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Hugh Jackman/Mick Jagger (2001)

Certificate TV-14   -   Comedy | Music

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Austrialian actor Hugh Jackman hosts this entertaining Christmas installment, with musical guest Mick Jagger. The "cold opening" features Will Farrell as George W. Bush, and Daryl Hammond as Al Gore speaking on the phone, as Gore hopes to negotiate possible new role for himself in the White House. Condy Rice and Dick Cheney listen bored, and Donald Rumsfeld eventually cuts the meeting short. In the opening monologue, after discarding other ideas, Hugh Jackman launches into a heartfelt rendition of "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas," backed up by the ladies in the cast. Skits include "Jared's Room," the web-cast from dread-locked Jimmy Fallon's dorm room, with Horatio Sanz as his stoner buddy, and Jackman as the nerd in the room next door. Jeff Richards as "Drunk Girl" makes a hilarious appearance on "Weekend Update." Next Jackman plays a doll designer in "Hello Dolly," where he presents some baby dolls doing unusual activities. Soon Jimmy Fallon and Mick Jagger square off through a mirror, as Fallon expertly imitates the rock icon as they both try to decide what moves to use on the program. Maya Rudolph aptly lampoons Donatella Versace, smoking in her bathtub as she interviews guests on her self-promoting show. Jackman plays a hot German male model (who's stayed with Donatella for eight months), and Mick Jagger does an expert Karl Lagerfeld. Lastly, Hugh Jackman recalls his Christmases in Australia, where a boxing kangaroo would visit each year. When Jackman's Dad, portrayed by Will Farrell, failed to best the kangaroo in a bout, the beast would take unfair advantage of the Dad in a rude way. Eventually, the young Jackman and his sister wonder if their Dad isn't purposely letting the kangaroo win.
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