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Ashburn VA US [X]

The Path of True Love (1912)

Short | Drama | Romance

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Among the green hills and running brooks, we follow the country boy and girl, who are happy in the contentment of their hearts and a ripening love for each other. In contrast we see another picture of a city boy and girl with entirely different surroundings, at odds with each other and the boy disturbed by the coquettishness and indifference of the girl. To assuage his wounded feelings, he tells her he will go away to the country where, among far different scenes, he will die of a broken heart. While "dying" he meets the young country girl and soon forgets all about his city sweetheart. He makes love to the girl. To further his interests and make her succumb to his blandishments, he tears his clothing, puts blackberry stain upon his face and lies down at the foot of a cliff, where the country girl, on return from milking, finds him. She helps him to her home, where the young man is attended by her father and the rest of the family. The rustic youth is almost forgotten. And we have almost forgotten the young city girl, who now makes her appearance in the country. The country lad readily sees through and exposes the ruse by which the city chap has been trying to gain sympathy. While this is taking place the city girl confronts her erstwhile lover and he, forgetting all about his pretended pain, clasps her to his arms. At the close we are brought back to a scene similar to the first one. The country maiden, all forlorn, is plucking the petals from a bunch of flowers which she holds in her hands, repeating, "To-day, to-morrow or never," when her country lover softly approaches her and folds her in his arms, saying, "Today."
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