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Ashburn VA US [X]

Gekijô ban Kara no kyôkai: Dai roku shô - Bôkyaku rokuon (2008)

  -   Animation | Action | Drama | Horror | Mystery | Thriller

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 6.9/10 X  
January 1999: Meet Azaka Kokuto. She plans to win Mikiya over as her lover despite the presence of a dangerous woman named Shiki Ryogi. There is only one problem - Azaka is his sister. And another major problem - Shiki and Azaka are sent to a magic school to uncover the truth after a serious incident in that school and no one has some memory of what happened. If anything is true is that there are some "Fairies" involved and are not good fairies. Will this pair of girls get along and resolve this incident?
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