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Ashburn VA US [X]

Clean and Simple (2006)

  -   Crime | Drama | Mystery

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Jimmy's gang, with help from the Vietnamese and Desjardins, plot on how to hit the Disciples' money laundering business, Jimmy only wanting to scare them a little with no one getting hurt or killed. Tina secretly overhears the plotting. However, the Vietnamese end up shooting the money courier point blank. Mary meets Flannegan, Forrest's ex-CIA contact, who provides Mary info on Royden's U.S. ties, implying that Royden is still working for the CIA as a mole in CSIS. This could be true as Royden is coaching Deakins on how to work his way through Homicide's investigation of Lee's murder unscathed. Flannegan found nothing on any of the other CSIS directors. In exchange, Flannegan wants information on Luiz Falcone, a Mexican cocaine exporter; Mary has nothing on him as of yet. Later, they discover that Falcone is protected by the DEA. With the Homicide investigation, Mallaby wants Mary to use her influence to get Homicide to cease asking questions about who had access to files on Lee as it is causing concern in Ottawa. Although Mary says she will, she continues to work with Homicide to obtain the information she wants. She and Harvey learn that information on Lee was running rampant throughout the upper eschelon of CSIS and the Solicitor General's office. Ultimately, Mary wants Deakins suspended, either voluntarily or forcibly if need be. Martin, through Katarina's arranged party, learns that an American agri-business is planning on stealing the Canadian researcher's seed patents. Winston, Williams undercover agent, realizes that Jimmy is having him followed and thus has to be careful in communication with Williams and Altman. Jimmy is with Winston however when they and their trunk-load of weed are pulled over by police. Ronnie negotiates with Sweet on setting her up in a new stash house. Sweet, to hedge her risk, agrees only if the condo is under her name. Relations between Jimmy and Francine take a tumble when Jimmy learns that Francine has been telling her lawyer all about Jimmy's shady dealings.
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