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Possessed by the Green Fairy
boblipton8 July 2014
Absinthe has long had a reputation as a hallucinogenic drink, which is why it was outlawed for many years in France. It was a favorite of the successors of Charles Baudelaire and looking back, it seems that its reputation is due to association with people who celebrated all sorts of bizarre and dangerous behavior.

In this one, a long-haired young man -- clearly an acolyte of Baudeilaire -- sits down at a table at a café and orders an absinthe. A family sits next to him. As soon as the young man takes his first sip, he attacks the people next to him. Clearly absinthe is not only a dangerous thing to drink; it is also fast-acting!
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More chaotic than funny Warning: Spoilers
"La bonne absinthe" or "Wonderful absinthe" is a French silent black-and-white short film from 1899. The director is once again female filmmaking pioneer Alice Guy. I must say I have seen better work from her. A man gets drunk and starts throwing punches at the waiter, but that one fights back quickly. Other people and children appear as well and the whole situation escalates quickly. I must say this was a more chaotic watch and not too funny sadly. But maybe you need to be an absinthe lover to enjoy this little movie and I am probably the exact opposite. as a whole, this one is not on par with the best from 1899 or Alice Guy. Thumbs down.
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Kino's The Films of Alice Guy (1899)
Michael_Elliott8 November 2009
At the Club (1899)

*** (out of 4)

Wonderful Absinthe (1899)

** (out of 4)

Two more early films from Alice Guy and the Gaumont Studios. AT THE CLUB features a group of men sitting around a table playing a game when a fight breaks out. WONDERFUL ABSINTHE has a drunk getting bumped from behind when, sure enough, a fight breaks out. The best of these two films is certainly AT THE CLUB as there's an all around innocent feel to it that really comes off as if Guy is having some fun showing what she perceives to be what happens to men at these clubs they go to. On that level the film is pretty funny as nothing much happens but the way the fight breaks out makes for a nice laugh. The second of the two films is pretty bland and I have to wonder if it was a one-shot production because it appears a lot of the action takes place off camera. While watching the film I wondered if this is what Guy wanted or if the actors simply missed their mark and did their thing off the frame.
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