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Perhaps the promise was better than the fulfillment
deickemeyer24 November 2017
A brand new situation, so far as we know, gives more than usual interest to this picture. It is also well developed, too, but perhaps the promise was better than the fulfillment. The two women, one the wife and the other the inamorata of the man, are at the same beach hotel and have become friends since neither suspects. The husband doesn't know that the actress is at that hotel and he is coming to visit his wife, who has their little daughter with her. Coming out on the beach, he finds the child distressed because her mother, out swimming, has called for help. The man is just in time to help the other woman carry the almost drowned wife out of the water. The last scene shows the actress back in the city, lonesome but proudly destroying the man's portrait, while the man is happy with his family. The staging is very careful and the picture is a good offering. Written by Lillian Sweetser, it was produced by Van Dyke Brooke. Leo Delaney plays the man; Norma Talmadge, the wife; Ada Gifford, the other woman; and Helene Costello, the child. = The Moving Picture World, October 11, 1913
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