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abhishikthalbypalackal24 August 2020
Suriya has done many commercial flicks. Vel is one of that you shouldn't miss as after these many years, content remains fresh, not outdated. Director Hari always moves his films in a fast paced manner, just as seen in saamy series or Singham series. Bacically a simple Twin-Confusion story backed by an emotional soul and notable performances. Suriya has given his best as a detective and a People Goon. Background Music was memeorable and Asin's performance also to be notef as the chemistry between Asin and Suriya works just perfectly like Gajini 2005. This movie is clearly set up for south indian audiences irrespective of the language.

Overall 7 on 10 can be given and is worth a watch
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Superb action, comedy film
its-me661112 January 2020

Plot: Twin brothers (Vel and Vasu) get separated. One is brought up in the city and another in a village. While Vel is all brawn and protects his village from an Ex-MLA (Sakara Pandi), Vasu is all brain and works in a detective agency. What will happen when the brothers meet?

This is a wonderful film and I had great time watching it. The film is directed by Hari, who later on 2010 directs Singam. Singam is one of the most iconic film of the genre and Vel has lots of similarity with Singam. The look, feel, dialogue, actions and comedy all feels like an alternate version of Singam. This is a treat for any lovers of south-Indian film.

Suriya is an amazing actor and I love his work. He has done a phenomenal job in this film. He plays two roles and does it with ease. I liked his chemistry with Asin. There were lots of comedy scenes, Vadivelu did great in his role. The songs were nice and beautifully shot. The fight scenes were nice lots of fights with knives and fists.

This is a mass action, comedy and family entertainer. I loved the film. From start to finish the film flows smoothly. Highly recommended for any Suriya fans.
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santhosh-102902 February 2020
The movie was excellent. Suriya acting was amazing in the movie in dual roles. Songs and BGM were also amazing. The story was also good in the movie.
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