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Evident expense and time spent upon its production
deickemeyer21 October 2014
In this the part of Washington is taken by an actor of international fame and who bore the honors of the part to perfection. Even in the minutest details it is evident that the Vitagraph Company has spread itself to make this film historically accurate and pictorially perfect. The toning of the various scenes is tastefully done, and in one scene a double tone effect is produced which has almost the effect of hand coloring. It is doubtful if the demand for a historical subject will bring to the Vitagraph Company sufficient extra orders for this film to warrant the evident expense and time that were spent upon its production. We hope that it will meet with the demand that it deserves, but if disappointed it will at least serve to well advertise the fact that the Vitagraph Company is in the front rank of producers, and that nothing is beyond their ambition or powers to perform. - The Moving Picture World, June 26, 1909
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