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Who Didn't Do It
malcolmgsw25 April 2009
Not so much a whodunit as a who didn't do it.All potential suspects to the killing of that cad Miles Mander confessing for a variety of the end we discover what happened through such a silly device that it will make you laugh rather than keep you in suspense.Miles Mander at 45 is a bit long in the tooth to be seducing young Marguerite Allen.However even odder is the fact that her older sister is played by the German actress,Camilla Horn,in what appears to be her only English film.The reason for one sister talking in a thick German accent and the other in a plummy Mayfair voice is never explained.The running time of my copy is 60minutes.Quinlan gives it as 75 minutes.If he is correct this might explain the unevenness of the plot.It does seem as if there are gaps missing in the plot which make it a bit difficult to follow at times.
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