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A mess of good plot lines that don't jell!
JohnHowardReid17 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Judging from its introductory episodes, this film seems to hold out a whole lot of promise. In fact, it was actually based on a real life inheritance dispute.

Unfortunately, that promise is not developed. Instead the screenplay wanders all over the place, wasting not only our time, but that of some very able players.

It did not really matter to the movie makers that the plot is well nigh impossible to follow. This did not matter at all simply because the film was designed as a second feature -- the movie that everyone except me, came late for.

I was always on time. I liked to read the opening credits and assimilate which of my many, many favorites I was about to see on the screen. And this movie certainly has some very able and pleasing players, starting with Marian Marsh, Theodore Von Eltz and Marie Prevost.

But alas, all these fine studies of a whole bevy of interesting characters comes to nought. Once the time is up, the film comes to a rushed and totally disappointing conclusion, despite all the previous pleasing efforts of both cast and crew,
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