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  • The captain of a Spanish vessel enters the house where Giles Corey, his wife, Martha, and his daughter, Priscilla, are enjoying a peaceful day at the fireside. He is selling the merchandise brought over by his ship. The Spaniard did not fall to notice the beauty of Priscilla. Coming back, he finds her alone and shows her what he thinks to be the most interesting to the girl, the box containing the jewels. Among the jewels is a rosary. Priscilla does not know what the use of this is, and smilingly, the captain is about to explain, when armed Puritans break into the room and arrest him. They believe he has been making love to the girl. Priscilla, in vain, tries to free him, but succeeds only in being locked up also. There, enclosed by the gray walls of the prison, the Spanish captain shows the first bead of the rosary and there appears before the enchanted eyes of the Puritan's daughter, the joyful mysteries of the rosary: 1st: The annunciation by the Angel to the Virgin Mary; 2nd: The visitation of Mary to Elizabeth; 3rd: The Nativity, birth of the Savior in the stable, surrounded by the adoring Magi and wondering animals; 4th: The presentation of the infant Jesus to Saint Simeon at the Temple; 5th: The Boy Jesus at the Temple confounding the priests by His wisdom, led forth by anxious parents. The Sorrowful Mysteries. First: The agony of Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane; 2nd: The scourging of Christ in the courtyard of Pilate's palace. The soldiers urged on by the angry mob; 3rd: The crowning of Jesus with thorns, much to the joy of the howling populace; 4th: Jesus on the way of Calvary, carrying His Cross, followed by the jeering mob and a few faithful ones not daring to show their sorrow, save one, St. Veronica, who gives Him a cloth to wipe His face, and the miracle of the Agonized Face appears on the cloth; 5th: The Crucifixion, where we depart from the usual view of Christ on the Cross and instead give the rending of the curtain in the Temple, which, as it falls, discloses the old City of Jerusalem, and outside the walls on the fatal mount are seen the three crosses with their victims thereon. An astounded priest views the scene, then turning to Heaven asks which is the true God. The sky darkens, lightning flashes and smoke issues here and there. The Glorious Mysteries. First: Roman soldiers, casting dice for the raiment of Christ, are surprised and horrified by noises; the raising of the lid of the tomb and Christ issuing forth and ascending into the air; 2nd: The Ascension. Mary and Christ's disciples repaired to the spot appointed by the Savior. He suddenly appears in their midst and with final instructions slowly ascends into Heaven; 3rd: The descent of the Holy Ghost upon Mary and the Eleven Apostles; 4th: The assumption of the Blessed Virgin, slowly ascending to Heaven accompanied by Angels; 5th: The Crowning of the Blessed Virgin, Queen of Angels and Saints in Heaven. And now we see the prison again. Believing that Priscilla has been bewitched, the Puritans seize the captain, tie him to a stake and are about to burn him alive, when a man runs in and cries out, "the Indiana are upon us." The women flee in terror and the men rush to meet the advancing foe. Juan begs Giles to release him and let him help fight the Indians. Later we see the return of the Puritan warriors. Abner has a wound in his head. All assembled, they miss the captain, and Abner deliberately lies and says be saw him flee. Priscilla, stung by this monstrous tale, accuses Abner of lying. Giles, in his fury, orders her out of the house. She leaves and we find her, rosary in hand, on the battlefield, seeking the captain, whom she finds dying. She gives him the rosary, and he dies in peace. Priscilla returns home, and at the window, her mother tells her that Giles is relentless. As Martha leans over she reads the passage which Giles has just been reading in the Bible, and beckons Priscilla in. The little maid steals down in front of her father, but he rises in anger and is about to hurl his denunciations upon her, when Martha re-opens his Bible and points to the passages: "For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses." Matthew 6: 14, 15. Giles reads, and turning to Martha says, "You are right." He extends his arms and folds his daughter to his bosom.


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