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48 hours to leave town!
zeppo-211 June 2014
Buck Jones is elected town Marshall even though he is a wanted man elsewhere,some old cronies are also in town with intent to rob the Wells Fargo office, Buck must somehow stop them in the 48 hours he has given them and clear his name.

That basically is the plot,not that original of course but still workable, Jones is a amiable leading man who's strong voice and large stature adds character to his role of tough guy cowboy. A nasty bad guy who eventually turns on his gang adds strength to the story. But it's the leading lady role which really complements the film,a short feisty firebrand who plays the sheriff's daughter. It is her who off camera persuades Buck to become town Marshall,as her father remarks,"it's no good arguing with her." Sally is in the thick of the action,even riding off to save her man,she's already put her brand on him by this time. Actress Celica Parker does a good shift as Sally,who Jones towers over but is just putty in her hands when she puts her mind to it. As the final dialogue goes as Jones says he doesn't like plum sandwiches,she replies: "You'll eat it and like it." No screaming hostage or wallflower is this girl!

Therefore a pretty ordinary oater rises above it's humble origins to become an enjoyable time passer.
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Another pleasingly unusual Buck Jones entry
JohnHowardReid17 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Buck Jones (Dan Lane), Cecilia Parker (Sally Ryan), Clarence Geldart (Sheriff Ryan), Arthur Vinton (Jim Burke), Steve Clark (Dave Bishop), Charles West (Gorman), Tom Forman (Draper), Charles Brinley (Deputy Charlie), Lew Meehan (henchman Pete), Artie Ortego, Bob Reeves, Francis Walker, Tommy Coats (men in posse), Jack Rockwell, Bud McClure, Ralph Bucko (henchmen), Roy Bucko (Henchman Curly), George Chesebro (expressman), Silver Tip Baker (townsman), Dick Botiller (Keno), Cliff Lyons, Francis Walker (stunt doubles), and "Silver".

Director: LAMBERT HILLYER. Original screenplay: Lambert Hillyer. Photography: Ben Kline. Film editor: Gene Milford. 2nd unit director: Wilbur McGaugh. Producer: Irving Briskin.

Copyright 30 March 1934 by Columbia Pictures Corp. 6 reels. New York opening at the Criterion: 22 May 1934. U.S. release: 24 March 1934. Never theatrically released in Australia. 59 minutes.

SYNOPSIS: A stand-alone outlaw falls for the sheriff's daughter.

COMMENT: Another pleasingly unusual Buck Jones entry. In this one, writer/director Lambert Hillyer expertly combines action and romance. Indeed the two are so brilliantly integrated that one of the romantic scenes must surely figure in any film lover's list of the one hundred most moving moments in the movies. Nonetheless, despite the emphasis on romance, action fans will have no cause whatever to complain.

Cecilia Parker is a stand-out as the pushy heroine. Jones is just right as the hero-in-the-wrong. Arthur Vinton as the chief heavy and Clarence Geldart as the heroine's dad are also appealing in their different ways.
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