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none of the modern spoofs are masterpieces, this one is the best
bdubstater422 February 2006
The days of Airplane and Naked Gun are over. Nowadays, we have the Scary Movies, Spy Hard, Date Movie, Not Another Teen Movie, etc....of all of these, Teen Movie is quite easily the best one. The point of spoofs and satires, to me, are not just to take familiar scenes and do something retarded and gross with them, but instead to actually make fun of all the things in the original movies that, while watching them, we all turned to our friends and said "wait a minute, thats kind of stupid". Teen Movie does this extremely well. How many of us lucky movie fans who saw She's All That had trouble seeing why everyone in the movie thought the lead actress was ugly just because she had glasses and a ponytail? She was still a babe! How many of these teen movies give the main lead actress a friend who is clearly into her, but she always seems to ignore any possibility of romance between them, instead pursuing another character and asking for her friend's help/advice? How many people thought the characters in Cruel Intentions were just sexually over the top to the point of being absurd? Teen Movie pokes great fun at all of these flaws. It is, unlike many other movies that attempt to be like it, a true satire, taking characters and not just doing stupid things with them, but exaggerating the traits of their serious counterparts and, when it comes down to it, just making fun of them. It has surprisingly good plot cohesion while still making fun of a variety of teen movies. I suppose the best way to distinguish this movie from all other modern spoofs is that this one is truly intelligent. Sure it has some stupid jokes, and toilet humor (that I admit I chuckled at in disgust like the diarrhea scene and the lesbian kiss with the old woman), but it also has some very clever jokes, like when is it appropriate to start a slow clap, why do these teen movies seem to only have one black character, and how silly is it that things slow down for emphasis when the beautiful female lead enters the room. Please, give this one a chance. If you've seen the other modern spoofs, I'm confident you will appreciate the noticeable and subtle differences between them and Teen Movie that make the latter much more enjoyable and palatable to watch.
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Certainly not a bad film
theonlyidleft15 March 2005
The IMDb ranking for this film is quite harsh in my opinion. OK, this film was never going to win an Oscar, but it's enjoyable throughout and has some very good laughs in it. I'm not a big fan of teen movies but I saw this and was impressed. It's light-hearted and not afraid to appear ridiculous (infact most of the time it does this deliberately) and it doesn't pretend to be "Just another teen movie", indeed it IS "Not another teen movie", it's a very enjoyable laugh at the expense of those films.

Don't expect your life to be changed by this film, but if you want simply a fun film to watch then you won't go far wrong seeing this one.
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Oh, no, not another teen movie! *pause* oh, this is actually funny? Coolness!
Smells_Like_Cheese21 April 2002
Not Another Teen Movie, like Scary Movie, this is a parody of what the 1990's had to offer us, the romantic teen comedies! How many of them do we loathe? But how many were also great? Not Another Teen Movie makes fun of movies from the 80's to the 90's and is very clever. I saw this movie with a friend and honestly, while there are a few parts that were a little too much for me, I don't exactly dig potty humor, but there are some really funny scenes. It was fun to see someone finally make fun of the all the clichés that were rubbed in our faces: the nerdy girl turning into the hot girl, clichéd characters that would never be friends but somehow are, the best friend in love with the other friend who's in love with the popular kid, you get the drill.

In the stereotypical high school community of John Hughes High sexy Priscilla, a popular cheerleader, separates from her boyfriend, Jake Wyler. After Jake discovers that Priscilla is now dating strange and socially inept Les just to spite him, one of Jake's friends, Austin, suggests seeking retribution by making Janey Briggs, a "uniquely rebellious girl", the prom queen. Jake attempts to court Janey's love, but faces adversity from his own sister Catherine, who is sexually attracted to him, Janey's unnoticed admirer and best friend Ricky, and memories from his past football career. Catherine eventually helps her brother by slightly altering Janey's appearance, ultimately making her more attractive to the other characters. Meanwhile, Janey's little brother, Mitch, and his friends, Ox and Bruce, make a pact to lose their virginity by Graduation even though they are still in their Freshmen year. Making fun of movies like: She's All That, Cruel Intentions, American Pie, The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Drive Me Crazy, American Beauty, and Pretty in Pink , Not Another Teen Movie leaves no film left alone to show us the utter cliché that came with every teen movie out of the 90's.

Like I said, there are some moments that are a little much, this is a pretty raunchy comedy, but I think it's just making fun of the in your face movies with the sick humor as well. I mean there's potty humor and hard core nudity, but I digress. There are some really funny moments in this movie, wither it was the random song the cast breaks into about their excitement for the prom or the whole introduction of the clichéd characters. The cast looked like they had a blast making this movie and I had a lot of fun watching it as well. I would recommend it for those who love satire and parodies, I did warn you though about the raunchiness, so if you have a weak stomach, you may wanna fast forward through a few parts.

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Absolutely Hilarious!
robc-112 July 2004
I believe that perhaps a lot of the criticisms of this film come from 90's-00 teens because THEY JUST DON'T GET IT! Most of the comedy in this film spoofs 1980's movies, with a few current barbs thrown in from more recent films. I am an 80's child, and I laughed so hard during this movie! I saw it with younger kids from the mid-to-late 90's, and they didn't get half of the jokes. The school cafeteria is named "The Anthony Michael Dining Hall." The school is "John Hughes High School." There are send-ups of "Risky Business," "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," "Pretty In Pink," "Sixteen Candles," and an absolutely priceless scene that spoofs "The Breakfast Club," along with the original "Breakfast Club" principal, Richard Vernon, spouting almost exactly the same dialogue. Sure, there are much more recent films that are skewered, such as "Varsity Blues," (which was HORRIBLE) and "She's All That," (Which was EVEN WORSE.) There's an hilarious running gag spoofing "Cruel Intentions," in which the slutty sister will stop at nothing to bed her brother, high school football hero Jake Wyler, who makes a bet with his team members that he can turn plain-jain, boy-hating Janie Griggs into the prom queen. Sex jokes and excrement jokes run rampant, all hilarious. Jamie Pressly, who you might remember from Jerry Springer's movie "Ringmaster," is a total riot as head cheerleader Priscilla, who schemes to copy cheers from a rival school's all-black cheerleading squad, spoofing "Bring It On." And the siamese twins who win Homecoming Queen(s) is an absolute riot, especially when homecoming king Jake has to share a dance with them and the band sings "Put your heads on my shoulder...." TOO FUNNY! A hilarious movie, especially if you're high or drunk, and you KNOW what they are spoofing.
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Beyond Ridiculous, But Genuinely Hilarious.
PurplePanther25 May 2005
I have to say, I didn't expect much from this film. Basically "Scary Movie" spoofing teen classics instead of horror films. I watched it and actually liked it. Yes, this film could possibly be qualified as one of the silliest movies of the decade, but that's sort of the point. This movie had laughing so hard I was gasping for breath. The humor is juvenile, but FUNNY. The plot is stupid, but HILARIOUS. It's really fun to stop and say "Hey, that 10 Things About You!" or "Oh, they're doing Can't Hardly Wait". This film is probably one of the funniest films I've seen in a long time, it's not for everybody, but it's a good movie.
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Much better than expected
Marc4213 December 2002
While it fails almost as often as it succeeds, there's so much going on here I couldn't help but like it. You REALLY have to be familiar with the material being spoofed, though. And part of the fun is ticking them all off in your mind if you're a movie geek like me.

NATM has two levels and target audiences. For teens who have seen all the recent flicks, it's a direct, Mad magazine style parody. For 30 somethings like me, it's an homage to the 80's flicks. The opening scene is an obvious "American Pie" spoof, but in a much more subtle way, it's drawing on "Sixteen Candles". To top it off, the scene is still funny even if you haven't seen either targets. Bruce (Sam Levine from Freaks & Geeks) is a parody of Seth Green's character in "Can't Hardly Wait", but he's also an homage to Long Duk Dong.

Several people have mentioned that kids probably haven't seen the old flicks and older people haven't seen the new ones. Well, if you're a kid, you don't need to have seen the old flicks to appreciate it as a broad parody. The 80's jokes tend to sit in the background- like the signs on the walls and the musical cues in the Molly Ringwald scene (which actually was a weak point IMO). And I've found that most people my age HAVE seen most of the newer teen movies. They came out just about the time we were starting to get married, buy houses, have real jobs. And they were a nice bit of nostalgia for our youth. Even if we didn't go pay $7.50 to see them, we've seen them on USA on saturday afternoon.

It's no accident the that soundtrack is almost entirely new, young bands doing covers of 80's songs.

As far as the gross-out factor goes, it's really not that bad. The filthy opening scene is forgivable because it's so dang funny. There is one gory joke on the football field. (A "Lucas" homage inside a "Varsity Blues" parody.) A sick unfunny scatalogical joke at the beginning of the movie pays off with a big laugh when it's turned around at the end. And the mother of all "poo" jokes is tempered by the fact that the victim is a delivering a tirade against "poo" jokes. And then there's granny's kiss- unfunny and nasty. But it's nowhere near the level of "Scary Movie". It's also nice to see a movie like this without any gay jokes or fat jokes. (There is a fat guy, but being fat isn't the joke.) Under the filth, this is a pretty gentle movie.

I avoided this when it came out, but another 30-something friend recommended it to me recently. I'd recommend it to anyone who old enough to have seen "Sixteen Candles" in a long as you've seen most of the newer flicks as well.

Oh...LOVED the slow clap guy!
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Funny! Funny! Funny!
robc-1115 September 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I can't understand why this film got such bad reviews. This is a knee-slapping riot! I have just about memorized the script. I was a teen in the 80's and grew up with John Hughes movies..."Breakfast Club," "Sixteen Candles," "Pretty In Pink," etc. "Not Another Teen Movie" is absolutely hilarious. The high school in the film is "John Hughes High," complete with the cafeteria named "The Anthony Michael Dining Hall." Most all of the dialogue is priceless. There's an undercover narc who is a 70 year-old woman. The foreign exchange student is always completely nude; she explains to the principal that she is not in America to study, she just wants to be "an object of lust for nerds who can not get American pussy." There are many classic bits, such as when the popular school jock, Jake, tries to woo nerdy Janie Briggs by belting out "Janie's Got A Gun" by Aerosmith. Jake means well, but cops attack Janie with a stun gun and scream at her to surrender her weapon. There's also a hilarious spoof of "Grease" in which all of the characters sing and perform a highly choreographed dance to "Prom Tonight!" ("I'm gonna get pussy no matter what..even if it's with dirty slut!") In a wicked parody of "Cruel Intentions," Mia Kirshner, as Catherine, is always trying to have sex with her brother Jake. (She wails "So what if we have the same mother! Tonight I'm gonna f**k my brother!) No teen film is spared. This hilarious movie lampoons all of the classic teenage films. Slutty Catherine gets tipsy at the prom, slugging booze out of her flask, while kids look at her and say "Does she go to this school?" Catherine hooks up with one of the nerds and she cries as she exclaims that "all she wants is for a guy to take a dump on her chest." The nerd tells her that he is shocked that no guy has ever taken a dump on her chest and tells Catherine that he would be honored to do so. I could go on and on, but trust me, NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE is HILARIOUS! Deleriously funny! And watch for Randy Quaid as an alcoholic father who loves to have sex with pies. A COMEDY CLASSIC!
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Gorgeousness and Gorgeosity made flesh!
olarudan27 February 2005
I have seen this movie quite a few times, and it was great to watch every time.Surely there are some scenes which can be termed corny, but they are few and invariably counterbalanced by the absolutely great ones, which are the majority.After seeing it so many times, I have come to realize that the script is the product of many years of work, and 'ripe' for making a movie of. Also, the makers of this movie have had the courage to dive into the Absurd, which is one of the most productive, though harder to understand(for some people) types of humor. This is why there are folks who didn't like it; and it's also why the title is wholly appropriate, because it has taken all the Absurd it could find in teen movies, and put it into one great work, that laughs at traditional teen movies. Excelente!
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Not so bad.
Idolprincess23 April 2004
This is the type of movie that people instantly judge because of it's popularity. Teen movies have always been considered awful by a lot of critics and a lot of movie fans. Several people are annoyed to death by teen movies and dislike the overused stereotypes that they contain. Is it that annoyance that created this movie? Most people would say it isn't, and that it's just another reason to make another blockbuster teen movie. Personally, I think we'll never know.

What I know is that I went to my usual trip to the video store and picked three random movies without looking what they were. One of them were "Not another teen movie". I was expecting something horrible, but it wasn't so horrible after all.

I think the reason why people complained so much about this movie is that it appears to be a teen movie itself. It's very clear that the movie is made for young people who have seen the popular 80's and 90's movies. It is a parody, but certain people will tell you that it makes fun of certain classics that don't deserve this treatement. Also, they left out many other obviously bad 80's teen movies. Also.. Yes, it has bathroom humor. Yes, it has a lot of sex-related jokes.. And yes, it's full of actresses in their late 20's with big boobs pretending to be teenagers.

However, I think this movie's purpose is of course NOT to be intellectual and to bash movies in a smart way. It's just meant to be funny and entertaining. Even though some of the jokes are very vulgar, it is a funny movie and it does make fun of the most popular stereotypes that you can find in teen movies.
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Anti-Teen Movie Genius
sae27113631 May 2005
This is a great movie! It out does even the best of Mel Brooks films! Name one other movie that manages to make fun of over 12 teen movies at the same time and maintain plot cohesion. The only reason I wouldn't give it a 10 out 10 is because none of the story line is original to the film. All the stereotypical characters are well acted and the script keeps you laughing throughout the entire film. It is the best teen movie out there, even though it is making fun of all the rest of them. It is filled to the brim with tramps, hotties, jocks, hormone driven underclassmen, high school jargon and all the other things we have come to enjoy and loathe about teen movies.
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Enjoyable movie
tkn2005lp18 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Not Another Teen Movie is about a popular jock named Jake who takes a bet from his friend Austin, that he can turn the school's ugliest most unpopular girl, Janey into a prom queen. But as he keeps spending time with her, he starts to fall in love.

I actually liked this movie. It's funny, if you don't take the movie too seriously and dwell on the fact that it has no plot. I always love to watch this movie whenever I'm especially PO'd at the world and I just need to sit back and laugh. Some of the parts are absolutely hilarious actually. I loved how the movie made fun of other movies, such as "Breakfast Club" and "Sixteen Candles". It's sort of like the "Scary Movie" movies, except maybe not as good, but still funny.
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Everything The Scary Movie Trilogy Lacked
elzbone15 September 2005
These kids attend John Hughes High. Brilliant! This movie hit what is wrong with most teen-angst films from the 80s on. Almost every single one has a Pygmalion-esquire plot line where the geeky girl (sometimes boy) is made over so they can fit in with the elite group of rich and popular kids. They've addressed all the clichés, and how unlike high school these movies really are. Think about it, to be popular means to be liked by a lot of people. And who likes the snotty brat who thinks she is prettier than everyone else? I attended several different high schools around the U.S., and these girls exist, but they don't get named prom queen.

The completely nude foreign exchange student is the only part that is a little uncomfortable to stomach (oh, the old lady lesbian kiss *shudders*) But the idea behind the character is hilarious. I wish they kept the line in the movie where Janey Briggs asks why her accent kept changing.

The guy who kept slow clapping at the wrong time, and Molly Ringwald saying "F***ing teenagers" made the entire movie. If you love or hate teen movies, this is one you HAVE to watch.
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Funny stuff!
mikael_ronne18 March 2005
When you watch Scary Movie (which parodies... yeah.. scary movies!) the movie is pretty hilarious if you can recognize all the scenes. In Not Another Teen Movie they make fun of... you guessed it; teen movies! The only movie I've seen, that they make fun of, is Bring It On, but even though, this movie is hilarious! Yeah, sure, most of the humor is, what I like to call: "Pee, poo and fart humor"... or down in the gutter humor if you'd like, but it works!

This movie is definitely worth watching! Especially in the company of others so you can laugh each other up.

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SlayerTeen12 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of, if not THE, funniest films i have EVER seen! It had me and my friends in hysterics for hours!!!! I LOVE THIS MOVIE! My favourite part is the song! Hilarious! This was fantastic. Also, the gag at the start with the cake and everyone coming in...brilliant!! Catherine, Jake and Janey are awesome. Catherine is brilliantly wicked, Janey is really sweet and Jake is really fit!!! He has a great body as shown in the 'Banana Split' gag! Lol. Does anyone know where I can get the lyrics to the song? I just love it so much!!! It's brilliant. I also love the slow clap guy. He is just ace. I think this is my favourite film ever!!!
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a movie for pop culture scholars
joshwalt22 October 2005
This movie does a good job of skewering the incredible number of clichés that can be found in teen movies. If you've seen all the 80s Brat Pack movies and the teen movies since the 80s (Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Cruel Intentions, She's All That, Ten Things I Hate About You, American Pie, etc.), then you'll get all the jokes in Not Another Teen Movie. If you haven't seen those movies, you're missing out, and you will probably think that this is a dumb comedy and nothing else. Good farce, though, is hard to find, and while it won't change anyone's life, Not Another Teen Movie filled an empty slot in pop culture, and did a good job of it. If you love movies and (like me) have seen far too many of them, Not Another Teen Movie is really very enjoyable and, in a way, quite smart.
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Stupid but Hilarious
gigotu2 October 2005
I usually don't even watch teen flicks, but I've caught this one several times now on Comedy Central, and it is often just "off the wall" hilarious. If you can't laugh at yourself, don't bother with this movie because I think we can all recognize in this movie stupid things we did as teenagers.

Plus, none of the really "cool" kids come off as having it all together. Everyone in this movie is a total exaggeration of a stereotype, the movie is one mock scene after another of some teen movie that took itself too seriously, this movie in no way takes itself seriously, and that is why the movie works.

If your in the mood for a couple of hours of juvenile stupidity - this movie is not a waste of time.
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Another great teen spoof!
videofreak200218 December 2001
"Not Another Teen Movie" is another one of those spoofs that tries to make the audiences laugh for making fun of other teen movies in the past. Eventually, it made me laugh all the way. "Not Another Teen Movie" makes fun of popular teen hits such as "American Pie," "The Breakfast Club," "She's All That," "American Beauty," "Varsity Blues," "Clueless," "10 Things I Hate About You," "Pretty In Pink," etc. The school's name, "John Hughes High School," was a cool name because back in the 80's, Hughes made some funny teen movies that are now popular today. I even liked the chracters names, like "The Token Black Guy," "The Bitchy Cheerleader," "The Foreign Exchange Student" (she walks around completely naked throughout the whole movie), "The Stupid Fat Guy," and lots more. All in all, it's a funny movie. If you're in need of a good laugh, then "Not Another Teen Movie" is the movie for you.

Grade A *****1/2 (out of ****** stars) 12/13
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a hilarious spoof, while still being a movie in its own right
Gargymel22 March 2002
Not Another Teen Movie heralds back to the days of spoof movies such as 'The Naked Gun' or 'Fatal Instinct'. It runs the gamut of teen movies, and takes the p*** out of all of them, but at the same time manages to maintain its own storyline.

The performances are well above average - sometimes better than some of the real teen movie performances. Even though the characters are simply teen movie formula templates, they still generate enough pathos for the audience to connect with them.

The humour itself still remains fairly puerile, but not enough to be classified as a 'gross out comedy'. Unlike 'Scary Movie', not all the humour in 'Not Another Teen Movie' is visual, or pertaining to bodily fluids (not that there isn't a fair share of that!) And the movie references are extremely well done, without being totally insulting to the movie itself.

On the whole, 'Not Another Teen Movie' is one of the funniest movies I've seen in a long time, not just as an over-the-top farce, but as a genuine, well-written film that just happens to be a mad spoof at the same time.
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Molly Takes Off
tedg14 June 2005
I like these sorts of movies. They seem easy to do well. "Scary Movie" is one I recommend and now this one as well.

There are a couple reasons why. The simplest one is that I have spend a thousand dollars and hundreds of hours or so watching all the movies that are made fun of here. This one movie gives me double the pleasure of that investment.

But there's something deeper. Slasher movies and their ilk are really high school movies. High school movies efficiently transport us in the first couple minutes to another world because it is not only a world defined by movies, but one that we experienced ourselves.

That world, though populated by human kids, is completely artificial. Every kid is playing a role; they have to because no kid has the raw material to build a life, so they copy one. Real kids play roles. So then they go to the movies and see those same roles displayed and shaken a bit but ever so gently. Movies create life which creates movies.

But modern kids (some of them anyway) and movie audiences are much more intelligent than in the past. They demand "folded" entertainment, movies that simultaneously engage them at the manipulative level and at the same time step outside the game and make fun of it.

That's what this is. It is a real teen movie made up of bits of what went before just like all teen movies. But at the same time it is an annotation on top of that, an annotation that blows holes in every element of it. So what if the ammunition is juvenile; what else would be as effective?

Unlike nearly all real high school and slasher movies, and unlike the stuff called spoofs, this movie actually has a satisfying end. What better than bringing out the big gun, Molly? What better than having her write and conduct the ending?

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.
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Great movie!
GohanSSJ-125 March 2005
This movie is simply very stupid, but funny. It's pretty much the same like every other teen movie, but then even more stupid, it spoofs many teen movies like American Pie's, 10 Things I Hate About You, Cruel Intentions, Bring It On, and many more.

The reason why i personally really like it is because it is unlike any other of those movies, simply because it's pure comedy, it doesn't have those sappy parts about love and friendship.

Like others said though, to really enjoy this movie you should of seen quite a few of teen movies, especially the 4 i mentioned, if you haven't seen them then it's still good, but you will not get all the jokes.
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Extremely funny.
toblerone1838 January 2011
So awesome! The irony of this movie is the funniest thing I've ever seen. Nothing better to describe high school life. Its in my top-ten favorite movies, no doubt about that.

The characters fit perfectly with the purpose of the story. I would say that all of them are brilliantly set up. On the other hand, the plot is carried on nicely: even though it relates about how the life in high school is, it takes out the best and the funniest thing of it. Not only makes a funny description of high school life, it also refers to scenes and situations that occurred in other teen movies like American pie, a letter to Amanda and some others. The clever way in which the movie links with those other movies, is ironic and very funny. In my opinion, this movie reaches the level of the ones which it relates them to, and maybe in certain situations goes higher than them.

Some of the quotes that appear on it i would describe them are historical, i have watched it 4 or 5 times already, it gets even better. The view is far than recommended, its obligatory, for everybody.

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wakemeup3622 December 2009
I'll admit it. I love spoof films. Abolutely adore them. Sure, most of the ones coming out recently aren't all that impressive, but till the early 2000s, most of them definitely had quality. Now, this movie parodies one of my most hated kind of movies i.e generic teen comedies and pulls it off very well.

The jokes. Where to start? So many popular scenes from well know teen comedies have been parodied here. From the 'Eat my shorts' scene from The Breakfast Club to the opening masturbation scene of American Pie and many others in between. The film also parodies clichés seen in most teen movies like the stereotypical pointless black guy (who makes it clear he's pointless), the stereotypical slutty European girl and the stereotypical cool guy who learns his the movies lesson and realizes the error of his ways towards the end of the movie after falling in love with an unpopular chick etc. There is a lot of other humour related to typical teenage life, problems and such. And also some humour which is well, just random.

I think this is a very enjoyable movie and it should definitely please you if you loathe generic teen comedies even remotely as much as I do. Hell, even if you like generic teen comedies, I think you'll find it pretty entertaining.
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Funny spoof film
gangstahippie8 March 2008
Rated R for strong crude sexual content and humor, language and some drug content.

There are plenty of spoof movies that have been released.The most recent ones are the scary movie series and the date/epic movie series.I would say I enjoy spoof films.I really liked all the scary movies, epic movie sucked and I didn't see Date Movie or Meet The Spartans but I heard they sucked as well.I am a fan of teen films so I decided to check this one out.I must say, it was a fairly funny and good spoof of teen films from the 1980's and 90's.The plot of the film involves a jock trying to make a nerdy, un-popular girl, popular and ends up falling in love with her.The film spoofs scenes from many popular teen films such as Cant Hardly Wait,Pretty In Pink,Sixteen Candles etc.If you like spoof films, don't waste your time with crap like Epic movie, check this one out!
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"Do it for Marty's torso!"
Knewsense7825 March 2006
NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE will not please all viewers, and it shouldn't. If one were to like every single movie ever made, then there wouldn't be movie critics. By the way, that quote in the summary is one of the funniest lines in the movie. This movie has plenty of fun spoofing THE BREAKFAST CLUB, PRETTY IN PINK, American PIE and, the one that probably gets spoofed the most in this movie, SHE'S ALL THAT (which, by the way, wasn't all that). The party scene where the girl is walking through the house naked prompting another naked party going girl to say to her friend, "Oh my god, I can't believe she's wearing the same outfit as me." to which her friend replies, "It looks much better on you." I laugh all the time on that part. NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE is pure, no thinking involved, stupid comedy. But, like with SCARY MOVIE 3, I like this brainless stuff. If I was expecting to use my head while viewing this film, well, I must of been on something. If you haven't seen this movie, watch it!!!
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Good shot!
BHorrorWriter20 July 2005
I avoided seeing this film for some time. Why? I don't know - but I just recently watched it and I enjoyed it. Though it had bland, boring moments - overall the film was funny and did a good job poking fun of Teen movies.

The musical number was probably one of my favorite parts. Along with the whip-cream bikini Chris Evans donned. Funny stuff! And of course, Molly Ringwald's far the best part of the entire film. It was good to see her mocking the teen scene which she helped build in the 80's.

Poking fun of movies such as Never Been Kissed, She's All That, Varsity Blue, Pretty in Pink, Ten Things I Hate About You and a list of others...NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE was fun, hilarious (sometimes) and overall brain dead fun - sit back and enjoy!
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