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Sex & Nudity

  • Possibly some very well disguised innuendo to acts of necrophilia and paedophilia.
  • A nude female statue.

Violence & Gore

  • The most disturbing violence is more suggestive then graphic: You can see the silhouette of a man being skinned with a knife. Other disturbing images include preserved female corpses on display in glass containers.
  • Other mild violence includes some mild physical scuffles and shooting. A man has a bloody mouth after being injured.
  • A bus driver is killed in a wreck.
  • A man throws a knife at a cat and it hisses in pain. We learn later that the black cat cannot be killed.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some possible casual smoking and drinking since it's a thirties film. Only drug references of note include a women being a somnambulistic daze and acting oddly after being drugged with a narcotic as a response to being injured in a car accident.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Horror and mature themes throughout, presented in a tasteful manner which would probably lead to PG rating. Suggestive verbal references to war imprisonment, devil worship, necrophilia, madness, gruesome violent acts, etc. The antagonist, Hjamlar Poelzig, is a very sinister character. Also, some action sequences which are referred to in the violence and gore section above.
  • One character is skinned alive near the end of this film. Though this action is not shown, it certainly is creepy and not for easily upset children.
  • A murder of a beautiful young woman occurs, and her death screams are heard by another young woman. The protagonist is constantly fainting and being picked up and handled as if she were a child; not a great role model for young girls.
  • References to war and extreme violence throughout the film, though beautifully handled , likely to disturb the kiddies.

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