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Ashburn VA US [X]

Bobby's Dream (1912)

Short | Comedy

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Bobby and his folks are at the seashore. He finishes a yarn of the sea and falls asleep soon after. In his dreams he is with the acquaintances of his finished book. Pirates seem to rise out of the sea, dash up the beach and kidnap his family, but by dint of strategy on Bobby's part, he manages to make his escape from the crew. Soon we see him come alone in a dory, rowing and looking for the black ship flying the pirate flag. He sights it and directly he appears over the side of the somber gunwale, he sees his mother, sister and little brother all huddled in fear and the crew asleep with but one man on guard. He snatches the cutlass from the outlaw and then throws him overboard. All is done so quietly that none of the others are awakened. When the captain and crew awake they give chase only to be foiled by Bobby, as they try to come after him on the beach. With his revolvers he soon has them tumbling one after another in the sand, and then, in a last desperate conflict, he wakes up.
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