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Testing His Courage (1911)

Testing His Courage (1911)

Drama | Romance | Short

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On his first visit to the west Robert Marsden is looked upon as a tenderfoot. The ranchers, to fill him with a fear and dread of the dangers of the Wild West, tell him of the celebrated bandit and terror of the country, "Red Mask." Marsden, in conversation with Evelyn, the ranch owner's daughter, at whose home he is staying, tells her that he is not at all disturbed by these terrible tales, and that he would not go out of his way to avoid meeting the man-killer, Evelyn makes up her mind to test his courage. Dressing herself as a cowboy, she takes up a position at the corner of the roads where she knows that Bob will have to pass on his way to town. She falls in her own trap, however. "Red Mask" passes that way and holds her up at the point of his revolver. The keen eye of the outlaw at once detects that she is a woman, and stripping the mask from her face, indulges in a hearty laugh. At this moment Bob Marsden appears upon the scene and commands "Red Mask" to throw up his hands. He dare not refuse when he sees that Bob has the drop on him. Evelyn comes to Bob's assistance, and between the two he succeeds in taking the bandit to the sheriff, securing the reward. On his return home Bob offers the reward to Evelyn, to whom he says it rightfully belongs. She refuses to take it. He tells her that there is only one reward for him. She asks him what it is and he replies, it is she. She pays it by consenting to become his wife. As a man of nerve and courage Bob Marsden is second to none.
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