The Wild Party (1929) Poster

Clara Bow: Stella Ames



  • James Gilmore : Have you ever seen the college from here? It's beautiful isn't it? Have you ever thought why it's there? Fifty or sixty years ago, a great woman suffered and slaved to build it. She braved the ridicule of her friends and the abuse of her contemporaries to bring a true freedom to women. Others have given their best to it because they have the same ideals. And what has happened to their ideal? You and others like you have turned the college into a country club for four years. Four years that you don't know how to occupy better. You haven't the slightest idea what true freedom means. Instead, you jazz around glorying in sham freedom. Life to you is just one wild party. You have no aim. All you want is cheap sensation.

    Stella Ames : It's not true.

    James Gilmore : Now be honest, why did you go to that roadhouse tonight?

    Stella Ames : [defiantly]  Because I wanted to.

    James Gilmore : [sarcastically]  Superb reason. Because you wanted to. You fairly compel my respect. Because you wanted to. You risked scandal, expulsion; you involve me in a messy adventure that might cost me my job...

    Stella Ames : I didn't ask you to come after me.

    James Gilmore : Is that all it means to you?

    [starts to depart] 

    Stella Ames : [pulling him back]  I'm sorry I said that. Why do you hate me so?

    James Gilmore : Hate you? How could I hate you when I would have killed for you?

    [they embrace] 

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