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Dreams and Shadows (2009)

Dreams and Shadows (2009)

Drama | Fantasy

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Billy is a teenage outcast in search of his life's true meaning. Day by day, he slaves away at the local burger joint, only to return home to a paraplegic father, whose own dreams of happiness have faded away in an alcoholic haze. Nonetheless, Billy tries to bond with his delusional father, but cannot break through the many layers of pain and regret that surround him. Frustrated, Billy longs to escape the dead-end existence that has engulfed his father, and now appears to be closing in on him as well. It's only within the confines of his small bedroom that Billy truly feels alive. Closing his eyes, he allows his vivid imagination to take over, sweeping him away from his bleak surroundings, and into a world of fantasy. In his dreams, Billy is no longer the misfit, but a brave warrior roaming freely. Along with his best friend Sarah, Billy travels blissfully through this imaginary world, only to awaken once again to the grim reality he struggles so hard to escape. In an attempt to rejuvenate his father, Billy hatches a plot to seek revenge on the man who allegedly crippled his father many years ago. This decision puts Billy face to face with the one thing he has yearned for so long to attain: a purpose. As Billy embarks on his mission, he soon finds that things aren't always what they seem, as his mission for revenge may ultimately become a mission for his very own survival.
Tamarat Makonnen
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