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Ashburn VA US [X]

On the Cactus Trail (1912)

Short | Western

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Dan Clayton, a young easterner, is engaged to pretty Vedah Powers. Desirous of making his fortune Clayton goes west and becomes a prospector. After six months he has almost forgotten Vedah, and his letters are far and few between. Patiently Vedah waits each day for the postman, and her heart is almost breaking when no word comes from Dan. Meanwhile, Dan gets into bad company, takes to drinking, meets a Mexican girl, and marries her. His money gives out and he writes Vedah that he has met with an accident while prospecting and asks her to send him some money. Unable to stand the torturing suspense longer, Vedah boards the next train, and starts west to find Dan. On the very day she arrives in the little western town and boards the stage for the mining camp, Dan has trouble in the town saloon, kills a puncher over a game of cards, and, holding the crowd at bay with his gun, mounts and makes his escape. Jim Andrews, the Sheriff, is notified and starts in pursuit of Dan. Out on the trail the stage stops to take on some mail pouches. Vedah alights and is picking flowers by the roadside when the stage drives off and leaves her. Frightened, she is hurrying after the disappearing stage when Sheriff Andrews finds her, and, as night is coming on, supplies her with a blanket, locates a spot for her to sleep, and is about to guard her from a distance when Dan, who is hiding nearby, recognizes the Sheriff, springs out and holds him up at gun's point. Dan's meeting with Vedah now proves his treacherous nature. Andrews manages to disarm him and takes him prisoner. The Sheriff now tells Vedah of Dan's crime and the outraged girl returns his ring. With a newly awakened love for the stalwart Sheriff in her heart, Vedah watches Andrews manacle Dan and lead him away.
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