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Ashburn VA US [X]

A Home at Last (1908)

Short | Drama

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A poor canine is living on the streets receives nothing but the rebuffs of different people who chance to come his way. The picture opens with the dog Star being taken home by a passerby, but the moment he is taken into the house he is quickly evicted by the lady, who refuses to have a dog in her home. The next scene shows a policeman giving the poor dog a vicious kick and sending him on his homeless way. He next encounters two boys, who try the old trick of tying a can to his tail, and the dog narrowly escapes serious injury from the hands of the two youngsters, who begin to throw stones at him. The poor animal next tries to find rest on the back porch of a house, but again he is ill-treated by the servant, who sends him on his way. However, this cannot last forever, and he has an opportunity to gain a home at last. An elegantly dressed lady, while entering an automobile, accidentally drops her purse, which escapes her notice, little knowing that she would have sustained a big loss had not the dog quickly taken the purse in his mouth and followed the machine to its destination. As the marine arrives at the lady's home, she enters the house and the dog awaits his opportunity to enter, which comes when the servant of the house opens the door and lets him in. The next scene shows the lady discovering her loss. She is very much agitated, as the pocket book contained valuable jewelry. She is just about to report her loss to the police when the dog enters with the purse in his mouth. He has now found a home for the remainder of his life, he and the child of the house becoming fast friends.
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