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Ashburn VA US [X]

Episode #2.2 (2011)

  -   Drama

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Alarmed at the position she is in Lucy coerces Theresa into rewarding her with a raise and promotion whilst Tashir receives the letter in response to his application to join his brother in America. As the trial begins prosecutor Dawkins calls the manageress of the dating agency where Lane met the victims to attest to his violent behaviour getting him banned whilst defender Ms. Watts counters by proving the first victim to be a liar but she is reprimanded by the judge for goading a police witness. In the recess Krystyna approaches the agency manageress for her card whilst Tasha,the mystery woman who followed Paul,engineers a deliberate meeting and a date with him,explaining that she was on the jury at Lane's first trial. After a further prosecution witness claims that Lane used several false names to meet women Watts puts forward that he had an alibi for one of the murders. In the evening Krystyna creates her Internet dating profile whilst Paul tells his mother about Tasha and Lane gets another letter from religious juror Ann.
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