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Ten Tod Browning Films Airing on Turner Classics January 25th

Attention classic movie freaks – Set your DVR for this Monday!!!!

Tod Browning (1880-1962) was a pioneering director who helped establish the horror film genre. Born in Louisville Kentucky, Browning ran away to join the circus at an early age which influenced his later career in Hollywood and echoes of those years can be found in many of his films. Though best known as the director of the first sound version of Dracula starring Bela Lugosi in 1931, Browning made his mark on cinema in the silent era with his extraordinary 10-film collaboration with actor Lon Chaney, the ‘Man of a Thousand Faces’. Despite the success of Dracula, and the boost it gave his career, Browning’s chief interest continued to lie not in films dealing with the supernatural but in films that dealt with the grotesque and strange, earning him the reputation as “the Edgar Allan Poe of the cinema”. Browning
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This Week’s Wamg Podcast – Spectre, The 33, Tod Browning and More!

This week’s episode of our podcast We Are Movie Geeks The Show is up! Hear Wamg’s Michelle McCue, Jim Batts and Tom Stockman discuss the weekend box office, and next weekend’s releases. We’ll review The 33, Spectre, and Love The Coopers . We’ll also preview My All American. We will discuss the St. Louis International Film Festival, including the upcoming Tod Browning Tribute there. We’ll talk about our favorite 007 films and pay tribute to the late Gunnar Hansen and Melissa Matheson. We Are Movie Geeks The Show is a weekly podcast and can be heard streaming at Online Radio.

Here’s this week’s show. Have a listen:

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The Vampire Diaries Death Pool: Who Will Die on the Season Finale?

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Death is coming to Mystic Falls.

Producers have confirmed that at least one significant character will die on this week's season finale of The Vampire Diaries, a twist that has fans in an understandable uproar.

While some believe the show will shock us and kill off Stefan or Damon, allow us to put those rumors to rest: ain't gonna happen. But anyone else? Pretty much fair game.

As fans in our Vampire Diaries forum debate which character is the most likely go, we weigh the odds of all Mystic Falls residents below...


He's scarcely been seen over the last few weeks, meaning storylines don't require his presence. But the show has teased him as a werewolf and it seems unlikely they'd kill him off before delving more deeply into this side of him.

Odds of dying: 25-1


Will nice guys really finish last? Killing off Matt would raise Caroline's profile,
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