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How to Do It and Why; or, Cutey at College (1914)

How to Do It and Why; or, Cutey at College (1914)

Short | Comedy

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Cheeky and persistent, Butt-in, the Book Agent, makes the acquaintance of Jack Sportington and his college chums. Jack is in love with Rose Woods, but her mother does not approve of him. Jack and his friends arrange a little party and as he is broke, writes his wealthy uncle, who is a spiritualist, for money, telling him it is to defray the expense of a séance. Uncle is delighted to learn his nephew has become a spiritualist and sends the money, later deciding to come himself and witness the séance. The boys are having a fine time dancing and singing, when uncle rings the bell. They desperately beg Butt-in to help them out and he agrees to get busy on a séance in two minutes. With the aid of some curtains and curtain poles he rigs up a presentable "spook" booth and after the others hide, Uncle is admitted. He is soon enjoying the "spirit" manifestations immensely and just as everything is running smoothly, Mrs. Woods enters and exposes the whole show. All make a getaway except Butt-in, who, in the guise of a wild Indian, is caught and arrested. Uncle John becomes infatuated with Mrs. Woods and goes to board at her home. Butt-in's wonderful line of talk keeps him out of jail and after interesting Mrs. Woods in his new book on hypnotism, he becomes interested in her. This causes jealousy and Uncle John challenges Butt-in to hypnotize him! Then Rose takes a hand, and telling Uncle John there is a deep-laid plot to hypnotize him, gets him to hide in Bridget's room, where Bridget finds him and leads him downstairs by the ear. Butt-in appears and dramatically declares he had hypnotized him and sent him to the room against his will. Uncle John is glad to accept this version, Butt-in wins the widow and later helps Jack and Rose in their love-making.
Wally Van
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