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Sex & Nudity

  • a statue of a bare breasted woman the phantom is standing on

Violence & Gore

  • We see the shadow of a man hanging, though we do not see him hanging. His body is later seen lying on the ground, but this is not graphic and it is not zoomed in on the corpse.
  • Two men are poisoned. We see a mysterious hand reach out and replace two bottles of a drink with two identical bottles. We later see the corpses of the two men that were in the room. Again, this is not graphic.
  • A man is dragged into a trap door. We see the shadow of him being beaten to death, but it is not seen explicitly.
  • A man is pulled underwater and drowned. We only see this from the surface of the dark lake, and nothing can actually be seen.
  • A man is beaten by a mob (though we can not see it through the crowd).
  • A man is thrown into the water and drowns. We only see bubbles rising to the surface from his breath before they stop.
  • A man kidnaps a woman and throws her off of the moving carriage to distract the people following him.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some smoking, but very little.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The Phantom's mask looks somewhat disturbing and might frighten younger viewers.
  • The unmasking of the Phantom is the most frightening aspect of the film, and its most famous scene. Also, the Phantom's face is shown in other scenes in the film. This may frighten children.
  • The scene where the chandelier drops is fairly frighting
  • There is an angry mob chasing and trying to kill the Phantom.This is very intense.
  • Two men are thrown into a torture chamber and are tortured through extreme heat concentrated through mirrors. This is an especially intense scene.
  • Two men are locked in a room and water keeps rising. They nearly drown. This scene is very intense.
  • There is a shadow of a man hanging. (See 'Violence & Gore') This may be frightening to some.

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