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Mary Jane???
Stephen J Cobert9 April 2004
There is some controversy in the world of Looney Tune & Merrie Melody fandom if the main character of this short, the little girl who enters The Land of Slumber, is indeed the long-running comic book character Mary Jane.

Sniffles the mouse was once described as "Chuck Jones' first star", but he only appeared in about a dozen Merrie Melodies and one Looney Tune in the 1930s and 1940s. He did have a cameo appearance in 1994's "Space Jam", but the fans who remember him at all generally remember his backup feature in the comic book "Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies" (later simply "Looney Tunes") that ran continuously from 1941 thru 1961, a run matched only by Bugs and Porky. The feature had him teamed up with a little girl named Mary Jane, and in fact after the first issue was re-titled "Sniffles and Mary Jane". (In the 1950s this was renamed "Mary Jane and Sniffles".)

So is the "Beauty" of "Beauty and the Beast" in fact Mary Jane? The evidence in its favor includes: 1) The little girl looks like Mary Jane as she was drawn in the very first comic books; 2) She enters Dreamland the same way in the short and the comics, by having magic sand sprinkled on her; 3) In her adventures, she shrinks to toy (or mouse) size; and 4) In her adventures, toys and dolls come to life. Furthermore, although she is not called (or credited as) "Mary Jane" in the short, she is not called any other name either, so the short does not rule out that she MIGHT be the Mary Jane of comic fame.

In fairness, the creator of Mary Jane for the comics, editor Chase Craig (who named the character after his wife) never claimed to have seen "Beauty and the Beast". (In fact, when he developed the series, only three "Sniffles" cartoons existed and he had only seen one of them!)

Officially, the similarity of "Beauty" to Mary Jane is considered a bit of a coincidence, nothing more. But fans will always wonder if perhaps, in the back of the creator's mind, the little girl with the late night snack became Sniffles' longstanding friend.

(For the record, both the little girl and her tin soldier friend from this short make a return appearance in "Those Beautiful Dames" later that same year.)
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"He wants to snatch her; he's such an awful curse! . . . "
Edgar Allan Pooh31 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
. . . Warner Bros.' prophetic Animated Shorts Seers division artists warn America in song here about the advent of self-confessed serial finger rapist Don Juan Rump. Warner's prophets predicted that America would be DOOMED if a court-documented marital sexual assaulter was allowed to squat--no matter how briefly--in Our People's White House. Warner had no stronger term to apply to such a thrice-wed Deplorable than "Beast," so naturally the Looney Tunes crew drew Rump as one of the title characters in BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. To drive home their point about how vulnerable ALL Americans would be IF the Public Majority who'd never actually vote for a Game-Show-Host-in-Chief ALLOWED a Red Commie KGB Strongman such as Vlad "The Mad Russian" Putin to rig Our Election utilizing Our Racist Constitution's vestigial "Electoral College" Self-Destruct Clause as a glorified Suicide Pact to inaugurate his Geriatric Goon Puppet as a Leader of the Free World, Warner's cartoonists show their youthful at-risk Flower of American Womanhood landing in Trump Land WITH A BARE BUTT (1:49). Even AFTER she seems to wake up in her own bed from the nightmare of Rump in power, there's a gratuitous final shot of her butt again being nude and vulnerable even there (7:22)! This is Warner's way of reminding We Americans of the 21st Century that Chester-the-Molester Rump (he'd be on the National Sex Offender Registry if he belonged to any OTHER political party besides that of the Rich People!) bought BEAUTY Pageants just so he could waltz UNANNOUNCED into female dressing rooms full of naked teen girls, as he's confessed (or bragged) on tape many times. By purging the screen of all of this BEAST's familiars (7:12) at the end, Warner is warning us that if we DO allow Rump to take power, there must be Swift Justice for EVERY card-carrying member of his Rich People Party when America comes to her senses. Their ill-gotten weapons, property, and other assets MUST be seized for equal redistribution to the majority of normal, average Americans who would never enable a sex pervert in all his acts of High Treason through Jan. 31, 2017, and all the future atrocities that continue to occur daily. After the 50 million Deplorables, from Queen of Spades Melancholia Rump, Queen of Diamonds Iwanna Rump, and Queen of Clubs Quicksand Causeway right on down, are stripped of their unearned goods, they must ALL be deported to Canada for a seven-generation cooling off period. Otherwise, the next bare derriere exposed to further abuse may be YOURS!
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Cute, if rather simple, short and the second Cinecolor short done by Warner Brothers
Robert Reynolds13 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This short is rather cute, but not terribly remarkable, save for the novelty found in its being the second cartoon Warner Brothers did in a process called Cinecolor. As I want to talk about the short, there will be spoilers:

A little girl gets out of bed late at night and eats a great deal of food, including the better part of a box of candy, before the "Sandman" comes in and sprinkles sand in her eyes, causing her to fall asleep. She soon finds herself in a combination toy land/fairy tale book.

This struck me as a fairly predictable, run-of-the-mill cartoon, with the best gag involving Humpty Dumpty and a line of dancing toy ducks. Everything else is fairly mundane, basically girl meets boy, girl kisses boy, girl gets grabbed by monster, boy tries to save girl, girl wakes up from a nightmare-the end. The animation is nice, even interesting in places, but, frankly, Warner's animation department had done better work then this prior to this cartoon and within two years had seriously improved over this by a country mile. Worth watching, in any case.
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