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Delightful musical comedy
malcolmgsw10 December 2009
This film is currently available to view at the BFI Mediatheque on the South Bank as part of their British Cinema of the 1930s season.It has some tuneful songs a witty script elegant sets and great performances from Mollison,Barrie and Rhodes.The basic plot is one which was very popular in the cute and mistaken identity.If this film had been made in Hollywood it would probably have a great reputation.As it is British it is virtually unknown,i do not believe that it has ever been shown on TV.The only minuses are the overacting of Zelma O Neal and an uncredited trio of extremely unfunny comedians.O Neal seems to be playing to the Upper Circle in a theatre.The trio are what i would term an unfunny Three Stooges.Why they were added is beyond me.You groan every time they turn up.No wonder they are uncredited. One final note Maurice Winnick and his Orchestra are featured in one number.The male vocalist has a voice so high that one can only wonder if he is a castrati.
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The 21 Year Old Stewart Granger
Single-Black-Male4 November 2003
Although unnoticed in this film, Granger continued to try and penetrate the British film industry, unsuccessfully until the 1940's. He would have a three year absence after this film, demonstrating that even the most successful of us get rejected during our journey up the ladder.
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