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What About All That Glitters... (2007)

What About All That Glitters... (2007)

Certificate TV-PG   -   Comedy | Drama | Romance

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Adam and Nicole deal with the aftereffects of sleeping together while trying to keep the others from finding out. Dave runs into Richard while dropping the kids off at school and also finds out that Brian has been offered and accepted the position of V.P. at K.C. Gaming. Deena's mother Frankie is visiting and unaware that Dave and Deena are reconciling hurts Dave by telling him he is holding Deena back and is no longer right for her. Laura attempts to cheer Brian up after his breakup with Bridget while Brian agrees to accompany Stephanie to her movie premiere. Natasha and Adam get closer and everyone is surprised at the size of Jimmy and Ivy's house where a secret about Ivy's past is revealed.
Stan Salfas
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