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PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE - unfair rating
KatherynVenus19 September 2014
-I don't reveal anything that wasn't in previews-

Firstly, no I don't believe this show deserves a 10 but it certainly does NOT deserve a 4.9! Notice how pretty much every commenter compares Z Nation to TWD? Well, that's unfair. TWD is brilliant and if you honestly expected it to compare, you're an idiot.

It's entertaining. It's FUNNY. It is a great way to spend 40 minutes of your week if you're a zombie fan - like me. Love zombies so another zombie show on TV, um YAY! Gosh, people.

THEY ARE NOT SUPER FAST ZOMBIES Man, you people don't pay attention. FRESH zombies are fast. She says in the first episode, "that must have been a fresh one." Which makes complete sense.... the body hasn't deteriorated yet and after a turn they get some sort of boost (the baby)... All other zombies are slow and sloppy.

I actually like the characters.

If people would stop comparing this and just watch it for what it is... a light, fun zombie show with a not-bad story... it deserves at least a 7.5! I also think it will get better, if you give it a chance.

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More like "Fun Nation"
tenlegdragon20 September 2014
You can tell exactly what this show is about when Harold goes "God, I hate moral dilemmas." Not that I don't like Walking Dead and their special episodes, but by God, it's just refreshing to have people killing zombies without constantly wondering about the meaning of life and the universe and God and nihilism and every damn thing under the sun.

I was skeptical at first by the bad reviews, but this is Syfy doing what it does best. Cheap, good, pointless, meaningless fun.

I was like "Guy from Lost!"(Harold) "Aunt Wanda!" (from the Bernie Mac Show) "Russell!" (from Southland), and even the other actors who I have never seen before, had my interest from the jump. There's no frowdy-dowdy old woman, no rambling kindly farmer grandad with six semi-suicidal daughters. None of all that baggage. Everybody's in the now. There are people like "girl with spiked baseball bat", "old meth dealer", "emo-looking sniper boy", "Jon Hamm looking vagrant-convict-zombie-zombie cure".

Another thing it has going for it is the pacing. The events of the single pilot episode would take maybe a season and a half in TWD time. I don't see Z Nation wasting time on all the nonsense that TWD drags on over and over. No soul searching here, people! Just good ole zombie killing fun.

It's like 28 Days Later, meets Dawn and Shaun of the Dead, meets maybe From Dusk Till Dawn. I just frakking love it. It's like someone was watching TWD and thought, "You know what, this is nice and all, but what if it wasn't boring as all fvck? Like if maybe zombies were fun? You think maybe we could do that?"
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Bloody fantastic
taffy-574857 September 2017
Honestly have to leave 10 out of 10 for this.

This show does not try to be anything it's not. It's got character development, shocks and twists with who lives (and dies)

It's got humour, you can often relate to people in your own life - so and so would be exactly like that in that position....

Is it award winning? No

Is it entertaining? Absolutely

Am I currently reaching all 3 seasons ready for season 4? As I write this now

Comparing this to TWD, is like comparing Got with Vikings. Both fantastic in their own right, but 2 totally different shows
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Fresh and fun
mertaan23 September 2014
This show delivers what fans of the zombie genre want to see and it doesn't pretend to hide it; -Quick action. -Lots of zombies. -Constant danger. -No safe hideouts. -Having some FUN in the apocalypse.

This show keeps the survivors active and running. Stories take up an episode, instead of a season, meaning they may lack in depth, but give more satisfaction per episode. With challenging obstacles, the characters are smart as you would expect of survivors of a zombie apocalypse.

The acting is solid, with some more-known names like DJ Qualls and Harold Perrineau (1), together with a lot of fresh blood. In this show we see better dialogue between a guy and a dog than other shows create between a father and son.

Characters are diverse to keep interest, but aren't forced. They get enough screen time as their own, instead of supporting roles.

The show pokes a bit of fun at the zombie genre by creating zombie- babies, zombie-dogs, runners, and floaters, which keeps the blood pumping.

Top reasons to watch: -Zombies are just called zombies. -Survivors are not retarded. -Action, fun.
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whats wrong with people? its entertaining!
alxandrbs20 September 2014
i don't know whats wrong with people here,have you ever watched an original old zombie movie? z-nation is much closer to the real deal than TWD. i liked it pretty much and i know i wasn't the only one. i don't know if people getting paid to write bad reviews , but i assume ,yes -- the acting is how it supposed to be,and again,just watch some old zombie movies to compare. its a good cast,too.It is easy to remember the characters. The story is funny and it has some new ideas ,which TWD couldn't pull of.i was surprised that is was a scyfy series,i thought it was fx. :-( overall a nice series,hope for many seasons despite that paid trolling.Just watch it instead of just writing bad reviews cause you think thats the wave to float with. :-)
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Z Nation is tons of fun
chicagopoetry20 September 2014
The only reason I can think that people are so down on this show is that they are The Walking Dead fans and they're upset because now there is a much livelier, scarier, gorier and more violent version of it. Unlike TWD Z Nations has a keen sense of humor. Some of the one liners are simply hilarious. In the second episode, while entering a gas refinery that is swarming with the undead, one of the characters sighs, "Fracking Zombies." It's moments like this that gives Z Nation a certain energy that TWD doesn't have, since TWD takes itself all too seriously. Z Nation is to TWD what Sunny in Philadelphia is to Seinfeld. It's like TWD on crack. Just two episodes into it and already there has been some very memorable and horrific scenes, like the infant baby zombie in the first episode or the zombies covered in black oil in the second. Finally Asylum, known for such quirky low budget flicks as Sharknado, is doing something solid. I'm a fan. I will be watching it every week.
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Cheesy, silly and fun
antsquires7420 September 2014
This is not a TWD replacement or competition, certainly in its current state. Not that TWD is the epitome of excellence but the apparent lack of budget and mostly unknown actors give Z Nation a less professional finish.

Coming at a time when we are over saturated by all things Zombie, Z Nation seems to know that its not going to break any records or do anything groundbreaking and so doesn't try. Instead, what we have is a show where the makers are giving us a bunch of characters ( I cant even remember their names) who are knee deep in Guts and supremely confident in cracking the skulls of the Zombies and the whole thing is a 45 minute long gore fest with a bit of a back story.

I personally didn't want to get involved in another series where you have to love or loath a character, get involved in their love lives and generally care about them especially in another Zombie world so its quite refreshing to know that it doesn't matter who lives and who dies and judging by the carnage the producers don't care who lives or dies either.

After the first two episodes, I can say that it was fun and I will watch the third episode. Why? cos its a laugh in a visceral,gory and silly way.

Just don't expect a serious, well written and high budget TWD experience and you might have a bit of fun with it...
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Honestly a good show.
gaulinator23 September 2014
I think the problem here is that everyone is comparing this show to the Walking Dead, which in my opinion, has failed the zombie genre. The first two episodes of this show had me on the edge of my seat and the graphics were quite good (obviously not HBO good). The zombies in the show are terrifying and yes some of the acting is a bit stiff but its SYFY, they do have a budget, and they're spending it on the right thing, graphics. Almost non-stop action is what propels the show and a new "smart zombie" spin is whats going to keep me watching. Im tired of watching zombies get speared through the holes of a fence, it's time to let the humans be the hunted! I highly recommend you give this show a try because in my opinion they're doing almost everything right and it could be one of the most thrilling shows to grace the airwaves in a while.
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Very good show until season 5
RobLuvsTheMountains27 October 2018
Seasons 1-4 get a rating of 9 stars from me. I rate season 5 with 3 stars. This show has been funny and highly entertaining until season 5. One of the things that made this show so good was that the writers managed to find a good balance,keeping the political stuff to a minimum and there wasn't a lot of deep diving into emotional dilemmas. This season the writing is sappy and feels forced with lame lines about "who we want to become" and "not acting out of fear" blah blah blah. As if having legitimate concern about someone eating your brains is some sort of silly fear that should be scorned. The writing this season is terrible! The "Talkers" won't eat you if they get enough biscuits that contain human brains. The viewer seems to be expected to just accept this premise no questions asked. Who makes the biscuits and where are they getting brains from? And why aren't our characters having a moral dilemma with THAT?! In previous seasons anything that seemed stupid in the writing wasn't a problem b/c the show was so fun to watch. This season is nothing but a lame lecture.
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I really like Z Nation.
lknowlton24 September 2014
It's a great show. Trying to save the world by keeping a jerk alive and getting him to California.The jerk is really good at being a jerk... Some of the lines the actors are given are a bit cheesy and the timing is sometimes a bit off at times between guest characters speeches. I think the dialog writing could be a bit more natural. I really like D J Qualls. He's a doll. His scene looking for people from the bite mark project to get back to him was great. Being from Canada I love the Northern Light station scenes. I like the young couple and the older gentleman. They are pretty cool and good actors. The leaders of the band are very good as well. Since so far 10,000 hasn't been in much it's hard to tell. Over all I think this show is very entertaining and I'm hoping it continues to be so. There are some unexpected surprises in the show and that is good - like the oil tank. What did Citizen Z name the dog by the way?
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Love this show!
blcornett14 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This show is funny and fun, pure and simple. I think that the way it doesn't take itself too seriously ( or sometimes seriously at all) is the best part of the show. I like that there's an "anything goes" kinda vibe to it as well. Who wouldn't love a scene in Springfield, Illinois were they walk into a bus load of Abraham Lincoln zombies or a gigantic wheel of cheese from Wisconsin that has perfect timing to help them out? There are just enough serious parts and plot stuck in there to get you involved with the main characters. It's a fun filled, action packed 40 minutes of good tv that makes you want more. Kinda like when you can't stop eating junk food. You know it's not good for you, but it's just so tasty you just can't help yourself!
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Horribly Good
captzero14 September 2014
This new zombie TV series Z-Nation.

I am struggling to decide if this is the worst written and acted show to ever make it to cable... or if the program is the product of a think-tank of insane genius. I genuinely found myself laughing out, half-a-dozen times, as I wait in anticipation of the next cliché, twist, stupid one-liner and dialogue. Time after time, I am not let down. And it gets funnier... and funnier. Like flipping a coin and getting heads 8 times in a row... each consecutive flip, getting more and more interesting as you know its bound to be tails.

The show is so horrible its good. 5 minutes into the first episode I knew it was junk, but I kept watching. By the end of the show I was surprised to find that I honestly enjoyed it.

I can't tell if they're intending it to be funny like Zombie Land, but the acting, dialogue and situations are so stupid it's great in a memorable Army of Darkness kind of way. If this show makes it, it will be because of how bad it is. I can see it gaining a cult following for these reasons.

Watch the show with a mind-set expecting an atrocity and to giggle at the absurdness and you will probably enjoy it, like me.
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It isn't as bad as people say
jonnithomas14 September 2014
It's not rubbish and it's not excellent either. What it lacks in characterisation does not make it unwatchable or unenjoyable.

If you expect a good version of the walking dead then you will be disappointed. For a start the zombies are fast moving and there are a lot of them.

If you watch it with an open mind and don't expect class science fiction with brilliant acting then you may find it's OK to watch and you won't be bored. Mind you I have only seen the first episode.

The people saying it's rubbish are eating a burger and expecting a fillet steak.
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Z Nation is humor in a Z-apocalyptic world
fajarsantoso27 June 2019
I was a TWD fan from the beginning but stopped watching it after season 6 as it got dragged on too much and had nothing to do with Zombies anymore like in the first 3 to 4 seasons of TWD.

Z-Nation was refreshing when I started to watch it (a week ago at the time of writing) and have been binge watching it ever since. I didnt expected anything due to the bad reviews but perhaps that was good as Z nation is more than I expected.

Yes, certain episodes are boring but that is not any different then any other sitcom. What makes this different than TWD (for those who want to compare) is it is all bout killing Zombies mixed with humouristic one liners. Besides, it's clear Z Nation had a much lower budget than TWD.

For the Zombie fans like me, try to watch 1 or 2 episodes without expecting anything and comparing it to TWD. You might be suprised afrer all.
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One of My Faves
bshaef16 December 2017
Znation is very well written and the actors, especially Doc and Murphy, are great. My favorite alltime scene was when the cheese wheel of zombies came rolling through town. I think that was in season 3. It takes a really inventive mind to create something like that. I also like Murphy's relationship with Lucy and shed a tear when she kicked the bucket. You can always leave it up to Doc to drop a couple of bon mots in each show. I look forward to watching the show every week and have never missed a minute. I used to think TWD was a better show but no more. Znation is better because it runs the gamut of emotions from silliness to terror. Give the writers an A+ as well as the actors.
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Real Romero Zombie Fans
dontadow26 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This show is better than TWD. This show was written for the kind of zombie fan that existed before TWD. Those of us who have been there since Return of the Living Dead and Night of the Living Dead. What I Like about the show.

Plot - This show has a point that immediately pulls you in. A band of survivors are together, with the cure in toe and must reach California. If you've frequently felt TWD muddles through stories and extends them out for ad dollars, you will throughly enjoy the pacing of Z-Nation. Every episode is fast paced and moves the story somewhere.

Action - Because the story centers around a group of people that have to be on the move, the action is very intense. Each episode is a movement of the story, which means each episode something is done that pits the group directly in conflict.

Characters - Unlike TWD, with several characters who aren't well fleshed out, this group immediately establishes a group with several factions within. THere's tension and backstory with each character. The dialogue is well done, with people trying their best to deal with the chaos around them. THere's not a lot of moping. Moping in the zombie Apocalypse will get you killed.

Visuals- I like my zombie movies to look gritty. I'm almost insulted by the negative reviews of nonzombie movie fans on here. Z-nation is not going to win any emmies for cinematogrophie. IT's not suppose to. Its smart budget, putting the emphasis on the gore and not how pretty we can make the film.

Conclusion This show was created to appease to those who read, watch and love zombie fiction and watch TWD and cringe. IT's like watching episodes of some of the best modern independent zombie movies. Good character, fast moving plots and deep veins in the relationships of the characters.
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The walking dead on a low budget without the emo crap (spoilers ahead)
Gilibran27 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Title says it all imho.

Yes it's a low budget production but they do a good job with what they have. None of the agonizingly slow pacing of the walking dead and only one stupid mistake so far. Why the hell did they not just drive away in that fuel truck lol

Everything is a ripoff from the walking dead story wise so far. One guy, cannibals but who cares, these people are surviving and having some fun while killing zombies. That liberty bell scene, priceless, that flat tire, zombie kill of the year 2014.

You just have to take it for what it is, a low budget production. It will never be a prize winning show but it's a hell of a lot more fun then TWD to watch. Off course there's just 3 episodes so far, but i hope they keep up the pace and the sense of humor. Just watch without expecting anything and have fun and a laugh along the way.

A lot of people just cannot accept that not everything is up to their standards or expectation or filmed with a multi million dollar budget and therefore cannot write an honest review. Just watch it yourself do not take it to seriously and enjoy it and have a laugh. It's very good to watch after yet another boring, slow paced TWD episode.

Now if only someone would take it up a notch and make a zombie series about a bunch of rednecks having the time of their life during the zombiepocalypse shooting them up without any story whatsoever. Just a bunch of guys driving around pickups shooting zombies, drinking, figuring out more creative ways to have fun with them. Destruction derby's with a hundred zombies in the ring, zombie mud wrestling that kind off stuff. until then we have Z nation. And TWD for all the people who take themselves to seriously.
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Best Zombie Production to Grace The Screen
noeld77720 October 2014
If you hate Zombie films then you will love this series. If you love zombie films then chances are this series will blow you away.

This show is like TWD but with a masters degree. From the get go the action is fast paced and in the opening scene your not sure if its going to be a budget no brainer but quickly everything falls into place and you realise the amount of thought and effort that has gone into making it (If I dear say) perfect.

Every episode so far (6) has brought originality and twists that TWD has failed to do despite being very enjoyable in its own right. Z Nation may choose to show TWD mercy if the show is given the green light for another season.

What makes Z nation so good is the fact they have done there homework. The episode offer revamped tags from other successful z movies, zany and original kills and a excellent storyline that you cant help but love it.

It's probably the best Zombie effort to date and a definite must for anyone interested in the zombie genre
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Used to be so good!
eric-wallis3 November 2018
The first couple of seasons were so good and so much fun that I used to look forward to Friday nights just to watch this show! Things started to get bad in season 4. The acting was really bad, the story line was boring. And the new characters were intolerable (Sarge). Season 5 is just unbearable! Terrible acting and a rotten premise. If I wanted to watch stupid politics, I would turn on the news. PLEASE make this show about killing zombies again!
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Light, fast paced and entertaining
aubresim20 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
First of all, I don't believe it should have 10, but it should not have 4.9 either.

One thing is - stop comparing it to TWD. This is a show on its own, a different take on the genre and the focus of the show is different. The TWD is barely about zombies at all. It should not be classified as a zombie show. At least not after the first season. It's all about characters and their miserable lives. Well boo-hoo.

We want action when it comes to zombies. Gory, fun, horde slaughtering zombie entertainment. I myself am not usually a fan of fast zombies, but these are actually interesting. The characters are not yet well established, so the only negative I can say about this aspect is the DJ Qualls transformation at the end. I get that he might be losing his mind up there, all alone, but seriously, was the writer high? I was pleasingly surprised by the whole baby thing. That really cracked me up.

There were a few nice turns, not always unexpected, but interesting for the plot of the series. Yes, it doesn't have a crazy huge budged. Not all shows can.

Someone also mentioned that G.A. Romero would not be happy about the zombies running and such, they have not seen some of the latter movies by Romero, where he experimented with different types of zombies. He went to fast zombies to strong zombies and in one movie actually had zombies that were faster, stronger, more agile than humans. Just BTW.

Give this show a shot, people.
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Used to be good. Season 5 is cheap politics!
michaelvrettos28 January 2019
Used to be good! I liked it very much! it was different than TWD ot FtWD. Season 5 is different show! It is liberal politics! I don't need anyone teaching me about this! Too pity yoy end like this!
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julialuox13 December 2017
Forget the first episode. Z Nation only gets better and better. Hilarious, heartwarming and entertaining. Deserves much higher ratings.
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Season 5 lost it completely!
marswe-120 February 2019
Good, silly and entertaining first 3 seasons. Season 4 was started getting hazy and season 5 completely lost it's way in the political PC, bash the white people fog.
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They're doing it RIGHT!
johnny_bugger2 November 2014
Z Nation takes a different approach when compared to it's other Movie/TV counterparts of the same genre. The writers have very well balanced out so many aspects of the show that potentially make it a great series overall to last for years to come.

For starters...The show makes fun of itself, but just enough so as to not ruin it. It takes itself seriously enough without taking itself too seriously. It's campy, but never over the top campy. It's funny, without turning into slapstick comedy. It's Dramatic, and very good drama without boring us to tears - nothing is dragged out. It's action packed without compromising the storyline and it's FUN! A hell of a lot of FUN!

The Actors/Characters are original and interesting. And most of all they are Likable. They're not afraid to take chances and they honestly sell the idea that no character is safe from sudden death. It's unpredictable, and just when you think you might predict something again it surprises it's viewers. It's original, and even when it borrows from something else it still has it's own take or twist on an idea. It's SMART!

There are no "filler episodes" and each episode stands on it's own two feet. It's got obvious budget constraints, but knows how to maximize on this issue without compromising the overall quality of the show. (It's actually surprising that this is in fact an Asylum production, and that's a huge compliment right there, LOL)

I've watched until episode 8 so far and there have been 3 outstanding episodes to date (maybe 4, there are so many genius moments) which is a far better ratio when compared to that "other popular Zombie TV show". In fact it shouldn't be compared to The Walking Dead at all (it's just wrong) which dominates it's seasons with "filler episodes" and with maybe one or two decent/outstanding episodes per season if we're lucky.

Z Nation knows how to keep all the right elements well-balanced and there's never a dull moment. It knows very well how to cater to the zombie genre. It knows what it is and makes no excuses for itself. I look forward to watching each new episode to see where it will take us next.

OH...And they're not afraid to say the word ZOMBIE! Is it Friday yet? ;-) \m/\m/
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Idk whats wrong with people
door-gunner-113-19135822 September 2014
I choose to give this series 8/10 (edit Jan 2016, i rate it 10/10!) It's a really decent series, the fx is pretty good, the cast does well and the story is old but gold. This surely is not TWD, but hands down i'm glad it ain't! The Walking Dead is more like a soap opera with some additional zombies while this show is(as i feel) very close to the old school zombie movies.

Yes its trashy,has its flaws and isn't perfect at all, but hell thats exactly how those old movies have been.

Its a decent show, i recommend to watch it, as long as you don't expect a TWD ripoff but rather a trashy journey through the zombie infested post apocalyptic world.
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