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drednm9 March 2011
George O'Brien stars as a runaway aristocrat who runs a sleazy bar in South America where he tries to forget Una (Madge Bellamy) who is back in England and living a wild life. She goes out dancing every night. Maxine (Alma Rubens) is a dancer in the South American club, and she's in love with O'Brien. They all lead dissolute lives.

While Una's stepmother (Alice Hollister) pressures her to marry an older rich man (Templar Saxe) she resists. She sleeps all day and only cares about the night clubs and dancing.

When O'Brien learns that he has inherited the family fortune, he sails for England and Una. But Una resists and finally admits to her wild life (she's pregnant) sure that O'Brien can never forgive or forget. She takes a radical step to end the relationship.

O'Brien (in a mustache) is quite good here in a role far removed from his smash hit of the previous year (THE IRON HORSE). He handles his dance scenes well. Alma Rubens dances wildly but still looks delicately beautiful. Madge Bellamy is just plain stunning here in her 20s flapper clothes and makeup. All three stars turn in solid performances.

This film was based on a West End play that caused a sensation in London in 1923 because of star, Tallulah Bankhead.
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