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Simply spectacular period piece for 1922!
mmipyle18 March 2014
I watched a simply fantastic film last night, "The Glorious Adventure" (1922), a British adventure/history/period piece starring Lady Diana Manners, Cecil Humphreys, Gerald Lawrence, and in his sixth film, young Victor McLaglen, along with many, many more in this J. Stuart Blackton produced-by/directed-by film. The first striking thing is that this was Britain's first all-color feature film, made in a process called Prizma Colour. "The Toll of the Sea", also 1922, is the first surviving feature of the two-strip Technicolor process, and it looks quite good in comparison, frankly, but "The Glorious Adventure", as washed out as it appears in a few places, nevertheless is still stunningly beautiful in many ways, and the costuming alone allows for the full use of fine color photography.

This one is a well-acted piece, too, not prone to the arm-slinging, hand-to-mouth wide gesturing of so many pictures in the 1914-1925 stretch of time. Rather, it captures the feel of thirties American and British adventure films with the likes of Errol Flynn or John Clements. Gerald Lawrence plays the inheritor of a barony who has it stolen out from under him by an underhanded Cecil Humphreys who has Lawrence thrown into the sea and supposedly drowned by Victor McLaglen. Of course, Lawrence doesn't drown, as we find out later. Meanwhile, the lady of the piece, Lady Beatrice Fair, played by Lady Diana Manners, is put through life trial after life trial during this period of Charles II and his Restoration, including by the king himself, played by William Luff. Eventually, all this, taking place in, near, and around London, leads to the great fire of London in 1666. The fire and the events played out during the fire is not only first rate movie making, but for 1922 is spectacular in the first degree! I was not only impressed, but, frankly, surprised how great the scenes were! The film was released 1 January 1922, so it was obviously made during 1921.

I enjoy period pieces very much, especially if they're well done. This one not only incorporates a good amount of genuine history and historical characters in its telling of a fictional story, but does it with aplomb. Just watching Lennox Pawle as Samuel Pepys is a hoot! Kudos to the actors and actresses, the director, the photographer, the editor, but also to the scenario writer, Alma Reville (Mrs. Alfred Hitchcock later).
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released before toll of the sea or at the same time
mmcgee28217 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Before this came out unofficially on DVD,There was some mistake about this film.That it was produced in 1917,but was not released in the u.s.a till 1922,That Stuart Blackton bought the rights.Nope,He produced it at Vitagraph and had it released in England and the u.s.a. in 1922 through United Artist,U.S.The subtractive version of the process was demonstrated in 1917.This was the first British silent in color ,plus the second feature to be shot in Cinecolor.known as Prizma in the beginning,It did produced blue skies,unlike two color Technicolor,which produced green skies,if the pure red and green dyes were used for printing.The only problem is the transfer.It's poor.It looks like to was transferred through a video camera from a screen that the movies was being played on.This result is a dark murky image and the washed out color of the restored print,none sharp can see the color ,but it not the best transfer at all,you see the projector flicker to on top of the scene.It' such a shame that a more reputable DVD Blu ray distributor has not chose to put it out ,the print would be better .At the moment it's better than nothing. Lady Dianna Manners has a gambling debt to pay,It turn out that the lawyer that represents her estate is trying to swindle her and her mother out of the estate.this crooks hurt other and set thieves to help him.It seems lie Gerald Lawrence is coming back to England cause he has inherit the estate next door to Lady.A bunch of thieves to kill him so the lawyer can take over his estate ,also.The thieves manage to dump him in the water and imposter takes over.He is rescued .The imposter make appearance to Dianna and she doe snot recognize him as being a next door neighbor ,when they were kids.The sword fighting at the inn is a bit gory a.When Gerald is defending the lady against the thieves in there, slices the hand of of one of his enemies with the sword.Victor McGlaglen plays Bulfince , who is being accused of a murder.Her jewelry is not enough for the debt ,so she attempts to gamble it to increase the money ,but losses it all.She has only one choice to marry a prisoner,who is going to b put to death and the debt will be on him and she will be free,which is bullfich.She ask Gerald , who she is not aware that he is her old child hood sweat heart to marry her and trust her .the thieves catch him again and this time they are going to get rid of him ,but, they wait.She Marries bulfsch in name only,then goes.One of the thieves starts a fire in London,He breaks out of prison to search for her,bulfch.He spot her and tries to force his attention on her ,but, Gerald comes to the rescues her when he breaks out. Bulfince tries to claim her ,but Bulfinch's wife finds him,.He was already married.That must of been the humor part of the film .William Luff plays King Charles the first.who also desire Lady.Worth buying in spite of poor transfer.02/16/18
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