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Ashburn VA US [X]

He Wants What He Wants When He Wants It (1913)

Animation | Comedy | Short

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When "Snookums" discovered this break in the pipe and the splashing water, he thought it was great fun to sit there and let the water spray over his nice clean clothes. His mother promptly got him out of the mess and summoned a plumber, but he almost lifted the roof with his explosive "wows." After a few strenuous hours, "da-da" came to the rescue, and going to the pipe, which our friend, Mr. Plumber, had just repaired, Papa Newlywed got busy with a hammer and spike and re-opened the pipe, so that "Snookums" might enjoy himself in the nice little lake. "Snookums" was shortly shouting "da-da," and all seemed well, until the neighbors on the floor below came up to complain about the water, which was damaging their apartment. So "da-da" had to pacify them with the assertion that they had just sent for the plumber and he would certainly be there soon. While waiting (?) for the plumber, "Snookums" was very happy.
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