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Very Much Engaged (1912)

Comedy | Romance | Short

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Reuben, the village cut-up, in love with all the pretty girls, while on a visit to the big city one day, conceives the idea of bringing home something to give the girls as souvenirs. Being at a loss to know just what to buy, he is attracted by a street fakir selling imitation solitaires at ten cents apiece, so he invests the magnificent sum of fifty cents for five rings. On his return to his home village he pays court to five girls and makes each in turn a present of a ring, thinking it a huge joke, while on the other hand the girls take the matter quite seriously and consider themselves engaged. At a barn dance one evening the five girls meet and notice the similarity of the rings, compare notes and to their utter dismay discover that they have been deceived. They confront Reuben and demand an explanation. He is unable to give any and for a moment consternation reigns supreme, but in the height of the excitement he manages to escape. The next day four girls enter the village attorney's office with the firm determination of bringing damage suits for blighted affections. The fifth girl, a pretty maid servant, is dragged into the controversy but refuses to bring suit. Upon interrogation the attorney discovers that no promise of marriage had been made, therefore there are no grounds for a breach of promise suit. The attorney subsequently meets Reuben, describes the attitude the girls have taken and incidentally mentions the pretty maid servant who held aloof from the rest. Upon learning this Reuben really falls in love with the pretty maid servant, proposes to her and is accepted. They repair to the parsonage where the happy pair are made one. An old village gossip spreads the news that Reuben is about to marry the maid servant, whereupon the jilted girls enter the parsonage and endeavor to prevent the marriage, but too late. The ceremony has been performed and the four girls leave in a jealous rage while Reuben smilingly sallies forth with his bride on his arm.
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