20,000 Years in Sing Sing (1932) Poster

Bette Davis: Fay Wilson



  • Fay Wilson : Tommy!

    [runs to him and kisses him] 

    Fay Wilson : Darling. Are you okay?

    Tommy Connors : Yeah, sure. Gee, it's swell to see ya. How are you? All right?

    Fay Wilson : Yeah. Oh, darling, I'm glad to see ya. Are you okay?

    Tommy Connors : Sure.

  • Tommy Connors : I'd give a million bucks to be alone with you for a little while honey. Do you love me?

    Fay Wilson : Yeah.

    Tommy Connors : Well don't come up here dolled up like that anymore.

    Fay Wilson : Why, Tommy?

    Tommy Connors : What's the matter with you? Do you want me to go crazy? You have me foaming at the mouth like a cream puff.

    Fay Wilson : On, I'm sorry, Tommy, I never thought about that. I just want to look nice for you.

    Tommy Connors : That's alright. But, you know you don't have to come up here looking too hot!

  • Fay Wilson : I don't want anything. Get out.

    Joe Finn : So you changed your mind huh? Just a trouble making broad. And you're not gonna get a chance to squawk.

    Tommy Connors : She ain't gonna squawk. And neither am I.

    Joe Finn : Conners!

    Tommy Connors : Yeah, yeah, it's me. And I got here just in time to rub you out, you dirty...

    [punches him] 

    Fay Wilson : Tommy!

  • Fay Wilson : I'm telling the truth and that's that.

    Policeman : Okay, Miss. Don't get tough. Regulation.

  • Tommy Connors : You go out and grab yourself a square guy, you see. See, a guy that works for a living that can give you a home and kids and happiness. All that kind of stuff.

    Fay Wilson : I don't want anybody but you. Any.

  • Fay Wilson : I don't want anybody but you, ever!

    Tommy Connors : Well, you can't have me because I belong to the State of New York, and in a few hours the State of New York's gonna take me out and burn me. Then they're gonna take out my brains and shove them in a jar of alchy.

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