

Mr. Hardy is in need of rest, says wise doctor Billy Gilbert. He has had too much high living. Mr. Laurel suggests that they move down to the basement, but Dr. Gilbert counters with recommending a trip to the mountains and to be sure and drink lots and lots of water. Laurel convinces Hardy to rent a hook-on trailer and the boys are off on another misadventure. Just before they decide on a camping spot near a well, a bunch of moonshiners dump their payload into the well to destroy the evidence as the revenuers close in on them. Though the idea of putting whiskey or moonshine into the drinking supply for comedic effect was not new--Charlie Chaplin used the ploy for one of his classic shorts, "The Cure," as early as 19l7--the situation is different and Laurel and Hardy adapt it to their unique brand of humor.

The two are doing just fine in an outrageously funny scene where the two prepare a meal with making a pot of coffee becoming as funny as falling off a chair backwards. Naturally they use the spiked well water for the coffee. Both proceed to get looped. Enter a couple who have run out of gas and seek the assistance of Mr. Laurel and Mr. Hardy. Bad mistake. what takes place is one of the funniest slapstick routines ever filmed. Aiding in the sequence is a Laurel and Hardy regular, Charley Hall, second only to the magnificent James Finlayson as a perfect foil for the boys. His companion in hilarity is another Laurel and Hardy regular, Mae Busch, one of the screens great comediennes.

Anyone who doesn't roll with laughter watching "Them Thar Hills" needs to have his/her funny bone checked out immediately. Those who enjoy "Them Thar Hills" should check out its sequel, "Tit for Tat," and let the fun continue.
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Excellent and unusual Tit for Tat comedy
madkelly10 February 2006
Stan and Ollie are advised to take a break for their health by their doctor 'Billy Gilbert'. They rent a very early version of a trailer and head into "Them Thar Hills" and discover a bootleg liquor den. Much humour ensues with Ollie having his shoe cut in half by the blundering Stan who mistakes it for firewood. Charley Hall and Mae Busch add to the humour arriving to find some GAS. Ollie and Stan make a fine plate of Beans and Coffee for Mae. Charlie Hall comes back to discover Mae drunk on the bootleg liquor which the boys don't know is in the well water. After a few hard words from Hall an almighty Tit for Tat battle ensues, with Hall ending up tarred and feathered. Only surpassed for battles in their later films by TIT FOR TAT.
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They are talking
Warning: Spoilers
This 20-minute movie is one of the later Laurel&Hardy short films and the two lead actors both were in their early 40s already when his was made. By now, even they had adapted to the new trend now that silent films were definitely a thing of the past. I saw there is a colored version of this short movie, but I watched the black-and-white original. Busch, Hall and Rogers are all people that Laurel & Hardy worked with in the past. So, never change a winning team? Unfortunately I did not find this one half as funny as Hardy did. He is sick and is sent to the countryside by his doctor. Of course, Laurel comes with him and the duo quickly finds a nice place next to a well. Unfortunately, the water in there includes lots of alcohol from previous occurrences at their place. They do not realize and the longer this short film gets, the more drunk they become. A couple arrives at the location as well and quickly the woman is drunk too. The man, however, does not take a sip and stays sober. He gets in trouble with our two heroes pretty quickly though. I personally did not find this short film very funny unfortunately. There was no real laugh-out-loud moment in the entire thing and I usually like these two. This has nothing to do with the fact that they are speaking now. Actually, Laurel's quote about how somebody was in there, namely him, was possibly the funniest moment about this film. One of not too many unfortunately. Not recommended.
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Laurel and Hardy
Michael_Elliott10 March 2008
Them Thar Hills (1934)

** 1/2 (out of 4)

Laurel and Hardy head out into the mountains for some fresh air and come across a well that bootleggers have filled with moonshine. There were some very funny moments here and there but overall this here really isn't anything too special.

County Hospital (1932)

*** 1/2 (out of 4)

Hardy in the hospital with a broken leg so Laurel comes to pay a visit and gets him kicked out. I think this was my first L&H film and it remains one of my favorites. The stunt with the window and Hardy being thrown in the air is the highlight as is the final gag with the wrecked car.

Chump at Oxford, A (1940)

*** (out of 4)

After stopping a bank robber Laurel and Hardy get the reward of an education at Oxford. This was the European version, which added a 20-minute prologue, which was a remake of From Soup to Nuts but it really doesn't work. The original is a lot better and contains a lot more laughs. The rest of the actual film here is very funny especially the maze sequence, which had tears coming from my eyes.
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Them Thar Hills
Jackson Booth-Millard22 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy are the most famous comedy duo in history, and deservedly so, so I am happy to see any of their films. With a broken leg Ollie is recommended by The Doctor (County Hospital's Billy Gilbert) that he and Stan should get away from the home life, so Stan has the idea that they rent a trailer and take it to the countryside. Before they get to their location, some bandits throw stolen alcohol into the near well, and after everyone is gone, Ollie and Stan soon arrive and park their trailer. As they try to get some food and coffee organised, they don't realise that there is alcohol in the water they are drinking, Ollie is sure it is the lead. Soon enough they are joined by Mr. and Mrs. Hall (Charlie Hall, Mae Busch), who are looking for fuel, and while the husband sorts out their car, the wife joins Ollie and Stan getting drunk on the "healthy" mountain water. Mr. Hall realises the alcohol in the water, and he starts an argument with Ollie and Stan, and they respond covering with his hair on his chin, a plunger his forehead and some treacle or whatever and feathers, the film ends with Hall getting the last laugh though when he sets Ollie's backside alight, and he jumps into the well! Filled with wonderful slapstick and all classic comedy you could want from a black and white film, it is an enjoyable film. Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy were number 7 on The Comedians' Comedian. Very good!
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